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Why has a Global chat channel not been implemented yet? As it is, people use Trade for general chat, thus making the channel useless. What about the LFG channel? The Dungeon Finder is awesome, but there are times when I'm on an alt and would like to see if someone is getting a group together for an old raid or maybe to attack an enemy city. Being able to see the LFG channel from anywhere, not just cities, would be a welcome improvement.
I do not like the new raid frames given to us in Cata. Can we go back to the old ones that did not throw up the entire raid on my screen?

Trade chat has had a new limiting system to prevent 'spam'. Do you feel this is successful? Can you please remove it asap?

Are there any plans to be able to group with people on your 'realID' list for heroic dungeon ques if you are both on the same faction?
Any plans to create an in-game tutorial to teach new people that have never entered a battle ground how to play?

That explains simple objectives inside the battle ground their in?

Many time I see people asking what to with the flag, asking me to cap it while out team flag in being held by the enemy flag carrier, ect.. ect ...

It's not easy taking time out in the middle of a bg to explain how the game works.

I believe simple steps like this will help improve the gaming experience for everyone overall.

What do you think about a Rated Battleground and Arena Windows like the old LFG window? This would allow people interested in playing rated battleground or arena be inspected by the leader and choose teammates accordingly.

Also what's your view on creating a Captcha interfaces for entering battlegrounds, exiting battleground, and as a response needed by afk people in battlegrounds?
Are there plans to remove spirit from some of the drops, thereby removing the hate Mages get for using spirit enhanced items (that cannot be removed from Reforging)?
If I get into a PuG with a bad player who I never want to run with gain (and it takes them causing some serious problems for me to get to that point), the only way to ensure that is ignoring them--but that only works if they speak. The silent types are immune to the ignore feature. Any plans to make it easier to ignore players when using the LFD system?
Blizzard's pet AI might best be described as archaic, especially if you look at WoW's competition in the MMO market. Is there any interest among the developers in improving the pet AI?
I want to see a option to report a name like when you report spamming. Is there a way you can implement this into the UI?
It would help newer players to learn early on how to set focus to their tanks (my second main is a healer, I know who's attacking what the tank is). There really should be some canned message on the loading screens with more useful information: "Help your tank out: to set focus to your tank, right click his portrait and click set focus!" This type of info would help so many new players.
Currently i find the font style's a little bland. I have used add on's in the past to change blizzards font's. However I have found that sometimes the font size is not readable forcing me to use font's with a bold setting. So my question to you is will blizzard create a ui mod in game to allow players to change the font style's and size to better suite our personality's?
The current nameplates are atrocious. They are probably the most important thing in mass pvp. Can we get some good ones?
Currently I cannot raid like i wish to. When groups are looking for members for a raid they state lf2m dps to4w pst spec achievment. I understand having a boss kill helps the raid knowing you semi know the fight. However this discourages against the raiders of the past who doesnt seem to have the time to join their guilds core raid grp. So my question to you is can blizzard implament a system where it tells other raids of your skill lvl? I'm thinking something in the looking for raid tab that tells players what raids you have completed at the required lvl. I'm sure this idea can be modified but the idea is there.
I really have no clue if this is implemented or not, so bare with me.

Being able to flag an area on the map, not the mini-map ping, so that party members can see a destination of interest.

Being able to add a flag note to a location on the map interface would make logistics a whole lot smoother than say coordinates, or verbal / written directions.
On an instance map having multiple flag notes for grouping would be pretty sweet too. Group A, go to the Group A flag location. Group B, go to the Group B flag location. etc...
Should implement a system so you know when you get killing blows. maybe even a streak counter. In pvp you can get a killing spree and a multikill :D
There are a plethora of reporting mechanics that offer information on raids, etc. What are the chances that Blizzard will internalize some of these reporting mechanics?
Are there any plans for a major UI overhaul in the future where we would have a choice between a handful of basic layouts/themes/customization to choose from, or are all UI changes going to be tweaks to what is already in place?
Could we see the ability to sort or filter what mounts we see in the mount tab, possibly through the addition of a drop-down box? For example, I'd love the option to be able to see only flying mounts or ground mounts, instead of showing my entire mount collection listed alphabetically.
Can a search feature be added to the Guild Bank, maybe even personal bank too and bags?
Are there plans to create more and better ways for the users to interface with the game via mobile devices?

I have several apps on my phone that I feel should be implemented by Blizzard to provide better connectivity with the game when not playing. If bundled together, I wouldn't even have an issue paying that $3 a month.

1 application combining all of the following:

Armory - I want to be able to see people's characters, achievements, arena teams, create favorite characters and guilds, and find possible gear upgrades.

Auction House - The current app is... well... to borrow a line from 'Arthur', "It doesn't suck." I'd like an interface that sorted things much like the Auctionator addon does when I'm playing.

Talent Calculator - Let me create and save or even copy from the armory. People love to play with this stuff. Heck you can even simultaneously support a PTR talent build if you wanted.

Forum Viewer - Let me browse the forums and post via my phone.

Developer Blog - Put the most important blog posts directly with all the other info in the app.

Guild Chat - Stream this right in, just as you guys planned in the first place. Let me view the guild bank too.

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