Rogue: Macro Compilation

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This is the go-to thread to fulfill all of your macro needs. Feel free to post your own macros as well, and please dont hesitate to ask for any additional help regarding new ones or finding old ones.

I. Macro Guide

A very comprehensive guide that might help you learn how to make your own macros.

II. Spam-Friendly Macros

/Run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Add this to any macro to simply remove the error text i.e. "Ability is not ready."

III. General Rogue Macros

/cast [nocombat] !Stealth

Mashable Stealth macro that wont destealth you.

/cast [@focus, help, nodead]; Tricks of the Trade; [@targettarget, help, nodead] Tricks of the Trade; Tricks of the Trade

Casts TotT at your focus if you have one, at your enemys target if its targeting an ally, or on the targeted party member.

/cast Sap

Saps the closest enemy PLAYER. Useful for finding enemies that are also in Stealth.

/cast Pick Pocket

Targets the closest enemy NPC and Pick Pockets them for quick, easy farming.

/cast Pick Pocket
/cast Opener

Combines your Pick Pocket and the selected opener for efficient Pick Pocketing while questing, farming, etc.

#showtooltip Pick Lock
/cast Pick Lock
/use Flame-Scarred Junkbox
/use Flame-Scarred Junkbox

All-in-one macro for opening Flame-Scarred Junkboxes. Lets you open other lockboxes normally.

/cast [mod:shift] Sprint
/use [nomod, flyable] Flying Mount; [nomod] Ground Mount

Uses your flying mount if you are able to fly, if not, it will use your ground mount. Casts Sprint while holding shift.

/castsequence reset=5 MH Poison, OH Poison, Thrown Poison
/use [button:1] 16; [button:2] 17; [button:3] 18
/Click StaticPopup1Button1

Puts the selected poison on your MH with a left-click, OH poison with a right-click and thrown poison with a middle-click (in that order). The bottom line gets rid of the poison-override confirmation.

/cast [combat] Vanish; [nocombat] Stealth

Casts Vanish only in youre in combat, and casts Stealth if youre out of combat.

IV. Assassination Rogue Macros

/cast Mutilate

Starts your autoattack along with Mutilate.

/cast [nocombat] !Stealth
/cast [stealth] Vendetta; [combat] Vendetta

Casts Stealth if youre able to. Casts Vendetta only if youre in Stealth or in combat.

/cast Cold Blood
/use 13/14
/cast Envenom

Simultaneously uses Cold Blood along with your on-use trinket and casts Envenom.

V. Combat Rogue Macros

#showtooltip Finishing Move
/cast [mod:shift] Finishing Move
/castsequence Revealing Strike, Finishing Move

Casts Revealing Strike, then the selected finishing move. Casts the selected finishing move while holding shift as a fail-safe.

Best used at 4 Combo Points.

VI. Subtlety Rogue Macros

#showtooltip Shadowstep
/cast [nocombat] !Stealth
/cast Premeditation
/cast [stealth] Shadowstep; [combat] Shadowstep
/cast [stealth] Sap; [combat] Backstab

Casts Stealth if youre able to. Casts Premeditation if youre able to. Casts Shadowstep only if youre in Stealth or in combat, and will Sap while in Stealth or Backstab while in combat.

You could also swap out Backstab for Kidney Shot/Dismantle/etc to ensure that the ability will land.

/cast [mod:shift] Hemorrhage; Backstab

Starts your autoattack along with Backstab. Casts Hemorrhage while holding shift.

#showtooltip Opener
/cast Premeditation
/cast Opener

Casts Premeditation along with the selected opener.

/cast Shadow Dance
/use 13/14
/cast Opener

Casts Shadow Dance along with your on-use trinket and an opener to start your combo A.S.A.P.

VII. Focus Macros

/cast [@focus] Spell

Casts the selected spell at your focus.

/castsequence [@focus, mod:shift] [] Redirect, Kidney Shot

Redirects to your current target with one click, then Kidney Shots them with another. Casts on your focus while holding shift.

/cast [@mouseover, harm, nodead, exists] [@focus, exists] [] Blind

Prioritises Blind on mouseover, Blind on focus, then Blind on your current target.
VIII. Caera's Macro Post

#showtooltip [combat] Vanish; [nocombat] Stealth
/cast [mod:shift] !Stealth
/cast [nomod, combat] Vanish; [nomod] !Stealth

Vanishes in combat, Stealths OoC (spammable, will not accidentally de-stealth), and allows me to spam stealth as I'm leaving combat w/ shift as protection against using Vanish accidentally)

#showtooltip Blind
/cast [mod:shift, harm, nodead] Blind;[@focus, harm, nodead] Blind; [@target, harm, nodead] Blind

Will Blind a living enemy focus, or living enemy target without a focus, or living enemy target if you have a focus with shift.

Kidney Shot/Gouge
/cast [mod:shift] Gouge; Kidney Shot

Casts Kidney Shot or Gouge with shift. Will also start autoattacks even if you don't have the energy/combo points for the ability. Gouge will turn off autoattacks.

Assassination Macros

/cast [mod:shift] Backstab; Mutilate

Mutilates or Backstabs for below 35% with shift. Will also start autoattacks even if you don't have energy for the ability

/cast [mod:shift] Rupture; Envenom

Envenoms or Ruptures when you need to reapply with shift. Will also start autoattacks even if you don't have the energy/combo points for the ability

Sub Macros:
#showtooltip [mod:shift] Eviscerate; Ambush
/cast Premeditation
/cast [mod:shift] Eviscerate; Ambush

Ambush or Eviscerate with shift for Shadowdance. Will also Premed if off CD

Garrote/Cheap Shot
#showtooltip [mod:shift] Cheap Shot; Garrote
/cast Premeditation
/cast [mod:shift] Cheap Shot; Garrote

Garrotes or Cheap Shot with shift. Will also Premed if off CD

/cast [mod:shift] Rupture; Eviscerate

Eviscerates or Ruptures with shift. Starts autoattacks even if you don't have energy/combo points for ability

Shadowdance/Premeditation/Smoke Bomb
/cast [mod:shift,stance:3]Shadowstep;[stance:3] Premeditation;[mod:shift,stance:1/2] Premeditation; [mod:shift, stance:0]Smoke Bomb;Shadowstep

Shadowsteps unstealthed/stealthed/vanished, smoke bombs while unstealthed with shift. Premeds with shift while stealthed/vanished. Premeds during Shadowdance or Shadowsteps with shift.

Edited for double posts.
IX. Rogue Stances

[stance:0] - Unstealthed
[stance:1] - Stealth
[stance:2] - Vanish
[stance:3] - Shadow Dance

Useful for making advanced macros that use many different abilities depending on what stance youre currently in.

X. Armor Slots

1 = Head
2 = Neck
3 = Shoulder
4 = Shirt
5 = Chest
6 = Belt
7 = Legs
8 = Feet
9 = Wrist
10 = Gloves
11 = Finger 1
12 = Finger 2
13 = Trinket 1
14 = Trinket 2
15 = Back
16 = Main Hand
17 = Off Hand
18 = Thrown/Ranged

Comes in handy for making /use #, /equipslot # and /unequipslot # macros.

XI. Modifiers


Modifiers are used to assign multiple spells to one button. Simply combine a modifier to the desired spell. Just hold down the modifier and hit the button like normal to activate it.

XII. Mouseover Macros

/cast [@mouseover] Spell

These macros are extremely useful for casting spells on allies/enemies that you are not currently targeting. All you need to do is add some conditions depending on whether your mouseover is friend or foe such as [@mouseover, exists, help/harm, dead/nodead].

XIII. Commands, Conditionals and Parameters

And no, you cannot make a macro that prioritizes a certain spell over another when in front of/behind your target or based on their HP. Quit being lazy.

XIV. Alternative Focus Macros

/cast Spell
/cast [@focus] Spell

These types of macros seem to work really well (although not as effective). All you need to do is face the target you want to use the spell on (current target/focus). I havent seen these types of focus macros listed before, but they work, and I thought it would be worth sharing. It can get a little buggy, however, when your current target and focus are standing relatively close to one another, which is why they are not as effective as regular focus macros.

Thanks for your time! These are just the macros that I use, theyre convenient for me, and below is my setup, which might explain why I use certain ones. I hope that you all learned something from reading this, because all Im trying to do is help.

In Stealth:
<a href="" title="Hosted by"></a>

Out of Stealth:
<a href="" title="Hosted by"></a>
This is a nice compendium, found a few new ones I think i'll start using, thanks!
No problem, Im hoping to get this stickied so that everyone can get some use out of all these. Ill be updating this thread as often as I can to keep things current.
I have a macro question maybe someone could help me with.
I'd like to make a macro that casts shadowdance but if i press it again while the shadowdance buff is still active it will cancel the buff.

Can anyone elaborate? I'd appreciate the help.
/cancelaura Shadow Dance
/cast Shadow Dance

One click to activate and another to cancel it.
Thanks Burial, i knew it was simple :)
Anytime, glad to help.
Thanks, Burial. You've provided a few tidbits about macros that i have not been able to find elsewhere. I haven't been able to find a very complete tutorial on macros.

I have a question for you. I wants to make a macro that does the following.

The button, when pressed activates recuperate. When shift is pressed, uses a bandage on myself without de-selecting my current target. Is that possible?

When i first set out to make this macro, it seemed relatively easy, but I must have mixed up the syntax. Could you help me out with that one?
Hey Burial, if you've got the chutspa for it... A few rogues have tried to start macro threads in the past few weeks but they've fizzled out, and I'm essentially macro-illiterate so it's difficult for me to gauge whether any offer especially more or better goodies than any of the others. But if you wanted to pick through these and add to your thread those you feel stand out as unique or helpful compliments to your own, it could help give folks a single place they can turn to for all their rogueish macro needs.

I also have no idea whether this sucker is still remotely up-to-date or useful; so many things in WoWWiki haven't been updated for Cata:

If you choose to dive into all those messes, enjoy your swim. :)
The button, when pressed activates recuperate. When shift is pressed, uses a bandage on myself without de-selecting my current target. Is that possible?

Sure thing:

/cast [@player, mod:shift] Bandage Name; Recuperate
03/21/2011 04:55 PMPosted by Rfeann
But if you wanted to pick through these and add to your thread those you feel stand out as unique or helpful compliments to your own, it could help give folks a single place they can turn to for all their rogueish macro needs.

Funny you should say that because Ive been to all of those links lol, and one of them was my old thread, but I appreciate the gesture. :)

However, it was nice of you to provide the links for others to take a gander at as Im sure there are a few macros I dont have listed that others might find useful.
One them was your old...? Oh, for the love of -- this is what I get for not having clicked on any of those links in days. I've embarrassed myself. Plus I peed my pants. So now I have to go do the laundry.

So I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that you already feel this thread is the most comprehensive of the lot, eh? :)

Any thoughts on the bigass WoWWiki list?
Lmao. Yeah, I keep seeing these random macro threads and then the next thing I see is a thread asking for macro help... Thats why Im trying my best to get this stickied. :P

The WoWWiki list is pretty compact and it looks a lot like the link I posted at the top. I havent completely looked through both of them yet, Im still in the process of searching the forums for macros that arent listed so I can add them and credit the poster.
Thanks Burial, Big help. Im gonna load a few of these tonight!

Good Hordie, even helping out a Human! @@@@, I wouldnt even help out a human =P
Youre very welcome :)

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