Group of 2/13 raiders LF GMT+8 guild

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Put it short, we are a group of dedicated raiders, 2/13 hm experienced, looking for a new home since our guild is falling apart.
Majority of us are officers/raid leader of the current guild and been playing since vanilla.

Right now I have me, 2 hunters, mage, a holy priest, might have a few more guys.

We can be contacted by simply replying to this post, or send an email to

Looking forward to good offers.
Suggest you catch me ingame for a chat - in meantime pls check us out @

1. Our Advert in WOW Forums:

2. Our Website:

Alternatively, you can create a toon on our server and contact Saingau, Verahex.
Hey Jerk, I would be very interested in speaking to you about taking a few of you guys on. We are in a great position right now and feel that 3-4 awesome players like yourself will put us to where we want to be. We are now only focusing on HM content, our goal by the end of this raiding week is two new HM bosses down and 4/13 (easily attainable) 4 attemps on H atramedes last week and sub 30%. Below is a quick BIO of the guild, which includes website and contact details. Hope to speak to you soon!

<Divine Heresy> Is a 25 man Australian guild based on the Blackrock-US Alliance Realm. We are currently looking for ALL exceptional players to progress through HM content. We have a High demand for any players that can hold 18k-20k dps single target while we are also looking for exceptional Pally & Priest Healers. Any EXCEPTIONAL players of their class may apply and a full time raiding spot will be yours if you can walk the walk.

High Priority
Resto Shammy
Disc/Holy Priest
Holy Pally

Blackrock is currently the #1 ranked server in the US in progression
Progression: 12/12 & 2/13 Hm's (Halfus & Chim)

Raid Times/Days: Wednesday and Thursday @ 7pm AEST - 12am AEST (12am ST - 5am ST)

Website: - Make an application if you feel like DH is the guild for you!

Contact: - Contact me via email or real ID, I would be happy to set up a vent interview instead of a formal application.
we could discuss the possibility of your guys joining us if you like.

were 3/13 heroic 25m.


7-11 sun mon wed thurs
Will check out the guilds above once I have talked to the rest of the guys, in the meantime, still looking for more options.
:( don't forget 8-12!!! hehe I know it's a major stretch! but you seemed so nice!
Hi Jerk,

We're interested in catching up with you and your friends either in-game, vent or email.

About Us:
Arashi is a GMT+8 guild with raiding hours 8.30pm - 12am SG/Perth time We're currently 8/13 HMs and will really appreciate a few more talented players in our roster.

Please feel free to contact any of our officers online, hope to see you around! (:
Hey Jerk,

Some lovely Horde guild (Eats Crayons) from the same server are also +8

That's the link to their Oceanic General Discussion... I've posted your details to them.

GL guys!
Thanks Shihiro for the mention,

(Eats Crayons ) is indeed a GMT +8 raiding guild.

If you haven't found a home yet I would love to have a chat with you guys. I will contact you by email with some details =)
Hey there Last Attempt would love to add you guys to our team, were also 2/13 heroic and a 25 man guild, our range team could use some boosting and we only have one hunter on our roster currently so heaps of room for all of you to get raiding spots. Raid times are 8 pm till 1130 pm oceanic server time.

Love to hear from you guys

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