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I usually misdirect on a single tank that I have my focus set on, which makes it great... however when there is more than two tanks for certain fights like heroic Chimaeron where the tanks switches a lot, I'm having hard time misdirecting on different tanks because my focus is limited to one person.

So my question is... will we ever have the ability to have focus on more than one person?

Details can be discussed in depths later on how this can be implemented, I'm just hoping I can set focus on more than just one person =)
The professions UI doesn't make me feel like an illustrious grand master. Every time I open my professions tab I get lost in a sea of grey text and I have no idea whats going on.
WoW has always been heavily dependent on UI addons to play competitively and that's probably one of the biggest cons currently in this game as it can cause errors and performance problems.

Any chance we can further reduce the dependence on the more heavy weight UI addons such as ones that modify unit frame/raid/party/etc by for example giving more options and flexibility to default frames such as adding both percentages and health on frames and the option to increase the size of your own debuffs on your target?
Have you considered adding class colors or custom colors to RealID whisper names? It can get a bit confusing when talking to several people.
As with the majority of new online games now, there exists the ability to record demo's either locally and/or to a cloud storage.

Will WoW players every be able to record a demo of an encounter, battleground, raid, arena such that it can be loaded and played back on a local machine with UI integration?

This for example would allow free look cameras, P.O.V from other players in the raid and would really benefit the movie making community.

I assume many, including myself, hate have to have 5TB's of external storage to store clips on when data demo files are so much more versatile :)
The fact that boss emotes are still linked to the catch-all tab of 'sounds' has been a long-standing issue for a lot of people. I don't want to hear 24 other peoples' spells screaming towards a boss or other players, but I do really enjoy hearing the voice acting that Blizzard adds to most boss encounters. Is there any plan to address this very annoying issue?
Can we have more buttons rows please?
as a recent user of the add-on altaholic i like the idea but would like to see the ability to pull items/mats from one toon on my account to another on same account without the need to still have to log out and onto a toon i wish to send items to and relog out/back on to the toon i want to recieve an item.

does blizzard have any plans of doing a feature like this in the future? or at the least thier own version of postal as i was under the impression we were getting a blizz made postal with cata but have yet recieved such a tool that i am aware of.

when i first started playing wow the only add-on i really felt i needed was dbm.soon after i read an article by someone from blizz stating that if players were using 15-20 add-ons then they weren't doing their job good enough.since cata i am using dbm,simple threat meter,postal,dominoes,x-pearl, get the picture and while it is up to me whether i use so many or not i hope blizzard gets in gear with thier statement that they were revamping their ui.
I was just wondering how developers feel about inscription/milling. Its seems the same interface type was used as enchanting and other skills. Disenchanting you click an item once to get a final product. With milling you have to click each stack 4 times. When I mill a week’s worth of herbs it can take a couple hours. Once you are done milling I basically hit create all on the Ink and go walk my dog since it takes so long. Thoughts/changes?
Are you going to unlock the ability for addons to right-click and dismiss buffs? I don't like the default location but when I use an addon to change it, I have to type out cancelaura lines...
Is it possible that there will be a 'Loot all' option in the near future? Farming right now is very clunky and time consuming when you have dead bodies all around you, and can spend more time trying to loot everything instead of moving ahead.

Greens/Blues/Epics would still go into the rolling of need/greed/DE; and in the case of Master Looter or such is on, maybe have an announcement go out in Raid/Party chat or even a raid warning.
Now that individual guilds have more importance through perks, special items and a reputation grind, have ways been considered to curtail the power of guild leaders over their members? The "the guild belongs the the guild leader" philosophy hardly sounds "fun" when, for example, a player can loose all his rep and efforts a few days away from exalted because of an argument.
Could we have more diverse weather conditions? Some zones get it but others I have never experienced weather changes. Elwynn forest gets a lot of rain when I use my Alliance alts but how about some Thunderstorms, or Blizzards in Northrend once in a while.
Have you considered allowing the use of the Dungeon Finder to finish a dungeon when the other four members of the group drop at the same time and the group gets disbanded?
Get rid of the "Leave que" button, it's very annoying to be clicking something and it pop up in my face and i accidentally click it or at least put in a warning asking "Are you sure?".
Is is possible to improve the raid browser?
players rarely use this feature and spam trade channel as an alternative,
some suggestion i have to improve it is to add the option to "inspect" the player
gear, talents, raid achievements etc..
i really think this would make more people use this feature rather then it being abandoned
I was curious if there any plans or thoughts on random attacks? What I mean is zones have certain Elite monsters wandering around aimlessly and random rare monster spawns that groups go after. Could some of these monsters possibly see a town or city and just decide to attack it? All of those players waiting in Stormwind would get a big surprise if some level 85 elite decided it just wanted to eat some townsfolk. Or an elite monster in Uldum that hates the Ramkahen and decides to attack the main city.

Thank you for your time and keep up the great work.
Is there any plan to future incorporate themes into the in game UI?

Considering this: Add-Ons that change unit frames and themes are out there, but with Add-Ons you have to update them with nearly each patch, you have errors that can sometimes crash your game or cause your ui to freeze during a raid/pvp. Granted not everyone would possibly be sated by this and would still use Add-Ons, but a more stable version with some choices as to what the UI looks like would be nice.
Will we ever see an addition to the party/raid interface to have it display the target our party/raid members have selected? It is always frustrating when I have to ask in arena which target my dpsers are on, or in a dungeon to have every person in my party selecting a different target. The /assist macro helps, but is clunky at best. The 'show target of target' icon, then having to select the tank, then select its target, is even moreso.

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