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Will we ever have a way to turn in all our Alterac Valley loot at once rather than repeatedly clicking on quest buttons? It takes so long to turn in loot to the appropriate NPCs that players often just don't bother.

Question originally phrased as:
Will turn-in quests for Alterac Valley ever become easier than "click-click-click-click-click-click-click" over and over, hoping not to get flagged as AFK while constantly clicking the NPC and clicking accept?
Are there any plans on making key binding less of a pain with out an addon?
EDIT: Sorry, had to post in a hurry because I had to leave soon and didn't see the question had already been asked. Please attribute any up-votes on this post to Odok's question.

It won't let me delete the post because it's been over an hour T_T.
With a huge modding community, players who are familiar with fansites have a lot of options at their disposal for changing the default UI. However, we saw at the launch of Cataclysm how the proliferation of mods can create technical support strains on Blizzard's staff.

How does Blizzard weigh factors like these and decide when or whether it is time to incorporate popular mod features into the default UI?
With the 4.0.1 patch, you increased the necessary numbers of inks required per glyph from one to three, basically tripling the storage space industrious scribes need. Unlike most professions, scribes need to maintain the materials for all levels of glyphs, since they do not go obsolete in the way earlier tier gear does. Storing inks quickly takes a lot of bag space.

Would you consider increasing the stacking limits for inks and pigments (i.e. from stacks of 20 to stacks of 60, or even up to two hundred, like volatiles) - or for any other items, for that matter? It'd save a lot of bag space, and I presume increased stacking is easier to implement than larger and larger generic and/or profession bags.
Are there any plans to allow those who use dual specs quite often, to easily copy the action bar setup of another spec? That way say a class has a lot of similar abilities between specs, instead of giving a fresh action bar they can copy their primary one over and modify it.
Currently there have been many additions to "tabs" in the game. Most of these make life a lot easier for us and are good!

My question is that there are just so many buttons to remember to be able to access the tabs. H,C,U,J,P,O, (maybe I missed some) Are there any plans to remap how many tabs are on one hotkey to help free up some buttons for other use?
I would like to see more of a drag and drop UI that I can lock bars or buttons anywhere I want on the screen. I don't want to have to use a third party add on for this.

Also would enjoy an in-game DPS/Heal meter.

Not sure if this belongs here but on quests that you have to use x item on y, it would be nice if there was a better way to use it then just outta your bags.

Is there a way that the trade option can be updated to allow characters to trade more than 6 stacks of any item at a time?
Will it be possible in the future to move windows such as your character info?
Is there any chance we can get another row of bag slots in our personal banks? My bank is overflowing with fun items and armor pieces.
Can we get a method where we can update addons without requiring the client to have to be restarted (in most cases) for the update to work?
I really liked the article today about the professions window. It's something many of my guildmates still don't know about and are excited to find. I was wondering, would Blizzard ever consider doing a sort of LF crafter/LFW interface similar to LFG where players could select a recipe or a few recipes and look for crafters to create one or many of them based on a few parameters (how much gold they want to pay, location, etc). or where crafters could list themselves as LFW for X gold and it would match players who wanted items crafted with how much you're charging.

I'm not sure about how it would be done to make it shiny and nice, but I personally would love a system where I could just press "find crafter for cured rugged hide my mats paying 50g" and it would match me with one instead of me having to look for a leatherworker in trade for 15 minutes.
Are the any plans to make macros more user friendly?
The ignore list is currently one of the main tools that can be used by a member to block unwanted trolls or poor quality PUG partners (in randoms). Are there plans to continue to expand the number of players you can have on the list, since it can fill up fast with cross-realm ignores? Also, can the ignores please become account based, thereby ignoring all of that person's characters - or at least give us the option to?
I feel like the guild interface and arena interface are too clunky. I don't know how many menus I hit before I actually get to where I want to be. Any changes in mind for these?

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