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I know Its not fashion but when are gonna have true new UI? 6 years with the same UI makes me feel kind old.

That`s why I `ve made a new one:
Why was honorable kill tracking removed from the PvP tab, and will we ever see it restored?
Are one-click presets something that the default Reforging UI is likely to incorporate? For classes that see their stat priorities shift dramatically from spec to spec, relying on addons (or worse, index cards!) to speed the process seems somewhat inelegant.
edit: nm answered in this weeks A

Will macro space ever be increased, or will abilities not require macros in the future?

I have used all but 5 macros in General, and am capped on specific macros on almost every character. I only play 3 characters. If I went to 5 characters, 10 characters, there would just be no way at all I could have enough space.

Example 1: DK Pet Gnaw does not work properly, you must use /petautocastoff Claw in order to Gnaw as it is not off the pet GCD. You also must cast claw for the pet, as autocast AI is terrible.

Example 2: I have around 10 profession macros. Without them, I would have wasted many many hours. There needs to be Mill All/Prospect X/UI Interaction.
Would there be a way to customize the Reputations tab? Like moving around the different factions or sorting them differently. As well, some reputations that no longer exist in the game are still there (like the Centaur clans in Desolace).

By the way, thank you for answering our questions. ^^
This probably dips way more into the category of "Game Systems" than "UI", because the UI is only part of it, so I apologize if you don't consider it a UI question (Or if this was sufficiently answered at Blizzcon, as I seem to faintly remember such a question):

Is there any possibility of adding in replay functionality (somewhat) similar to what SC2 has?

Ever since I've started watching SC2 matches and replays, I've realized how helpful it would be to be able to do the same thing to raid encounters. (And I'm sure PVPers would enjoy having such functionality as well)

I'd love to be able to analyze how wipes go in much more detail, seeing when and where I (and others) misstep and being able to analyze several different aspects of each encounter over multiple viewings from different viewpoints.

Fraps and combat logs are nice, but compared to what a full replay provides it's fairly limited.
Macros are very nit-picky to work and hard to interpret for a large number of people; do you have plans to implement a guide of some sort? It'd be nice to make my own macros without needing to dedicate a lot of time researching for it.
Any way to get need to know buffs or debuffs in plain view without an add-on? For instance, if I get silenced, I want to know right away. If I'm "the bomb" then I want to know right away. If my trinket procs, then I want to know right away. To an extent the basic ui helps with trinkets especially, but without an ability to filter out other procs like "clearcasts" then it's pretty annoying.

So, can we expect to see a way for the application of buffs, debuffs, and aura procs to become more visible without a third party program, and can we expect to see this soon?
On the subject of temporary weapon enchants (namely Shaman imbues, but this can of course apply to others that are still in the game)...

Why do I have to use a very fancy macro to get the right temp enchant to apply to the right weapon?
When applying them to weapons that don't already have an imbue on them, there's no issue. First one goes on the first weapon, second one goes on the second weapon.

But if I want to CHANGE imbues that are already there... they will ALWAYS apply to the main-hand. In order to change my off-hand imbue, I must first remove my main-hand. This doesn't exactly work out in battle.

Instead, I have to use the following two macros:

/cast [@none, button:1] Windfury Weapon; [@none] Frostbrand Weapon
/use [button:1] 16; 17
/click StaticPopup1Button1

/cast [@none, button:1] Frostbrand Weapon; [@none] Flametongue Weapon
/use [button:1] 16; 17
/click StaticPopup1Button1

Basically, I left-click them to apply the imbue listed first on the main-hand weapon, and right-click to apply the second imbue to the off-hand. I could probably modify it slightly different to make use of two mouse buttons I've yet to assign to any function and thus cut it down to only one macro...

But why should I have to use a macro to make it apply properly?
The default UI is not terribly good for DPS classes who rely on precise timings of DoTs/Buffs/CDs, with each of these being displayed in one of 3 different sections of the screen (perhaps 2 sections now with movable target frames).

Do you have any plans to allow players to consolidate all these in a similar way to popular dot timer addons as part of the default UI?
Will each character ever get the option to set its own UI settings? Sometimes I like different UI scales, or different sound settings between main and alts but the default UI doesn't allow this.
I'm not sure this exactly fits the topic, but it's sort of interface related:

Is there any reason the need-before-greed system couldn't be changed in such a way that rolling need on an item causes it to bind to the character, where rolling greed leaves the item unbound?

Would prevent the 'I need this to sell it' rolls.
In regards to the arena and rated battleground rating systems, both are incredibly clunky and very confusing. First, why is MMR viewable in arena situations, but not in rated battleground situations? Second, why do you need to join an arena game to see your MMR? Why isn't it always visible? And finally, do you have any plans to simplify the system? MMR, Team Rating, Personal Rating, Average Team Rating, etc. have all really just become a nuisance more than an effective system.
Currently cataclysm has filled the game with numerous "temporary" spells, for example nether ward. These cannot be macro'd without annoying/advanced workarounds, are there any plan to 'fix'/allow this?
Do the developers consider macros that are commonly used (and that many consider necessary) to work around difficult UI operations to indicate a problem with UI design?

For example, warrior's stance dance/weapon swap shield wall macro, hunter's aspect swap/shot macros, trap launcher macros, etc.
How do you feel about the current dungeon and raid Looting systems and what improvements would you like to see in the future?

Currently the looting system is a bit out dated. Who uses Round Robin loot type, anyway? I mean honestly?

Most of the time raid looting is set to Master Loot with a threshold of Epic. This setup causes many greens, blues, lockboxes and patterns to be left on mobs or picked up by the one person who decides to actually look. Redesigning Master Loot in way that is a hybrid of both Group Loot and Master Loot would be a nice addition. Any items that do not meet the Master Looter's Loot Threshold would go to Group Loot which could be a great way to speed up the looting process.

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