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Hey folks, After a pretty reasonable start to Cataclysm real life has dealt us some blows and we're finding ourselves consistently short on a healer. We can usually sort of cover it with players who can make one night (we raid 2 nights a week) but this is becoming a hurdle to progression and we've found ourselves backpedalling a lot and really scrounging to fill the gap.

A little blurb about the guild.

Shadow is a day one Firetree guild. We're about 6 years old and provide a home for our players....most players who join Shadow stay here. We approach raids from a hardcore angle (low tolerance for not being prepared or on time) and are focussed with our progression but not at the expense of enjoyment. Coming drunk and having a good night is fine, coming drunk and touching all of Yoggs clouds is not.

We tend to have one or two BBQs or similar every year in either Auckland or Tauranga (or sometimes at one of our players bach's in the Coromandel). We're a family guild, most of us are in relationships or have families. Varying ages, races, cultures.

RAID TIMES: We raid two nights a week Wednesday night starting at 8:30pm and usually finishing between 11 and 12Friday night starting at 8:30pm and usually finishing between 12 and 1(all in NZ time)

PROGRESSION: We've downed everything but the last bosses in each raid (ie everything but Nef, Al'akir and Cho'gall)

WHAT WE NEED: We're looking for someone who is keen to raid both nights with us and is looking for some active involvement in progression raiding. We're not a hardcore "let's dive into the heroic mode" guild but we do take raiding seriously when we need to. Not particularly worried about class, we can make anything work really. If I had to pick i'd say shaman or priest preferably but again, not worried

If you have any questions then either head to our forums at http://shadowscourge.guildportal.com or look for me ingame on Slobash or Slobling.

TLDR: Shadow, Firetree-horde. LF healer for raiding wed/fri 8:30pm NZ time. Shaman/priest pref but not fussy. Thanks Slo
Still looking for one more strong healer to fill the gap :)

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