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/cast [mod:shift] Redirect; Sinister Strike

Starts auto-attacks, Sinister Strikes, w/ shift starts auto attacks and redirects, from there you can SS, RVS, Finisher as needed.

There's really no elegant way I know of to macro an ability on the Global with a CD into a spam friendly either or macro with something like Sinister Strike which is itself on the Global.
Sweeet, I'll give it a spin. Thx Caera.
Mod macros are probably the best way to go tackle that kind of macro. I was trying to find a way around it, but I think thats the closest youll get lol.
Well, thx for the effort.

Rock the Sticky!
Appreciate it!
/cast !distract
great thread bumping!
Thanks for the bumps. I tend to do it when this gets pushed off of page 1 or when someone makes a thread asking for help :P.
Great Job!

Bump for sticky
Ty guys :)
Might want to add that for macros you can do your equipment manger sets

/equipset PvP
/equipset DaggerSwap

I find these save some space when weapons are getting longer names and such
I've been idly wondering about this for a while: Those of you who looooove your macros often put shift or alt modifiers into them so you can basically bind multiple abilities to the same slot on your action bar.

This saves a lot of space, and thus I envy it. But I also have a memory like a sieve: good for getting lumps out of flour, but bad for remembering everything I cram into a particular macro. This is why I have, like, 10 action bars visible at any given time -- I need the visual reminder of what ability I bound to what key.

How do those of you who bind multiple abilities to a macro keep track of everything? Is it all just memorization?
Well using '#showtooltip' as the first line of your macros and then using the same mod key, my mod of choice is shift, for all of the macros you plan on having on the same bar means that the icons will all switch if you hold shift. So if I forgot what I mod bound in the same macro as Mutilate for instance, if I press shift I'll see that it's Backstab. After awhile it more or less becomes reflexive memory, but to help that out I generally group things together logically,

key 1: Mutilate/Backstab - My CP generators

key 2: Envenom/Rupture - My finishers

key 3: Kidney Shot/Gouge - My CC

key R: SnD/Recup - Non-offensive finishers

For instance are my main keybinds in a nice little arc around my movement keys, which incidentally are QWES instead of WASD. 'A' being Tricks/Assist, 'D' being Stealth/Vanish.
Oh. Oh! I didn't know that about the modifier actually changing the tooltip. Clever, that.

How about cooldown management? How do you get around, say, the inability to see what your remaining cooldown is on Gouge without hitting the "Shift" key again? (Or do you not use a thingie that displays your cooldown remaining right on the tooltip icon? I can't even remember if that's an addon thing or a default UI thing.)

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