Black Death

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Like me
O hai!

We're also in need of a raid-type healer. A druid or shammy would be nice.
wtb more achievement !@#$%s
tastes like brownies to me - cant be too dirty
I can joinz your guild? I is good healz.
10/27/2011 05:16 PMPosted by Gnòmércy
I can joinz your guild? I is good healz.


can i haz cookies?
"i'm 13 years old play wow for not a very long time but i know alot about it. i like to talk and i'm not very nerdy"

Sounds like that kid that was in our guild a long time ago... that mage kid who sounded like his balls hadn't dropped yet? The one that thought he was good enough for top 50 US guilds because he had some hawt 264 gear?

Yeah, he didn't have a sexy voice so he got the boot.

Good thing my manly voice has returned. Right?

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