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Are there any plans to give tradeskill, reputation, and similar windows 'memory' so that we don't have to minimize every single category every single time we open the window? It could even be session unique memory.

Is it a seemingly miniscule issue? Yes. Is it, irrespectively, one of the most annoying and frequent issues with the UI? Also yes.

I'll gank masses of baby murlocs if this isn't picked.
Will you ever implement a damage/healing meter system that is accurate so players don't need to rely on an add-on?

(sometimes dps/healing meters are out of sync, inaccurate, etc)
Will the character tab ever have a secondary slot for gear so we won't have to carry our offset gear in our bags?
Will we ever be able to eventually move things such as the professions window, and click and drag it? I'm tired of the fact that you can only bring it up and close it without being allowed to move it around on the screen. It's especailly troublesome for those with bigger UI scaling because things like the professions tabs cover up the conversation box and you can't read/type at all while you're standing there making 3856 bandages and such.
03/22/2011 9:05 AMPosted by Chikatree
Will the character tab ever have a secondary slot for gear so we won't have to carry our offset gear in our bags?

might this idea be considered in the future for making the cosmetic system that people keep asking about?
Is there any chance of a spectator UI or replay option becoming available for Arenas or War Games?
I seen a mod out there called guild master suite at has some nice features that I would like to see made into the game like a ingame guild forum and auto join date. As a gm I feel that baring a guild website there is no meaningfull ways to post real guild info ingame. Guild Banking tabs only offer 3 lines of text per page guild info also has a strick limit.

What if anything do you plan on doing to make spereding guild info easyer for guild masters?
When wow was released, modal characters such as warriors or druids had fewer abilities to worry about when switching stances. With the passing of time, the increase in the number of abilities has created issues with action bars and key binding.

Are there plans to enable a second action bar to swap or change when changing stances?
Is there any possibility of adding a trade skill function for milling/prospecting? Having to mill piles and piles of cinderbloom manually and then still having to turn all the pigment into ink is really time consuming.

There could be a milling window just like smelting.

If you want to make a darkmoon card it takes 10 Inferno Ink. This takes on average 1 stack of cinderbloom to make (0.5 Inferno + 5 Blackfallow per stack) each Inferno Ink.

You have to make easily 50+ cards before you can realistically start making decks, that's 500 stacks of cinderbloom that needs to be milled. That's about 10 minutes of sitting there clicking a button (using a macro / addon) then another 10 minutes making pigment into ink while AFK. Just to make ONE deck.

It's a lot of pretty pointless time spent which would be fine if it was like normal crafting where you can set it up and go afk.
I hate making new characters and having to reset my chat windows. I'm the only person playing on my account and I like my chat windows the same way (one tab for guild chat, party chat, trade chat, etc.) Any plans to keep the chat settings for the account and not just each character?
What is your response to the veteran players like myself that are feeling as if something is missing from the game since Cata came out? And how do you plan on trying to fix this if you think you can?
Much like how the talent trees were revamped to reflect the higher level caps, in future expansions can we expect a revamping of class abilities to help make room on everyone's key boards? We keep getting more and more abilities, but they keyboard will always have the same number of buttons, and with so many abilities how will we eventually fit them all within range of all of our fingers without getting rid of shortcut buttons like "I" for dungeons, and "M" for the map. Will abilities eventually be combined/deleted/made anew in order to lessen the load in the future?
Adjust the mounts to the riders.
WTB In-Game Glyph Inspection

Currently, from my understanding, the only way to see someone's glyphs is to Alt-Tab and look them up on the Armory. Is there any plans to implement this into the game UI?
Deadly Boss Mods (needed)
Recount (needed)
Omen (wanted)
GTFO (needed)
Auctionator (wanted)
Gathermate 2 (wanted)
Atlas Loot (wanted)
Unit Frames (needed)

And I am sure the list goes on.

When are you buying theese mods as a company and implementing them? or Making your own variations built into the UI?

It would be great if all these options were build into an advanced options in the UI. That way people on old slower machines would need to activate them if they didnt want to, or if something didnt apply to that toon, or at that time, you could toggle them on or off.

I used to be able to play with out mods, now in upper lvl content they are needed, every .01 sec counts.
Are there plans to enable a mouseover casting toggle option similar to using the [mouseover] macro conditional?
I, as I'm sure many like me, rely heavily on mouse over macros. I do run across people who know nothing of them because they don't visit sites to learn about WoW like I have over the passed few years. I am just wondering if there is ever going to be a slightly more (for lack of a better term)"newb" friendly macro interface tab, possibly with suggestions like: 'to set up a mouse over macro start with...' etc.
WTB Front Row Seat to Progression Raid

I can't tell you how much I loved watching Paragon (Finnish Guild) at Blizzcon doing a live raid, while us mortals had a chance to watch these mighty gods battle each other! Are there plans to incorporate a spectate-mode that would allow for viewing of raids?

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