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Finally eventualy there is going to be a way I can move one of my guilds, I like, I like.
I dont see a problem with this as long suffiecient controls are in place to avoid the abuse of this service. What concerns me more is the fact that Blizzard is trying to add content which is not game play to avert a mass exodus to new mmo's which provide a greater degree of choice in the build of a players character. As it is, the static gear which is vertually handed out like a hot dog at a pig roast has made the game stagnant. ATTENTION DEVELOPERS; you are going in the wrong direction, give me dual class and racial abilities. give me the opportunity to determine my own strengths and weaknesses, and let me keep what I earn.

If I am exalted in my guild and they transfer or I switch guilds or start a new one I should be able to keep at least a portion of the rep I already earned.
I like how all the QQers seem to have NO faith in their GMs.

Your current guild leader can ALREADY take EVERYTHING you've put into the bank, boot you from the guild removing all of your hard earned reputation, sell everything and /gdisband or sell the guild to someone else. This isn't new.

If you have so little faith in your GM, then IMO? GTFO of the guild you're in and make one yourself. :\
Im actually really excited about this, my guild has been wanting to switch servers for awhile now, but i refused to go without the hard work for our guild bank tabs and guild level. When my guild leader heard about how this guild transfer is on its way, first thing he said, "That's the only thing that was holding Meg back."

So thank you blizzard! And the cost doesnt seem bad at all, im very happy! :)
I think they really need to add a feature here that would maybe calm some people down and add a voting right for others in the guild. As others have said a GM alone can not get a guild leveled. It takes many people a very long time to get a guild to level 25 and those people in my opinion should have a say if the guild can be moved. It's only one thought in what I assume many have said but I hope they really think about this. I do know that if I help a guild level to 25 and I come on one day and the guild is gone and I loose all my honor that I worked toward with that guild I will most likely just give the game up. I just don't think it would be worth the hassel of rep leveling with another guild.
I really like the "guild name" change option for those of us that would like to get a cooler more catchy name that would , maybe attract more people to join the guild . As far as switching servers , something would have to be implemented so that not anyone guild would be able to switch without having guildies agree to the change . Lots of hrs are spent in front of our computers playing the game , and to have your guild disappear out of know where would probably cause some major problems . Im sure blizz will figure something out for those type of issues before they make any major changes , like they stated , it will take some time to work out all the kinks . ............. For the Horde !!!! Peace all !!!
Doesn't seem like it would be too hard to set up some kind of process by which the players in the guild on the original server vote on this. If they vote to keep their guild, let the GM transfer and just copy, as opposed to moving, everything onto another server. I suppose duplicating guilds could be abused, but I'm assuming the price point on this is going to be pretty high.

The disappointing thing about this is it provides no relief for guilds that don't want to split up, but don't want to stay on a server. This thread kind of confirms, to me, that the real demand is for economies of scale to be applied to character transfers when an entire guild moves, rather than have each member spend $100+ to move all of his characters.
03/23/2011 9:11 AMPosted by Spinnerdh
I am assuming both renaming the guild and relocating it will have a cost?

Hopefully Said cost will not cost more than the highest cost for available services now.
People who think they are "gouging and @!*%!* for a service that should be free"......its OPTIONAL, you are currently paying 15 dollars a month for HOURS of entertainment, if you cant afford that, its not Blizzards fault!! Thats like a crackhead complaining about the cost of the drug while living in a cardboard box. There is no better bang for your buck when it comes to monthly entertainment cost, hands down. If you don't want the optional perks, fine, don't pay for them!

For those complaining about their GMs bouncing out and taking all their hard earned rep away.....if you don't trust your GM, don't stick around anyway!!! Why give them all that effort if you can't have faith in them or the guild? As far as your stuff you donate to the bank, if you put it in the gbank, what is the difference in someone else taking it to use or the gm taking the bank? You should be writing it off as up for grabs once you deposit it. If you are using it solely for personal storage, you miss the point of a gbank. The gold generated through guild level perks is simply that, GENERATED....not out of your pocket. Moot point.

Lastly....people stop !@#*%ing about your hard work you put into gaining rep....first off, guild rep will be easier to get with the patch due to rep gains with guild tabards. Secondly, you would be doing all the stuff you did do regardless of what guild you were in, so you didn't really waste your time, you just may have to wait for a bit to get your purchased perks, but you still get to keep your old purchases from the old guild anyway....heirloom cloaks and banners and pets are still there for you.....

Keep in mind GMs work just as hard if not harder to maintain the guild, a lot of gold and time is spent on their part. If you don't think so, give it a shot yourself. There wouldn't BE a guild without them, a little personal ownership is nice for them as well. Yes it takes all the guildies effort, but if the manager at your job is a !%%! and you leave, well....the business doesn't typically shut down. It would take a lot of effort for GMs to transfer anwyay, so thsi decision shouldn't be taken lightly as is. If a leader decides right away to transfer without thinking it through....well....again....wrong guild to be in anyway.

Think before you nerdrage....please
Your nerd raging. Others are bringing up very valid points that blizzard needs to consider. Also to be considered is a simple lesson learned in most high school economy classes. If people become dissatisfied with your service/wares then they will find somewhere else to get them. With new games on the horizon like rift, blizzard should be thinking more about customer satisfaction and less about filling their wallets. Its just good business.
I didn't catch this in the pages of this thread that I read, but I'm very concerned about this new service being abused by botters and gold farmers.

I sincerely hope that there will be a strict cap on the gold that will transfer over in the guild bank. It would be a legitimate workaround for, for example, a raiding guild transferring over to have the GM say "ok, you 25 raiders each hang onto 50k gold and put it back in after we land on the new server" to get whatever hundreds of thousands of gold that was in the bank prior back in there.

Then again, does the transfer gold cap even really curb illegal behavior? Since most of the transfers that nefarious citizens perform are probably purchased with stolen credit cards, I don't see them transferring a bunch of level 10 characters around.

Just some thoughts.
I think you have forgotten how long Blizzard has been in the business, I'm sure they all learned quite a bit in their classes. As with Aion, Warhammer, LOTR, and all the other MMOs that have come out over the years, Blizzard continues to maintain a strong foothold in the gaming world. They offer optional services for those that choose to use it. Guild transfers have happened many times anyway regardless of this option, and now there is an option to keep what you have earned and not have to start over. It is also just good business to give options to players. Nobody is forcing these transfers or name changes, it is simply another choice you have. If filling their wallets were their only motive, they would be raising monthly fees or requiring transfers from larger pop servers, or any other underhanded way.

It is common sense to carefully decide who to give your loyalty to, and if your guild is worthy of your loyalty, then this doesn't apply to you anyway.

By the way, it's you're*.....
03/23/2011 9:23 AMPosted by Morning
What happens if the realm already has a guild by that name? Would the guildmaster also have to pay to change the guild name first on the realm they're leaving, or would the guild be flagged for a rename upon transferring?

most likely Blizz will say that "during the transfer" that it will say 'that guild name is unavailable' and they will have to change it. and most likely be free
03/23/2011 9:34 AMPosted by Maeel
Just wait until the first gl transfers a level 25 guild and bank and sells it on a different realm. This is drama in the making. :)

That's exactly what I was thinking. There needs to be some way of protecting guild member's from loosing the hard earned items and gold in the guild bank.
Just another way to make money. GG blizz.
It's already happened long before this even came about... I inherited a top tier raiding guild (that i wasn't even a part of) at 2 am simply because the guild leader was server transferring and no one was on to get promoted to guild leader... I of course returned control of it to the guildies later on... but that's only cause i'm a nice guy... I could have taken everything and made a HUGE profit...
Um, yeah; being able to change a guild name seems like a no-brainer. You're just now considering it? Really?

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