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idk how to play the public test i need to download the ptr client?
WTS lvl 25 Guild. Will transfer to your server. 5 bank tabs filled with raid mats, herbs, ores, leatehrs and epics. 200,000 Gold.

Anyone else see problems with this? By providing this service, Blizzard is giving the go ahead to GMs to just disappear on an entire guild. Combine this with a name change (for the character and the guild) and how will the old guild even know where all their hard earned items, gold and reputation went?

Your GM decides he is tired of playing or just wants to play with friends on another server, what rights do you have to stop it? Will there be an announcement requirement? A vote from senior guild members? Or is it just going back to the "The GM owns the guild and everything in it, and the other members have no rights." mentality?

That would be just as against the rules as selling your account. If you sell an in-game item for real money, that can get you banned.
It is not against the TOC because your account is not linked to that guild in any way.

I can see many high level guilds doing this for some gold.

If you sell it for real Money that may be against the toc..

To be honest the guild perks are not really helpfull and in the next patch its easy to start a new guild and hit exalted with your guild thanks to guild exp tabards.

That and your guild exp will go up fast to
yet another way of getting even more money out of WoW and its ever changing to a micro transaction MMO.. (---) this close to being done...


They have so many other things that need fixing upgrading, implementing.. but remember that wont bring them anymore money just Like remote AH.. not needed at all but its a cash cow.

No respect anymore
Not what i was hoping for. ;(
I guess if my guild leader decides to move us, I'll want to make sure I get all my alts added to the guild first. I'd hate my main and my banker to get separated.
03/23/2011 9:18 AMPosted by Seventhwinds
How about a guild faction change? there is like 5 horde to 1 aliance on my server.
lucky.... my realm is 85% horde... which doesnt seem like that bad.. for every 85 horde there are 15 ally... except... its like 23-25k horde to around 3-4k alliance.... >.<

saddest part.. almost all the higher end progression raiding guilds... were at one point alliance till blizzard beat our racials over the head with a nerfbat and buffed horde.

edit: At OP.... this overall is a great idea until you consider how many toons you have in the guild..... 1 toon = 25 bucks.. 2 toons is 50, 3 75.. so on.. so if you had 10 toons and wanted them all Xfer'd you would fork over $250 bucks... just to be able to stay with your guild...

if there was a "buy 2 transfers get 2 free!" sort of a thing for mass exodus from servers... that would be nice.. otherwise.. yeah..
Can you faction transfer a guild?
This is economical, and relatively efficient.

Also, the addition of another new feature is only a good thing. If you don't like it, you won't use it. This will be very nice for a number of customers, and leaves the rest unaffected.

Smart planning, this.
They need to fix the realms.... merge them FOR FREE.

Sorry for the paraphrasing, but I have been under the impression that Blizzard should be cleaning up ALL their realms. I came back to WoW strictly to role play and have characters on other servers I have not touched in years because they are on PvP or PvE servers. It would be great to consolidate them onto one server but I am not willing to pay all the transfer fees.

That being said, the biggest problem facing Role Players is that the RP servers have become overly diluted with those that don't RP. The same consolidation could be applied to ALL the RP servers and allow those those players to congregate on smaller number of servers; thus freeing up servers for fresh starts.

Ideally, the same can be said for nearly empty servers. Rather than trying to force people to transfer to them, give them an option to transfer off to any number of servers they wish based on faction ratio. IE, if you are horde on server ABC, you can free transfer to server DEF or GHI for free. if you are Alliance on ABC, you can transfer to HIJ or LMO for free.

Give everyone a chance to get off the server, and in doing so help balance some servers faction ratio, then hit the reset switch and make it a fresh new start server.

One of the biggest complaints I heard when Cata was released was the lack of new servers. By allowing free server transfers based on faction or consolidating like minded servers (diluted RP servers, Low population PvP and PvE servers) I am sure Blizzard could free a lot of servers for everyone to enjoy from scratch.
This is so wrong on so many levels. THE BIGGEST being that we lose all the hard work of our guild status and have to start over by choosing NOT to pay to move with the errant leader. We are punished and the leader gets to even take the blasted bank with all the stuff we donated.

OMG what are you thinking????? just to make more money?????? PLEASE do NOT become Sony.
Geez people, they're doing it because people practically BEGGED for it. Not a week goes by since Cata went live that I've seen several threads started ASKING for a paid guild transfer and paid guild name changes. In fact, the guild name change has been suggested for years, not just since Cata.

Chill. Out.

They're just doing what the people asked for and now everyone's here screaming about the end of the world practically. It was a legitimate request and Blizzard is announcing that they're implementing it. Nothing. More.
WTB lvl 25 guild with mount/pet etc.... horrific at best. Already enough ninjaing and jerks in game. The temptation to screw your guild over will be a lot higher when you can sell a guild for 300 or 400 bucks if not more on ebay/craigslist. This problem may be against toc but it happens constantly. GM need to pay rent, selling lvl 25 guild 500 bucks...sigh. Rather than creating things that make the game more fun and better, you are destroying it piece by piece. Blizzard was once the pinnacle of game design and innovation. Look how far they have fallen. Will they redeem themselves before it's too late? Looks more and more doubtful with every new paid service. Why can you create this kind of stuff but can't fix any problems in game for months sometimes years?

Guild leaders who do not want a change of scenery may also choose to pick a new guild name using another new service. These services are in development and we will be providing additional details at a future point in time.

Are we going to be charged for a service that is currently free?

"Changing a Guild Name is is a simple process, but it does take some time. I recently contacted a Game Master to change my Guild Name. The ticket was still active when I logged out for the day. When I logged back in, I had an in-game email showing the following:

Hey there, <character name>!

Thank you for your exceptional patience in waiting to be contacted. We really appreciate it! We'd be glad to help you with a one time only Guild Name change! :) Here's what you need to do: Submit a ticket to us with your top 5 choices for a new name and we'll do our best to make sure you get the one you want! Hope you have an awesome day! Thanks again for contacting me. :) May all your hits be crits and your lewtz be phat!

<gm name>
Game Master

- After submitting a second ticket with the requested information, the ticket became "escalated" which means that it is no longer in the hands of a GM but has been instead passed onto an account specialist. This ticket took several days to resolve. As with a regular ticket, if you edit or delete this ticket, then you will have to start the process all over again.

This is the current norm, and I myself have petitioned for a guild name change in the past, so what are the exact plans towards this?

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