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Is there a way to make a "Most used" selection for professions?

In context, I have an alchemist alt, and "sell" my cooldowns to friends. Instead of scrolling through the list or searching for the transmutes in the search bar, would there be a way to take a transmute, or other pattern/formulae/etc, and place them in a special listing that would be at the top of the professions window?

Essentially, the same question, just phrased slightly differently. ^^;
Im not entirely sure this is UI related, but:

Can we get a roll need for offspec button?

Its very confusing when somone wants something but is afraid to roll need, and its not always a greed situation. We could have need > need offspec > greed
Any chance we'll be able to reorganize our list of characters on the log in screen in the future?
Are there any plans to improve auction house sorting so I could find gems with expertise on them, or gems with hit when I don't know the name of the gem and maybe not even the color, or have an option to filter based on the exact keyword so if I want to find Frostweave Cloth I don't get all the variations that include those words.
03/21/2011 4:33 PMPosted by Blacksen
When will the new Cataclysm raid markers start working nicely with other mods? As a raid leader, I've found it incredibly frustrating to constantly need to reload my UI.

Same question here. Can you give us an easier way to set the raid/world marks? Maybe an API that can be called from addons, or even a slash command?

For reference, the current way to set a raid/world marker from a macro is as follows. The macro is fragile and frequently causes Lua errors:

/click CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton
/click DropDownList1Button5
The upcoming Guild Application/Recruiting options are really exciting to help improve recruiting. However, one draw back I see is that if you accept a member to your guild you both have to be online at the same time. Cam there be an option to allow invites, through the new tool only, to send the request to the potential member if they are offline and just prompt them when they sign in the next time?
Don't know if it would be UI or not, but Mailbox question.

Could you add a way to send a message to multiple people in the Mailbox tab?

If I want to send the same message to three or four people in the guild (like other officers), copy/pasting the message and sending 3 or 4 different mails gets old.
Can hunters ever expect to get a built-in trap bar for our UIs?
Are there any plans to improve achievement sorting? Right now it's really bad trying to sift through the Dungeons & Raids achievements which mix everything together in one. I want an option to show all the achievements for the current place I'm in, or the current mode I'm doing (10, 25, normal, heroic).
Are there any plans to add cooldown timers to the action bars a la OmniCC and similar addons to the default UI? You recently made moving the unit frames finally default in 4.1 and this is another often requested feature I think could fit smoothly into the default UI.
Question: When will the UI for the Ticket system receive an updated look and feel?

I love the updated UI for things like guild, professions, etc. They are much more friendly to use and customize. However, the Ticket UI is still the same as it ever was. I desperately want to be able to resize the window, or failing that, be able to move the window. I'm tired of it obscuring the info in my chat windows. I end up typing in Notepad, then open the Ticket window, paste from notepad, and submit. I would also love to be able to manage where the smaller "you have a ticket in the system" gets located on my screen. I am sick of it shoving my list of buffs and debuffs into weird places.

Edit: I forgot to mention that when a character has two different needs that require GM attention, I either have to wait for the first ticket to be addressed or abandon it. I would like additional functionality for a situation like that - but I admit it is more a nice dream than something to expect. I can only imagine (eep!) how it would inundate the system.

Are there plans in the works to implement a Lava Surge Blizzard UI Power Aura? You already have it for other talents that perform the exact same function (e.g. Grand Crusader) and it seems rather unfair that Elemental Shaman were left out in that respect.
I'd like to see player/ target/ focus frame with the options for raid and party frames currently have.
With regards to professions and the UI, are there any plans to add QoL features to Inscription and Jewelcrafting such as "Mill All" or "Prospect All" by ore/herb type or allow cut gems to stack like the uncut gems?
will using pet abilities like roar of scarifice while targeting an enemy ever automatically cast it on the hunter, or will we always have to use macros for this to make it time effective?
Is there any possibility of adding more features to macros to control how they display on the actionbar? Something like the ability to light-up or darken (similar to the on-cooldown or not-available vs. available), or the special shine for certain procs, but with custimizable conditions. Like being able to say "shine when buff-I-want-to-use is up", or check for resource levels. i.e.

#showtooltip Ability Name
#display [buff:buff name] shine
/cast Ability Name

Note: clearly the conditionals that check for buffs or resources would not work for "/cast" or other action commands.
Can you bring back the showing of your honorable kill count on the PVP tab? Right now my easy way to look at it is just tracking the achievement, but this also hinders inspecting others to see their HK's.
Do you plan to change the current default UI, or maybe add different skins?

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