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Could we have the ability to target players or NPCs from text in the chat log and combat log? If I see "Nøøbslayer casts mining on Thorium Vein" in the combat log and I was after that vein, I don't have time to look around to see which tree he's behind, or look up how to type a ø so I can /target him. I want that guy dead so he doesn't take my Thorium!

edit: The solution shouldn't be that we have to download some addon to deal with strange names. ;-)
Will we ever see new categories or subcategories appear in the auction house? I think Darkmoon Cards have become popular enough and varied enough to warrant their own tab.
Originally in World of Warcraft, special characters were not allowed in character names, and it was a reportable offense. Partially this was due to the difficulty of typing special characters. That policy changed a long time ago. Why was this changed, and are there any plans to make it easier to attempt to type the names of characters with these names? For example, /invite Noobkiller might also work as /invite Nøøbkiller, if Noobkiller is not online and of the same faction.
Druid-only flight paths in Moonglade used to be linked to other flight paths, so we could teleport to Nighthaven, run to the flightmaster, and click where we wanted to go while we go off and make a sandwich. Now we have to wait until we arrive at Rut'theran Village/Mulgore before heading off to wherever else we were headed.

What was the reason for this change, and will it ever return to the way it was?
Not sure if this counts as interface, though I suspect it does.

Apparently there is the addition of a new animation emote coming, /map, which looks great.

Is there any thought of adding more automatic emotes to players actions?

For example things like a "whisper" animation that your character makes whenever you whisper someone. In much the same way your character "talks" whenever you do a /say.

Just thought it would be a nice touch to make the world a little more busy, rather than seeing a lot dead, static players standing around seeming to be doing nothing.

There seem to have been a number of steps made to prevent flag-carriers in battlegrounds from stalling by being hard to find or hard to target. Have you considered making a fixed player frames that only show flag carriers? For example, Runswithflag's HP, mana, and buffs/debuffs would be visible to the whole battleground, and could be targeted by clicking on the frame.
While Warcraft III was still the most recent Blizzard title, a feature was added to allow our friends to send emails to our email addresses. (Also works with older games.) Any chance this feature will appear in the new of World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2?
Question: Why not limit trial accounts from using any chat channels apart from /say.

This will significantly cut down the trade spam from the various gold selling services and also stop those annoying whispers I receive from time to time that normally begin with something like "Hi Alarion, are you there?"

As of now I have to use the "Report as spam" function quite often to avoid having my trade chat frame fill will the inevitable gold seller website adds that seem to be more and more frequent. I have also created a rather simple macro that I use to reply to the numerous whispers you get while in game stating what the gold seller can do with their gold.
How possible would it be to add a selection box in the interface that allows the blocking of whispers from people NOT on your friends list.?

Or, For folks NOT on your friend's list:
"so and so" would like to whisper you, accept/not accept (done in the chat frame in striking lettering so it's noticed, just not in your face.)
That way you can see who is whispering you first before you decide to accept the tell.

To the other party, they would still see their whisper as if it went through, but would not see a response, unless you clicked accept and whispered back.

Might go far in preventing gold spammers from sending you spam.
Why was the "W" from the World of Warcraft logo removed as a valid macro icon? Will it ever come back?

Here's the icon I'm talking about:

(Edited in so as not to fill up the thread and lock it)

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stop posting so many posts! give others an opportunity to ask please?

It's been 10 hours since the topic was posted. Usually they fill to 500 in about 2. I waited a good while before firing off my list of questions to make sure I didn't lock people out just because I happened to get in early. ;) Also we're not supposed to be using the thread of discussion, so I suggest you edit a question into your post.
Will it ever be possible to purchase multiple items at once on the AH? Sometimes the best prices are items sold individually, but when you need 30 of them, it's a tad annoying. A click and shift-click thing ala Windows would be nice.
Any plans to update the Reputation tab? Some of the Reps can't be moved to Inactive.
Would it be possible to have the current focus frame split into two frames - one for an offensive target and one for a defensive target?
Any chance for mouse-over healing on party/raid frames without the use of a macro?
Ever since its been implemented the Holy Power bar has had significant lag time in registering that a Holy Power was gained, which affects ability usage for Protection now that we miss frequently on our Holy Power generating abilities as well as when the Eternal Glory talent procs. Are there any updates in the works that will result in being able to register this faster?
Why does the glyph frame get tainted so easily? It seems like it's always tainted whenever I want to use it and it's always from a different addon than it was the previous time.
Will macros ever use a graphic user-interface, sort of like the triggers in Warcraft III and Starcraft 2? It would seem to help us conserve macro space by avoiding the problem of some words being longer than others, and it would make macros easier to use for the newbies.

(my last question for the night)
Could we get a way to save 'bar sets' like we do 'equipment sets' via the Equipment Manager? I'm constantly changing my secondary spec from Ret to Holy for various encounters and remembering all of the little changes that need to happen between bars is annoying. Same question for glyphs, reforging, and talent specs.
Any plans to update Raid Looting? Perhaps the inclusion of a bidding system?

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