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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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5/10 Duh... over used name...
reminds me of the old wild wild west
When I 1st saw the name I thought it said Mightlack however it is a fine name

assuming the x makes a z sound... 7/10
falspur - 8/10

Simple and sweet, but need a last name to be more awesome ;)

Nashell Winterfist
9/10, I like the name AND that you included a last name. =)

Raziya Jasanni
Sounds trolly 8/10 though raz is kinda weird to hear in a troll name, more common in orcs.

Mines last name first name undecided.
Nice Tauren sounding name. Vaelor moonshadow
no fancy characters are allowed.

His name is Ruithneadh Sunstrike.
I'll give Ruithneadh Sunstrike a 6.5/10.

The h at the end seems a bit unneccessary, and overall a confusingly spelt name. Not sure if I'm pronouncing it correctly either. Though 'Sunstrike' sounds like a Blood Elven last name, so I'll give you that.

Gaxell Screwwidget.
Gaxell Screwwidget: Quite awesomely, and simply, Goblin sounding! And I haven't heard the Screwwidget combo before now.

I've got a few names...

"Mr. Maldinet" - Worgen Druid
Jackerith Flynn - Human Rogue (or more appropriately, doctor...)
Nethire Na'korin (given name-> Corin Redstream) - Human Warrior
Rigelis Blackleaf - Night Elf Hunter
Caiten Cloudhorn - Tauren Shaman
Mr.Maldinet - 6/10; Not so fond of it.
Jackerith Flynn - 8/10; Tricky first name, nice last name.
Nethire Na'korin - Dosen't sound human 4/10
Rigelis Blackleaf - Better! 9/10
Caiten Cloudhorn - Good! 9.5/10

Got a few!

Meriena Alvain
Helene Saint-Bevelous
Cerwynn Poulain

All female humans!
Meriena Alvain - 8/10, very pretty!

Helene Saint-Bevelous - Eh, i'm not fond of it. 6/10
Cerwynn Poulain - 7/10, Cerwynn sounds a bit elf-like.

Kassandra Grace~Female Human Rogue
Belle Cogwhirl~Female Gnome Mage
Caelyna Darkheart~Female Blood Elf Death Knight
Kassandra- 7/10
Belle Cogwhirl- 9/10 Love the last name
Caelyna Darkheart- 6/10 The first name is great but the last name is overused a lot.

Erebos Grimtotem. =D
Lexxanich- 7/10 Not very orcish to me.
I do not play elves under any circumstances
^^ 7/10 - I know my greek stuff....so Ajax rings a bell, marked down for funky character though. : /

Shabayev - 'Yelena' as an informal name.

Svetlana - Draenei

Ivaine DuVren - Forsaken

Richard Claindan - Forsaken

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