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Apart from a revenue generating vehicle. the guild transfer thing isnt that practical from a players point of view.

Guild Name changes is a great idea, since guilds often evolve over time, changing a name may signal changes in leadership or direction.

I would also like to point out another dynamic that has become apparent in Cat.

Smaller guilds often want to join forces when they are ready to switch from 10 man content to 25 man content. When this happens, both guilds are faced with losing what they have been working towards via guild rep, guild achievements and rewards. One guild keeps these things and the other has to start from scratch.

A guild merger would be a very welcome enhancement; so smaller guilds can join each other and not languish avoiding the loss of this work.

If you're gonna allow guild moves to another server how about finally allowing account moves as well - preferably at a discounted price. Its a serious pain in the butt having to move 10 characters to another server. Not to forget the financial pain as well.
My initial reaction to this service was "great!" that is a cool new feature. But upon thinking of it further, it puts a lot of power in the hands of one person. We have about 65 *accounts* in our guild and hundreds of toons. I would hate to see our GM have a bad hair day and server transfer the guild, effectively screwing 65 RL people. And I'm not saying he would, but having that option rest in a single persons hands is a little bit scary. Especially when you consider how much work and time goes into a guild (We've been around since February 5th, 2006 ).

A wise man I worked for years ago had a saying over his desk, "Don't come to me with problems. Come to me with solutions."

My solutions is change the feature to a guild copy or clone. Keep the original guild intact and create a copy on the other server. Of course this could lead to other problems like people selling clones of level 25 guild and so forth. I see a way around that though - limit it to one copy a month *and* when the GM initiates the copy he gets removed from the original guild. This way there is some small consequence associated with doing the copy which prevents the GM from establishing max level guilds everywhere. By the same token, if the guild really wants to server transfer the GM losing the original guild is a non-issue. But the people who don't want to server transfer won't find themselves guild-less.

I'm trying to offer a solution here because I am the #2 person in our guild. I have put in *years* of work into the guild. The idea that someone could wreck that by spending $25 (or whatever) is unconscionable. Granted, our GM could just disband the guild but then *he* loses out too. With a transfer he gets to keep our high level guild and the rest of us are in a really bad spot.

Thank you for your time spent reading this!

great idea cant wait to transfer to friends server
I like the name change service. The guild realm move service....not so much.

If I help a guild get to where it is and contribute to the bank--not only equipment and trade goods, but the cha-ching I've been earning--and one person decides to move it... ummm Hold the phone! That means I either have to pay cash to move my character(s) or start over. Not because I'm getting kicked out, but because the GM thinks the grass is greener somewhere else.

The guild leader owns the guild, and it's their decision. They can boot you out of the guild any time they like or ninja the entire gbank and transfer off the server (has happened to my guild). A guild leader has full control over the guild whether you like it or not, so if you have a terrible guild leader or one you can't get along with that's a player issue for you to worry about and not a game issue.

Actually, moving guilds might just become another profitable business...
Get a guild and recruit players into it--knowing a nifty profit can be made by moving your guild and/or kicking everyone out. Start a new toon on every server, start a new guild on each one, in a couple months move all those guilds to your primary server, remove all gold and items... Hey guys, you might just create another problem with this.

They haven't announced all the restrictions and details of the service yet. You're jumping to conclusions. I also don't see how this argument holds any water because you're assuming everyone is going to want to join some random level 1 guy's guild and contribute gold and items to it over the period of several months with none of the members stopping to question who their random level 1 GM is. It's highly unrealistic and sounds like you're just grasping at straws to find issues with the service.

Don't screw with guildies just because we'd rather contribute to a guild than to manage one.

Again, the guild belongs to the guild leader, if you joined into a guild with a malicious GM who you can't trust and think is going to "steal" your guild and run away with it, then that's a player issue you need to deal with, not an issue with the game, and no reason for blizzard to not implement a service to make money (because businesses goals are to....make money).

Perhaps the issue to be solved is bank toons. Those individuals who have started a guild purely for more bank space and/or banking purposes for their alts (I have one). I can see it being okay for them to move their guilds. Maybe the problem to be solved is not moving guilds over to new realms, but creating another banking system to be used across alts.

Again, you're jumping to conclusions. They haven't announced all the details of the service. Can't make all kinds of assumptions until they've stated everything including the restrictions of what will be allowed.

Correct, the CEO of Activision became the CEO of Activision-Blizzard when Blizzard and Activision yes Bobby Kotick would torpedo that because he is on the record as stating that he is going to "monetize" ever single aspect of World of Warcraft.

He said he was going to monetize Call of Duty, an Activision franchise. Here's a source

Blizzard retains creative control over their games, activision does not make those decisions.

There are a lot of valid concerns that have been voiced in this thread that need to be dressed.

I'm paying $14.95 of MY money monthly so I can play Word of Warcraft. I'm not paying so they can try to sell me $25 for transferring to another server because my GL unilaterally decided to transfer the guild to another server.

The guild belongs to your guild leader, they call the shots in the guild, not you. If you can't trust your guild leader to do things "your way" then that's a problem you need to take care of yourself. Paying your subscription to WOW does not give you control over your guild. You have the option to start your own guild if you want to have control over everything.
I still don't see why we should be charged for a service that is currently free....Is it really that difficult and costly to make an ingame ticket to petition for a guildchange?

There is nothing new about that, why a fee, if you will make multiple guild name changes available then maybe charge an ingame gold fee, even then not many people would constantly rename their guilds for it to be completely necessary. So once again, why does it seem like we will be charged for a service that is currently free.
Nice. Very smart move on Blizz's part to allow this.
What a spectacular idea!!! Especially given that guild rep is not transferable if you change guild (and yes I know that the rep rewards are not so exciting) if you choose not to transfer (saving yourself the $25 transfer fees assuming you only move 1 toon) you start from scratch in a new guild. Great money maker for Blizz.
I would have to agree that some guilds will just vanish and the remains of that guild will be quite angry...they may even have the excuse they have been looking for to quit WoW. Hope they re think this and make like a guild voting system that at least gives the guildies the option of giving up their guild. I just hope i don't see a mass guild transfer and have dead servers. :S
It would be a good idea if the guild transfer required an "okay" from certain other members of the guild; be it by rank, percentage of members, or something else. Otherwise, there will be guild leaders with control issues who WILL transfer the guild out from underneath it's members.
it seems they are helping out the jerks that get their guild up to 25 only to kick 80% of the newer guildies that helped level it with this.i would imagine if that gl stayed on the same server with the same name that they would get alot of guff on that server so we are just going to let them dissapear in the night to a new server where nobody knows them so they don't get personally attacked in game by 500 ex-members.or they can jst tranfer it and sell it for real money...a new age of spammers are coming.instead of gold spamming we will see guild spamming for real profit.
YEHY-Now I can put all my best toonz and my guilds on my Fave server,you guy's rock!!!
I see this as a good thing as our guild had posed the question to the GM a few months ago about moving the whole guild. If you are worried about trust issues with your guild master then maybe you are in the wrong guild. I may be the guild master for our guild but all of the officers and myself make decisions for the guild.

I've only seen a handful of comments mentioning this.. But exactly what is to be done about a Guild Leader who decides he's tired of a realm and wants to transfer? All of the members then are completely removed from the guild and absolutely screwed unless they, too, want to abandon the realm.

"My GM took the guild and left to another server... I had Exalted status... Wonderful."

- Pay Blizzard even more money, undeservingly, so you can go back to your guild.
-----> Provided, that is, you even get your exalted status back on the new server..
- Start all over again with a new guild. There's another 3 months to get Exalted...

Sounds to me like you guys didn't think it through.
I think this is a fine idea. However I think part of the implementation should be that all members are notified by blizzard (via an email to their toons mailbox) of the impending move of the guild and a 3 day cooling off period.

Personally I think the same should be done for any attempt to delete or remove a guild. An official heads up would be appreciated. After all you have to "register" your guild to create one why wouldn't that registry be responsible for communicating impending changes.

I see a lot of posts here complaining about how the GM of a guild is going to just vanish in the darkness of the night taking their guild with them to other realms, and I see a lot of posts about these hot headed GMs doing stupid things, but I fail to see posts about the GMs that have done all they could to help prior members, only to have those members get gear, get experience, then run off to other guilds leaving the GM of the first guild to have to start from scratch again.

I don't see any posts about GMs putting up with morons to keep the peace in their guild and putting up with idiotic demands to keep the peace in their guild in order to TRY and get anything accomplished, and failing miserably because the demands being made can not be overcome.

I don't see any posts concerning the loyal people of a guild, all who have to suffer because of the previously mentioned problems, because they want to be a part of the guild, want to help build the guild, want to see the guild thrive. They go through the same misery as they GM of these guilds, but I don't see any posts about that.

It is about time that those of us that want to move the entire guild to another realm has the chance to do so. I have spoken with members of my guild, and they are all for the move in order to be able to do the things we want to do as a group in the guild. Those that don't want to do so, have all begun removing their characters already and joining other guilds on the server we're going to be leaving. Those of us that have done all we can with what little we had to work with shouldn't have to continue to suffer without this possibility.

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