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Love the idea! means I can Transfer my old guild from dath to my current server I play on and it gets a Second chance to be alive rather than inactive gamers who waste my time besides Scare new comers off with their in-activeness.

All I'd like to see though is a package deal of some sort to keep all parties content Even if this includes a once a month offer to free Transfer to members of such xfering guilds. Hell They offer Freebie xfers to equal out servers so why not?

Also as to being a GM some one stated above or pages back that GMs make guild and such. This is correct However regarding guild banks members are not FORCED to donate to guild about the only this is if you have the reward perk to donate money from looting then its a small amount either way unless ya a farmer freak or worse a gold seller. Donations Work where you dont have to if you dont want too, You could sell your precious loot to make your money rather than helping guildies but yes most have a good heart and do help guildies But yeah keep in mind you make the choices at the end of the day no GM is holding a shotgun to your head making you to decided to donate or not.

And yep I will be using thsi when it goes live! Thx Blizzard bout time!
lol ..... yep, some will be happy
After reading the thread topic I thought this was going to be a joke post about transferring characters with full guild rep between two guilds on a single server.

I like the real idea much better.
03/23/2011 9:09 AMPosted by Obedience
Woo! That will make lots of people happy : )

Especially Blizzard - that's ( Size of Guild ) x $25.00 !

I would love to change my guild name.
Horrible idea.
Another way for Blizzard to bilk millions from it's loyal fan base.
It all began with the micro-purchases. Now this.
As P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every second."
Posted by Ðarkknight
"Thank You Blizzard for finally doing something right!!! Now my guild can transfer to a true raiding realm and leave behind the frustrations we currently go through constantly from a new player realm!!!"

Why on Azeroth did you choose to form a high level raiding guild on a new player realm?!
I have mixed feelings about this service honestly, I can see the good in it however I can also see alot of problems with it. I like the idea of keeping a the guild on the same realm so people don't loose everything they have put into the guild. It is hard to earn guild rep since the Guild tabbards don't work the same as say the SW tabbard does.

I also see the problems of steeling all the mats and money in the guild bank. This would be a definate problem. I know as there is plenty of Guild bank scams out there I run Pandion Knights and well I've seen enough problematic behavior honestly to know what kindas of things could and will happen with this service.

However I do see the good in it also. If the mass Guild wants to move to a different server for some reason like Oh Nicer players, Friends on a different server. Or something like that I can see the good in it also.

I understand that there should be group rates for a Whole Guild move as I live on SSI which is 674.00 a month I know I couldn't afford to move my toons all of them I've maxed my primary account and all my toons are in panion knights pretty much. For me the transfer cost would be 250.00 I can't do that even if I wanted to. I'm not the only one in the Player/membership of this community that live on that income. So I think there needs to be something for those kinds of situations.

I know that you see this kinda situation as a deterant to people doing it alot. Ok so think about it not everyone in my financial situation is running there guild like I am but still will put all there toons into one guild to help it grow. So what happens when the Guild decides to up and move and the one person with 10 toons in the guild can't afford to take them with the guild.

Now I'm in total agreement that people need to be paid for the work they do when developing, Maintaining and Runing these's systems however there should be a program for those who are in financial situations where they just can't afford to pay for the services like that.

As this kind of service effects everyone in the guild you have to think about the people who want to go with the guild but can't afford to do to there situation in life. I didn't choose to be on SSI for the fun of it. I am a Licensed Massage The#%@@*@ that has has 3 wrist surgeries. I can't do what I barely got through Apollo/Carrington College for. I have a 6th grade math education at best so there aren't alot of options open to me in my Situation where I have brain damage from a traumatic birth. Disability is the only option i had open to make the bills and stay some what independant.

This is a mixed Blessing for Guilds I'm sure. I know that I myself wouldn't even think of moving unless I knew everyone in my guild was taken care of and could move if they wanted to or at the very least had a Guild to stay in so they didn't loose everything. I have 2 accounts by the way and so several of my toons in my second account are in my guild as well. You figure it would in accuallity be about 500.00 to move two full accounts worth of toons.

I think there is a way to keep everyone safe and happy if Bizzard chose to do it by allowing the Guild to just be copied over to the new realm and leave the original guild on the same realm in different leadership. So those who wanted to go and could afford it would get to leave but the ones like me wouldn't find that the Vast amount of Work put into Guild Rep isn't lost amongst other things that would be very hard to loose that where in the guild bank.

As it stands Low Level guilds are at a disadvantage do to NO one really wants to join a level 3 guild they would rather join a guild with more perks. So they don't grow as well as Recruiting is hard if you didn't leave the original guild in it's original realm as well that would cause alot of new guilds to form and well they wouldn't do so well in the growth department.

Pandion Knights have been around for over a year now and at one point before this guild system came into effect we could get new members but we have had very few new members since the Guild Level system went into effect so Alot of those new guilds would fail inevitably as a guild is alot of hard work to get to prosper I've been doing all i can think of and more to get the guild to take off but it hasn't worked so I see both the good and the bad in the service.
As a Guild Master of a fine crew of people, I can honestly say that the thought of yanking my guild up and out of its shoes and transplanting it to another realm without them is abominable. Many of these folks I have known for years, some since vanilla. However... what if my account gets hacked? Even with my authenticator? All of our hard work gets nullified by someone not even in the guild. We have not only dishonest Guild Masters to deal with, but also outside forces. If we are going to see expanded utility of guilds, then lets also expand their security somehow.
03/24/2011 12:51 PMPosted by Omnibare
This sounds like a gold seller's dream.

Posted by Ðarkknight
"Thank You Blizzard for finally doing something right!!! Now my guild can transfer to a true raiding realm and leave behind the frustrations we currently go through constantly from a new player realm!!!"

Why on Azeroth did you choose to form a high level raiding guild on a new player realm?!

I didn't choose the realm, I started this game years ago at the request of an ex fiancee, because her son played and was looking for others to make the game more enjoyable. I think I was level 30 before anybody even told me there were actually OTHER realms, as once I started, the fiancee split, and I was on my own.

Dentarg has just gotten the new player tag, it's been around since March 2006, so it's far from being a new realm, just has the new player tag, and unfortunately, way too many new players as well, which is why we are leaving.
03/23/2011 9:30 AMPosted by Aradel
You won't get a discount. The service is quite popular at its current cost, there is no legitimate business reason to discount it.

You don't think the current prices are a bit unreasonable? Then you have to consider someone who might regret their decision and wants to go back.... That's a lot of money.
[bugga bugga back flips, up side down flip back tricks.. what are u thinking Blizz what are u thinking?

Why go out and make a Cheese burger on the grill when you can put it in the oven.. who thought that people would go for this in the first place.. Anything to make a quick buck I would say. What if everyone doesn't want to sever change that means some one is going in da dog house "ROOF" ROOF" right?

it reminds me of a Crappy GM power trip and not many people are going to like this I can see drama coming from all derictions alrdy.. Remember what they said Shrimp taco's are okay but if you add beef things will only get worst.. If you get what I am saying..

idk I hope this works out in the end and if some are un happy all you can do is boil hotdogs entill the water runs dry and move on

Oh snap I think my burger is done >.<
... so a guild leader can make a guild be all friendly get a buch of people to join and contribute to the guild, fill up the bank with hi value items "intended for when members need them" and then highjack the whole guild bring it to another server and change its name? that seems like a big problem wating to happen. and even if they make it so if you transfer your guild the guild banks items and guild gold gets deleted then all the guild leader has to do is withdraw the gold and items of value and put them in his personal bank/bags and then transfer. i just see this as an opertunity for people to screw over each other and be able to get away with it. After this hits if it stays the same as it states now, i will never contribute to a guild bank ever agin(except the gold they get for me looting thing). you all can call me paranoid but i know it will happen unless they put some major restrictions on it.
Blizzard never get tired of destroying the game. At first, they gave "bank-powers" to gms, making em rich and sucking money for every guy on the guild, what broke the game economy, instead of simply making a new currency for the guilds, that can be used for the same things, including repairs, but cant be withdrawned. This also made every guild leader a dictator in potencial, who could kick you from the guild if you dont think like him and then you will have to start farming all reputation again. Now, the finishing move, they will allow a gm to teleport with everything the guild members worked hard to achieve to a place far, far away...
Seems like bli$$ard doesnt care for the game anymore, since we didnt got anything really new in failclysm, except for two new ugly races, boring storytelling (who cares? Arthas is dead. DeathWHO is here), no new bgs, just the same recycled ideas, in a now graphically very old game.
Dear blizz, you get bazzillion dollars every month, is it that hard to hire a group who can come up with innovative ideas? Im pretty sure a bg like dota would be a success, or like counter strike, or at least a bg where the objective is to kill the maximum opponents possible. We are tired of picking flags.
Dont get me wrong. wow is still the best mmo around, but there should be another, so that you guys were forced to create something new again, like you did in the burning crusade, instead of just thinking of more ways to get dollars from us, while you recycle zul aman and zul gurub...
Love the idea. I barely play any more.
If they do introduce a reduced rate for guild members I can relocate all my stuffs and toons to a server with people I know irl, would be fan-friggin-tastic.
Though I'd say implementing a required # of people to sign off on it isn't really a good idea. For example, there are literally 6 people in my guild, adding that requirement would be a !#!## for people who do use guilds just as extra storage space/easy item transfers. I can understand that people wouldn't want GMs to transfer guilds if they weren't going to follow, but as it's been pointed out, guilds belong to the guild master.

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