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Are there any plans to make rogue's combo points show when they are not targeting the target which the point are building on? In PvP and PvE this happens (to me at least and mainly in big groups). I can have a couple combo points on one target then untarget them and target something else. My points still build on the first target. One very noticeable time was farming rep in The Steamvault. I would spam Fan Of Knives and Honor Among Thieves would cause my crits to build combo points on one target while I was targeting another. Doing so will also help a lot when planning to use Redirect after a target dies.
Many Player, target, and focus add ons show the class symbol close to the picture of the character. Is there any way you could do this with the normal frames? Kind of like arena but just for your target or focus, and show it above the player's level and just like it, but instead of having a number show the icon.
Will We ever have the option to store our own money into the bank that we are given?

Instead of making a Bank toon and constantly sending and receiving mail.

This gave me the idea of another question.

Would you ever plan to make an account based bank? That way instead of having a limit on mailing items in bulk to an alt we can just put it in a bank which we can buy more slots for. Just like a mini-guild bank just for our characters on that server. Gold storage for it too, so you can easily put gold for an alt just for an emergency.
For BG's is there any plan to have players que up as their role(s)? Just like the dungeon finder. Usually tanks carry the flag, DD do damage, healers heal. It can help balance out normal BG's by having at least a couple healers for each one. Numerous times this weekend I've had no healers in mine and it's quite annoying.
Are you working to incorporate any popular addons into the default user interface like you have with addons like Power Auras?
Currently within the default UI you can set a focus frame and then move it to where you would like it. There are many add-ons that make custom character frames, as well as party and raid. One of the issues is that when using something other than the default frames, you do not have the option to, right click and set a focus.

I was wondering if you could write the code so that this option is available to third party add-ons, as it is a wonderful feature and many players would like to utilize its functionality without having to type a macro to enable, and one to disable?
Last one, and sorry for so many.

I've been playing for about a year and I noticed the in-game voice talk setting. I've never used it and I highly doubt anyone else does.

For my question: Is there any plan to revamp it? For example, let the player choose a channel to talk to, like in-game chat. Guild chat, trade chat, local defense, general, BG, etc. This could make third party chat programs less popular.
i know you said you have no plans to give players more bag space but would it be possible to get more bank space? older players are running low on space and people like me who like collecting armor sets have ran out of space. its comming down to do i want this or that anymore. i dont wanna get rid of loot that doesnt exist anymore.
Guild UI...

Any plans to give visability of character's guild rep level in the guild roster?

"Guild Activity" is confusing due to being poorly (not) defined and not equivalent to Rep level (probably due to the weekly guild rep cap).

As a guild leader the ability to set a minimum rep level on guild ranks would be highly useful. This would be much the same as the existing Authenticator option.
If you have someone on your friends list there name above their character is a different color than other characters. Could you make it to where we have the option so that guild members names are a different color and real Id friends? Maybe even make it to where we have a variety of colors to choose from.
I believe that nameplate add-ons are becoming more and more popular, are there any plans to give those without custom UI add-ons the ability to customize those nameplates more, beyond the current options in the game?
Could we have an option to prioritize our own alt names when sending mail over friends or guildmembers? My bank alt has a name that starts with Z, and I've gotten in the habit of hitting Z, tab and the mail automatically goes to my bank alt, but recently a person joined my guild whose name also starts with Z. Whenever this person is online, he gets a bunch of my stuff I had been meaning to sell. LOL
for more of a costumizable veiw could we have the abilty to increase or decrease the size of an individual object we can interect with on our screen? i would think it would cut down on a few add-ons if we could ajust the size of say the character icon or move the spells in a place on the screen that was less clunky.
Is dev going to be looking at more features for the visually impaired people (like myself and others who play the game) - i.e. ability to change colors on mini-map tracking (ores, herbs, etc), because bright yellow on bright white (icecrown/storm peaks) or even bright yellow on bright yellow (Uldum) just makes it nearly impossible. Color Blind option in the Video section (or under Interface as I don't remember) does nothing really for people like me.
Can we get an option to open multiple pieces of mail at the same time and automatically take the item attached to the mail? Right now it takes an addon to do it -- but when everyone is listing items on the auction house one at a time and you need a stack of twenty, sitting there clicking the mail over and over is a pain.
As a mount collector, I don't like having to chose which mount to use. I love them all! So I use a random mount macro to mount up. The problem is, with all the different types of mounts (AQ-only mounts, land mounts, water mounts), my macro has to specify every possible mount to pick from. As I pick up more mounts, the macro will eventually exceed the allotted length.

Will we ever have an in-game random-mount button that automatically selects a random mount that's usable in the current environment? Likewise for companion pets.
Is there any chance we can have a way to track the destination we want to go? I mean say I want to go to a flight path, but I have to keep clicking my map open to see where it is, or try and track it on the (shift m) but that shows even less. Could we click the place on the map we want to go and that sets a destination, and you can just follow your destination arrow to get where your going?
Im hopeless and always follow arrows, then realize I was following an arrow for a quest, not going to the closest major city I was hoping to get to, it gets frustrating when you were headed to the raid entrance, and followed a quest arrow instead of going where you need to go.
I think Diablo had something similar to this.
Can we have a combat log that is easier to read?

my suggestion:
A log that only shows player's name, spell icon&name, target's name and damage/heals done.
1. When we click on the spell's name, it shows the temporary buffs of the player when casting the spell which may explain why they crit for so much.
2. When we click on a player's name, we filter all other players' spells to see clearly what a specific player is doing.
3.Customizable storing period.

Can the spell alerters which shows our buffs in the middle of the screen show the remaining duration of the buffs?

my suggestion:
let the spell alerters look like a hourglass, disappear from top to bottom with time.

The spell alerters for mages' fingers of frost and impact overlap each other. Can we please customize the spell alerters?

Currently it is very hard for us to know if we interrupted enemy player's cast or we just wasted our interrupts. Can we have a feedback that indicate whether we successfully interrupted or not?

Thank you and sorry for my English.
Many websites, including the official WoW site's Screenshot of the Day page prefer screenshots with no UI visible. But alt-Z leaves names visible, as well as targeting circles, and highlighting of targeted creatures or objects that the mouse is hovering over. These leftover UI elements are highly discouraged.

Will we ever be able to turn off ALL of the UI with a single ALT-Z command?

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