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Okay i'm having a huge major headache trying to either remove or turn off the quest objective thing completely off of my screen here but to my suprise I'm quite disappointing that there's absolutely no way to take that off of the screen. It's intrusive and very distracting. i much rather have it all in the icon quest tab. Then having it being displayed on the screen where it's just does nothing but creating a huge clutters on the computer screen. Here's a suggestion for the next patch. take off that cluttering objective thing off the screen and leave it all in where that little icon quest is use for. I find keybinding it, to only display when i needed it is a much more userfriendly and very much less screen cluttering. And also the mini map needs to be more userfriendly. Add some different display shape design to the minimap, prefferably a square shape that can be resize and move to anywhere in the screen to fit the user playstyle and looks. No offense,but that circle shape minimap looks very boring and not much room for addons icon. There's practically no room or no way to move those little addon icons around the minimap so it doesn't get crammed into each other
Crit by the wall of text for 2000!

Both your points you can find addons for to satisfy all your needs.

For hiding elements, including quest tracker, try one of these:

For minimap alterations:

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