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Welcome to the World of Warcraft "Ask the Devs" global Q&A. In this thread we'll be collecting questions from you to have answered by our developers. We'll be asking for your question each time a new Ask the Devs Questions thread goes up, having the community vote on them, and posting the answers we receive approximately one week later.

LOCKED. Tallying votes, collecting questions.

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Many of us were dismayed to find with Cata that we can no longer pull out individual raid frames and place them where we want on the screen. Can we please get that feature put back in?
Is there a brighter future to more overall custom UI options similar to how the raid UI frames were revamped? If not, why?
The trade chat channel is effectivily useless. I have had an idea of how to improve it, and make it work as intended. Open a window, and an option comes out. Something like, Sell, Trade, Buy, Profession. Select one (Sell). Then another option comes up, "What do you want to sell?" then you could click and drag the item you want to sell in a box, like the AH box, and go to the next option for how much. Click done, and set time intervil to send to trade chat, and in it you see something like

(2) Trade: [Abolita] WTS Primal Might 200g <click here to buy>
(or something to that effect).

Then if say, Bornak wanted to buy it, he could click the link, and the gold will be sent to Abolita's mail box, and Abolita will get a message saying,

Bornak has bought your Primal Might from trade chat for 200g.

Any plans to improve the Trade channel function in a similar way?
Milling and Prospecting are incredibly dull and very manual tasks at present, especially when you do them in bulk. Speaking as a scribe, the entire manufacturing process from herb to pigment to ink to glyph is both time-consuming, boring and sending me well on my way to repetitive stress wrist and index finger injuries.

Why hasn't milling and prospecting gotten a better interface, such as the smelting interface miners have? "Mill all"/"Prospect all" options akin to smelting interface would be a great help to industrious scribes and jewelcrafters.
Are there any plans to implement a better way to sort, select, and/or find specific macro icons?
Are there any plans to turn the Raid Browser into a feature people will actually use? In its current state, whenever I try using it, I'm the only person listed. I've never heard of a raid formed as a result of using the Raid Browser.

(edited for additional info)
For example, will we ever be able to queue for battlegrounds or dungeons while using the raid browser? BGs and dungeons are exclusive with one-another because the time it takes to form either group is supposed to be roughly comparable, but raids can take hours or days to put together, and constantly being ejected from the system is not going to lead to its use.
Will shaman totems be getting any revamp, better AI, or a show of their range?
Hello, I was wondering if there was any talk of implementing a default version of adding actual numbers to the cooldown and/or duration on spell icons. Like if I used Tranquility it would have 8M somewhere on the spell icon indicating 8 Minutes left until being usable. Or if I was targetting a tank with hots on it, spells like Lifebloom showing how much time left before it expires. Another example would be DPS with dots on your target, like a countdown until Rake expires while dpsing in Feral Cat Form.
Mailbox message retrieval can be quite the chore if you're fond of listing items on the auction house. The default interface is very clunky, and addons like Postal are absolute must-haves for AH players. Are there any plans for making mass-mail retrieval easier in the default mailbox interface?
Do you have plans to implement a damage / healing meter into the default wow interface? You've implemented a way to monitor threat without having to download an addon... Would be very nice to have a way to monitor DPS / HPS across my group without an addon.
Will the Defualt UI ever be moveable and re-arrangeable without the use of mods.

I suppose the most obvious UI question for me.
When will the new Cataclysm raid markers start working nicely with other mods? As a raid leader, I've found it incredibly frustrating to constantly need to reload my UI.
Are there plans to improve the Auction House interface? For example:

Making the in-game UI for the auction house look closer to the Auctioneer addon? Players with that addon have a huge advantage due to its convenience.


Allowing an option to sort by price per unit so we don't have to scroll through page after page of Bankerjoe's single piece of wool cloth that's listed 300 times?
Are there any plans to better support objective-based PvP through the default UI, e.g. countdown timers for flag caps?
Are there any plans to update the default UI to make it more user-friendly? Such as updating the raid frames to allow for proper raid overview and allowing bartender-like movement of your action bars. Would also be nice to have an update to the player frames, target frames, etc... to make them more user friendly and customizable.
Do encounter designers factor in the existence of "boss mods" (Big Wigs, DBM, etc.) when crafting epic encounters?

If yes, have they considered incorporating boss timers into the default UI?

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