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As a mage I use combustion helper to monitor my fire dots so I can make the biggest combustion. Combustion helper or similar addons are required for top end raiding and they look terrible. I think if you put in a mechanic such as this you should also put in the support frames for it.

Any chance of making a Blizzard Combustion helper type addon that fits with the blizzard art style?

-shows how many targets are currently affected by living bomb
-shows a value of how much all of your fire dots have stacked up on a current target

otherwise you dont know if that ignite is 300 or over 9000 without a few mouseovers in an already hectic raid environment. heck, sometimes I even lose my cursor. :/
Will we ever be able to organize our character list on the selection page or see an expansion to the limit of characters to accomodate the new races?
My question is: Are you guys going to ever impliment any type of RP UI fuctionality? (things like FLAGRSP) For an RPG this game see extremely hard to imerse yourself in when RPing. Hiding the UI hides chat which makes it impossible to Communicate. All the avatars look the same in game, so a discription pain would be nice. It would be freaking awsome if in the the interface tab you saw ROLE PLAY, right along there with display / combat / sound / video.
If its just a problem that you dont know what the RP comunity wants I'm sure you can figure out some kind of contest to get ideas.
i would like to see many different option to customized our ui entirely. i have like 10 different add-ons just to make my ui more comfortable. also i would like there to be separate channel for trade and chat. people use trade to chat and its purpose it useless. i have trade shut off 99% of the time.
This is in regards to the Auction House: Is it possible to add options to search by stats when looking for armor/weapons?

Also, maybe a way to Shift-click a profession recipe into the search and it will search for the materials required for said recipe.

Thank you for these Ask the Devs threads. Keep it up!
Are there plans to fix /guildinfo ?
Can you make the looking for raid function more like the LFG function for 5 mans?
I virtually see no one at all in the looking for raid funtion. Also it should also be opened using "I", not "O".
My Question:

Will we see a revamp of the nameplates system so it is more usable? The two biggest issues are: Nameplates tied to the creatures head - when they are close to my height they work - but any mob that is significantly taller then me the nameplate is way off the screen. The second issue is the positioning of the nameplates - either you have nameplates that fly around the screen - OR - you have nameplates obscure each other and cannot be clicked on.
Is there any plans to update dungeon finder? For those who play multiple toons or nontanks for example, it is VERY disheartening and frustrating to wait 30 mins+ for a group, then to have the tank/healer quit, try to reform, only to fail more. Also the current setup puts dps at the mercy of d-bag tanks because they know we are less likely to leave if we have to wait 40 minutes. Maybe an increased wait que penalty for the tanks /healers who leave before the first boss pull, something like that? I love dungeon finder on my tank, but I dread it on my other toons.
Could you add a campfire icon within the cooking recipe list?
Can you put into practice some common theme to differentiate good ground effects from bad ground effects - preferable something that is usable by the color blind community. Something like all bad effects have a raised center and all good effects have a raised edge.
The ability to save the inventory/gold/mail items on the server would be great, too, so that you can search and find items without having to log to multiple characters just to find them. (arkinventory functionality)
I wish I could do PUGs/BGsArenas with friends from different servers. It sucks having friends on different servers, but not being able to do anything with them at all. Is this being considered for the future?
Do you intend on fixing the 42554 items bug in AH that prevents "full scans" form working
Is there any way that the item level entry requirements for 5man heroics can be made so that they are not exploited? There are far too many times where a DPS makes the requirement but have far too many 318's?
is there any plans to make player profiles ingame? Like I click on a guildmate or friend and able to pull up a user generated profile.
Do you intend add-ons to access auction_IDs, since that number is available in the Web AH not. It would make addon-developer's life so much easier.
I don't know if this question has been asked already but 23 pages is a lot to sort threw, but many guilds promote a player based on time in guild, but not everybody bothers to put date invited in the guild notes. Any plans to add this to default similar to the professions tab? Also the option to promote all of a players alts to the same rank with one click would be nice.

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