How long have you been playing?

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Or when did you create your account? And post on (if possible) your first toon :)

Me: 16/12/2005

Not sure bout the day but the month and year are correct, lol.
And yes this was my first toon

Also leveled as sub, without knowing what i was doing, through BC. On an american realm.

Yea i was a nub
Cool thread.

10/2/05 According to my account history

Damn... That was a long time ago.

<--- 1st toon. Raided thru the end of BWL in Vanilla on American servers. PvE

Rolled a Drood when BC dropped on an Oceanic server. PvP
More raiding endgame in BC.

Quit when Wrath dropped as I started a family, had no more time to Raid etc.

Now my daughter is almost 3 and I have finally found some free time, so am back on WoW crack!

Currently leveling a Pally Cow... AoE tanking is fun!

Always Horde ;-)

Good to see Oceanic servers have their own place here now.
4/8/06 on US-Ursin server (Alliance) then came to Thaurissan around the end of season 1 of arena,
I started playing during the open beta in Europe, and have played since then with breaks sprinkled in. After moving to Australia I created this account in November 2010 somewhere. So I've played this game for over 6 years now. Makes me feel old.
i been playing for 5 1/2 yrs with breaks in between so im right ariund the corner from you counting from my 1st toon
August 07

<< First toon.

Now I am a Warlock.

No breaks
Noob here. Started somewhere in 2009........
4.2 =)

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