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I would be curious to know what happens to the people that don't transfer with the guild?

I have a couple friends in my guild that rarely log on and probably wouldn't transfer but I wouldn't want them to log in one day and suddenly be guildless D: Also I have a few lowbies that I wouldn't bother transferring... would they just log in guildless when it went through?
my thought is what about the guild members who do not want to transfer. They get left un-guilded? I mean here is a prime scenario. The guild leader gets mad about something personal or has a fight with someone in the guild. So they get all mad and server transfer and take the guild with them. So all the hard work others have put in building the guild is wasted.

Point being this is going to become a huge problem. If this gets done it should not destroy the guild on the main server as it takes the whole guild to build it up not just one person. And there are guilds that go through leadership change every so often and this could happen.

Yes this is the biggest problem I see as well. Those left behind should not lose everything be cause of one person's decision. I would go so far as to say all those left behind should be given a guild equal to the one leaving. and have the option of joining another guild without loosing any personal status.
To Blizzard: Kudos for the advanced warning! I'm sure some guilds will appreciate it, allowing them to plan ahead, and not swap servers the hard way only a week or two before the service becomes available.

To the worriers: I'm sure Blizzard will do this is a sensible way. It appears to be in the very early stages of implementation, so specifics aren't yet final obviously. (Also, now is probably the best time to make suggestions, don't wait till they're finished implementing)
This is great. I'm glad you're streamlining this process. Hopefully there'll be some sort of package discount too.

Any chance there'll be a way to merge guilds soon? :)
This might finally make it so that free transfers are effective in fixing realm populations if they allow this service to be used for those kinds of transfers as well.

Every time free transfers come up, they're pretty much ineffective because most active players are in guilds and guilds have never accepted the free transfers because of all the work and expense in having to set the guild back up from scratch on the new realm. Once they added the guild XP and rep system, there was even less chance of anyone in a guild transferring.

With this, we might actually be able to get any population problems finally addressed in a meaningful way.

Anyone else see problems with this? By providing this service, Blizzard is giving the go ahead to GMs to just disappear on an entire guild.

There's never been anything stopping someone from doing that. This isn't going to make a good GM suddenly become a schmuck. Either your GM is a schmuck or they aren't.

Or is it just going back to the "The GM owns the guild and everything in it, and the other members have no rights." mentality?

It's not a mentality. It's a fact. The mechanics of how guilds are implemented in WoW make it a fact. You are always a /gdisband away from losing your guild in WoW. This doesn't change anything except that if a guild wants to transfer, they now have the means to do so much more conveniently than they did in the past.
Very disappointing, very disappointing indeed.
Realm transfer for guilds, kinda iffy on that one too, everything appealing about it is everything dangerous about it. Krangor nailed it.

Renaming on the other hand-ten bucks and presto, new vanity service, not necessary but also not game changing. Its done already.

Personally, I'm tired of all this effort being put into paid services instead of new content.

Are you also tired of their Janitors spending all their time and effort cleaning toilets instead of creating new raids? Because the Janitors are as involved in creating new content as the people who create the scripts and mechanics needed to implement things like this are.
03/23/2011 10:07 AMPosted by Agonist
If you are paying $14-$15 a month to slay computer generated dragons and people, then you are one of those morons with disposable incomes.
Obviously you have an account so that makes you a moron
they way i see it is that i have went through the faction and a realm change it cost 55 dollars to do so and i have done three toons so i feel ppl should get a discount when doin multiple things that involve money such as i discribed. as far as guild realm changes i see alot of problems with this. first of all what about everything ppl loose that dont wanna move all the guild rep all the loots in the guild bank and then just to stay with the guild havin to pay 25 dollars to move i just see this bein all bad
I'm begining to think ,Blizzard,is all about the ,"MONEY". I don"t have any extra,to give to transfer to a new realm. If I did,it would use it to upgrade to ,Wrath of the Lich King. I can't upgrade to ,"Cataclysm", Because,my computer,wasbuilt by a state entity,and done Cheaply.So,if you keep coming up with more charges,you"ll price me out of WoW. I play about,60 hours a week and it"s all I have for Entertainment. Yours truly Ideath
"Now the GM can take the guild away from us!"

News flash folks, your GM has always had the ability to take your guild away from you.

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