Raiding as Retribution - Updated for 4.1

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Going to have to look into one of the websites you listed about the trinks.. thanks for the info all in one place!!!!
/highfive for the sticky, finally, and thank you SO much for keeping the stat weights up to date. You'd think EJ would be better about that...
This is a stupid question and I should actually already know this but just for affirmation, which blessing should I use? Kings or Might?
Anyone else see how ret pally's are doin g to be the lowest dps class in all of 4.2 according to

blizzard asked once what % difference allows us to play what we think is funnest rather than what hits hardest (although the reference might have been for tanking) well 15% less dps than the frost dk in a raid might just be a little do big of a difference. im tanking on pally and giving up on dps.

my raid has me swap out to dps since i have the better set for it on one tank fights. That will be no more. The ther tank is a dk. and ill pass all gear to him for the one tank fights. that 15% difference adds up over a fight.

so yeah, if blizzard doesnt see fit to make a 15% damage difference from top to bottom narrower and buff pally's (probably druids dps too) (just speaking classes and not specs) then i will no way bother doing ret till a buff.
3.1 Single Target

Note that opening rotations may differ from what you read in this section due to initial CD usage. Optimal opening rotations are discussed in section 4 (Cooldowns).

Inq > CS > HoW > Exo > TV > J > HW > Cons
Inq > CS > TV > HoW > Exo > J > HW > Cons

Either rotation works, but presently spreadsheets recommend the former selection for higher gear levels (~359+). DPS variances are rather slight between the two.

Inq > CS > TV > Exo > HoW > J > HW > Cons, or
Inq > CS > Exo > HoW > TV > J > HW > Cons

How can you cast inquisition without any holy power built up?
i'm sorry maybe I think I might be missing something>?
06/24/2011 01:46 AMPosted by Lysverge
How can you cast inquisition without any holy power built up?

It is a priority list and not a rotation.
Thank you for this. I've had a pretty hard time finding Ret pally's who raid as well, and next to no helpful guides on how to raid with one.
This guide was incredibly helpful, thanks!!
Great guide!, I really liked how you prioritized the stats, gems and enchants. But my favorite part was the rotation, the specificity of it really helped me raise my dps another 2-3k.
Looking for some clarification on all these paladins guides, when you throw in your priority it assumed that things like VT/Inq/ShoR (anything that consumes HP) are used only at 3 stacks? Or are we just smashing GCDs like the old Wrath FCFS rotation.
07/15/2011 04:07 PMPosted by Trentarious it assumed that things like VT/Inq/ShoR (anything that consumes HP) are used only at 3 stacks? only should be hitting those when you have 3HP or when it procs
Great write-up, Svayne. Many thanks for putting all that info together. It has everything a young paladin needs to grow big and strong. <nods thoughtfully>

Cheers. :)
Question; when is Seal of Righteousness more optimal then Seal of Truth, and vice versa?

Also, as a DPS in a heroic group (ret Pally), I was criticized for not using Seal of Righteousness, even though I felt Resist Aura was more helpful given the shadow-based AOE that hit party members somewhat hard throughout the entire instance. Do I need to stick only to Ret Aura if I am the only paladin in the group?

I hear a lot about using the Glyph of Exorcism for Prime, but I've noticed that my DPS is higher with Crusader Strike glyphed. I'm thinking this is mainly due to my 378 trinket from Firelands, but even still I don't pop it every two minutes.
If you're the only paladin in the group, and it comes to the point where your Resistance Aura is the only Shadow protection bonus then use it. People aren't thinking right if they're telling you not to help mitigate damage to the raid. Most of my Raid groups include a Priest so I never have to use that aura.
[e] I request that the OP of this thread be reported for the reasons that it is outdated and cannot be edited by the original author. There's a new, more up-to-date guide posted.

Here's one macro that I do use though - credit to Raygecow:

/cast Avenging Wrath
/use 14

Very simple. It activates your On-use trinket (if placed in the second trinket slot) at the same time as AW, giving you one less button to press to get your CD cycle rolling.

My macros lack the "#showtooltip" line because it doesn't really matter. My major cooldowns and macros are bound to Clique and not to action bars. It makes for a far cleaner UI

I just have one question about this.. why do you use this when your trinket use in the second slot is not usable in combat???

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