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Just another way blizzard is gonna use to rake in some more money lol full guilds paying to transfer and each player will rake the a good amount of cash
This helps make guilds collectively "worth more", in addition to the new guild leveling system. I have avoided guilds (and eventually made my own) because so many treated guilds like waystations. They hopped in, hopped out, and as a guild leader? It's hard to invest in members when the general behavior pattern is to join a guild and if you get bored or get a better offer, you jump ship without so much as a by-your-leave (or at the least "Sorry, this isn't working for me" - that would be nice).

Hopefully this move makes people more invested in making their guilds a quality establishment and a group of like-minded people. This by itself would reduce greatly the chances of "The guild leader gets mad and just leaves".
What about hackers? Hack a guild, change it to their realm and make themselves leader? If you ask me they would pay the $25 for a 25 level guild... so i think this is another opertunety for hackers to strike... dont get any ideas...
This is going to cause A LOT of problems........
they should atleast put in CLASS change not GUILD

Class change would get old wouldnt everyone just class change to whatever class is OPed?
May I suggest to fix a problem with guilds quite possibly have it as close to a copy & paste type idea. I know there may be other issues that may arise (as everything isn't perfect) but it could fix some of the issues that is out there right now.
P.S. This idea is meant to be a template and can be used or slightly munipulated to solve other issues that may occur.
I purchased a guild from someone (using only in-game gold), for storage purposes as I'm sure many do. I've been hoping for an easy way to change the name since, while the name itself is fine, it's IN ALL CAPS and I hate looking at it 8^). So the new name change feature will be great, as long as it only costs in-game gold as things like buying an extra tab do. If it costs real money (which I barely have enough of to keep my regular WoW sub going) I'll probably just have to suffer with the caps ...
Nice, another way to suck more money from us.
Some ppl want to raid, some don't, people leave and start over. At least with a guild transfer, the people that worked so hard to get achievements and things for the guild could keep what they worked for. As far as officers and GM's getting hacked and selling everything out of the bank, that happens anyway. And selling a guild on another server- let's think about this.

Are you seriously gonna give someone a ridiculous amt of gold for a guild that isn't on the server yet?? Buying something sight unseen? Because whoever is selling that guild isn't gonna pay real money for a guild xfer before you give them the gold in-game. They're gonna want you to hand over gold, then *promise* to xfer the guild to your server and make you GM. Then probably just disappear with the gold and keep the guild. Yes it's a scam in the making, but an absurd one.
This thread is proof of the following.

The next "HOT" MMO will be the one that brings us real "WORLD OF".

What does that mean? Can we really be bound to ONE server and call it World of ?
Shouldn't it be "Server of Warcraft"?

#1 reason why people quit.... can't play with there friends.

Where are there friends...? Scattered here and there on this server and that.

I Roll Dk's were my friends go to avoid server transfer fees...
(DK's : Tauren 85, BloodElf 85, Draini 82, ...)

When you meet someone new, that also plays WOW for the first time... next question.. what server?... oh... to bad :/

Why does LFG not let you group with your RealID friends ? - technical problem ? or would it infringe on profit margin of server transfers.

If BLIZZARD really can't provide us ONE world to play in.. then the prices to play with our friends should encourage us to overlook this limitation, not line the pockets of BLIZZARD.

If the justification of the price of server transfers is some kind of process that can be related to a dollar amount that justifies the $25 rate (curious how much is profit).

Perhaps BLIZZARD should consider a variable price.. like the stock market. Driven by supply and demand. They could then lower the price... which would then result in more server transfers... and higher system load as the system approaches higher load the price goes up. As the system becomes idle the price goes down.

This would mean more affordable transfers, more transfers would happen.. and that overall would mean much much more $$ for BLIZZARD.

If people are able to transfer more freely. They can play with there friends. They will continue playing which is really most $$.
I fully agree to this....I mean what is really going to stop them?? I know myself personally would never do this , seeing how my guild is like an online family for me. But I know a few GMs that are no-good low down and dirty that I would not put past them one minute. Blizzard really needs to re-think this and make it alot harder and more secure about it.
i wonder how expensive this might be? i have a horde bank toon i would like to change over to alliance, and it's the only character in the guild... is that one character still charged the same as a 25 man raiding guild?

does an entire guild get to jump to a new server or just the guild leader?

if multiple guild members get to go then do they have to pay any?

what if people don't get to go, are they just going to log in one day and notice that their guild no longer exists on their server and they lost all their guild bonuses?

i'm sure some of these were mentioned before... certainly i'm not the only one with an original thought such as these...
I want BoA gear to be able to go X realms :'(
sounds great! But a word of caution to Blizz: Make sure there is an announcement to guild members for 7 days before move. Watching everything disappear might seriously disappoint ppl. and does that mean the GM can move their toon and guild to another server together for the same price? I hope it does, but this could cause guild havoc if no notice is given....
In all reality there is nothing to stop a current GL on a realm from up and taking everything out of a guild late one night and kicking everyone out when they arent on and selling the guild regardless. Granted I think the whole guild name change should not be allowed unless xferring but even then...u run the risk of someone doing this. Once a lvl 25 guild becomes not so hot of a commodity it runs the risk of it not even being taken notice to. unless a guild is really popular and even then if it is done late at night or the gm says the guild is xferring there are no real fail safes. There are upsides and downsides to everything in the game where guilds are concerned. tbh the only way u can be safe is to form your own and lvl it solo because stuff WILL happen at one time or another in larger guilds. The new system at least allows the guilds to not have to start from scratch and will benefit alot of legit movers. However the fact that there is not a bundled discount for the guilds to move all together is going to make alot of potential guild moves fall apart and inadvertantly the guild itself as well. I would love to server xfer on my toons but I have 9 toons at 75-85 5 of which are at 85. I think that there should be a discount for say 1-2 characters standard rate of $25, 2-3 $20 each or the like. But, at the end of the day Blizzard still makes the final ruling and if people are willing to pay it they will and if not they will either quit, lvl a new toon, or move a few toons. However since it was blizzard that incorporated the whole guild lvling system and wants guilds as a whole to be happy and progressing to stay subscribers then ya they should consider the fact the some people scrimp to afford the 15 a month. They are asking guilds to alienate or screw over those with a lower income in order to move and that is not right.
And another thing---why can't Blizzard allow server to server mail--even if it takes days, seems pretty simple. If your computers couldn't handle it, create a transfer realm, sort of like purgatory :) (probably because you have not figured out how to charge us) After making millions from us players, can we catch a break here or what?
I appreciate all the guild stuff Blizz is giving, but there are A LOT of players that do not want the drama, are not team players, and just want to solo. So, that being said, what are you going to do for them? I know that blizz makes its money with many players playing and guild benefits are trying to encourage this, but with losers whining about item level and not letting you raid unless you have been there before and know the fight (why would i need to raid with you if I had appropriate item level and had been there before and knew the fight??). Blizz needs to get off the teamwork kick and help motivate the solo players as well. Perhaps a random raid button would help--without the kick option--might help solve this. I raid with my friends and their guilds, but some dont have or dont want that option.
All I have to says is thank goodness, and when?
i think since it took 9 signatures to start a guild it should take as many to transfer a guild as well just an idea

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