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Do you plan to implement a 3d/world tracker, instead of just using dots on the minimap? Something like a cross between avr and tomtom, allowing miners and herbalists to focus on the "world" rather then the minimap.
Are there any plans to increase the number of macro slots allotted to each character's personal pane?
Can Cooking be added to the guild professions window?
May we please have the ability to sort glyphs by prime, major and minor in both the AH and the profession pane?

Thank you.
When are we gonna see something about a Cosmetics Gear Tab where we can put our old gear and have it override our current gear?

Example being this-
Why can you not right click a person's name to Ignore them or Report Spam them when they are using a /e or any of the given emotes?

It can be used as a serious bit of harassment and can be quite bothersome to ignore someone manually if they have a special character in their name and are jumping around spamming /spit or /chicken in the middle of a city nonstop.
Will the issue regarding unintended auto-targeting most pronounced among hunters and their pets finally be addressed?
There are a couple of customization type changes coming in 4.1 that were previously done by addons or macros(moving the player/target frame, activation on key press), but the majority of the default UI remains pretty but not very useful. Are the plans for changes that would involve more specific customization like aura filters, customizable "power auras", removable portraits, more readable combat text, movable/scalable cast bars, or movable action bars with removable gryphons?

I realize there are and currently use addons that provide the functionality I need, but it would reduce experienced players' reliance on addons as well as encourage new players to use a well set up UI if features like these were built into the default.
When is the raid browser going to be updated to be more useful?
Any chance for an ingame 'this boss drops this stuff' list?

Doesn't even have to be too specific - just 'this guy has caster trinkets and a leather chest', 'that guy has relics and hats'.
comparing WoW o other MMOs, the ONLY challenge I have ever come across is Targeting.
Most people DL add-ons, to which I do not feel the game should require 3rd PT add-ons to be playable.

In WoW, the only challenge I ever face, is the battle against terrible controls (more so targeting.)
Granted it is the most preferred system, which is why most ppl ask for it in other MMOs, But for anyone I know, who has played multiple MMOs, most likely having started with a different one, a common complaint is the targeting/UI mechanics.

tl:dr, Have an option to put priority over players or enemies when clickign, if both a PT member and a monster are on top of each other, plz remove things like the priority of looting/targeting PT members, based solely on a small unnoticeable difference in distance.

If Bob is in front of me, but I set priority to enemies, the monster 25 yards away, past his character, will be targeted instead with 'clicking'

Also less 'random' means of cycling through monsters via Tab. There's no reason why i can tab to a monster 15 yards away, but not the one right next to my right, 2 yards away.
With the current UI, playing on eyefinity/nvidia surround is not a pleasant experience due to the excessively large numbers and messages from the scrolling battle text, honor kills and experience gained. Is there any plan to be able to change the size of the text (or at least make it Hor+ instead of Vert-), or add support for eyefinity and nvidia surround?
Are there any plans for making the "Looking for Raid" function more like the Dungeon Finder?

I feel like while the Dungeon Finder has been working great and use it all the time, the "/lfr" function is unintuitive and have never been able to actually join a raid with it.
Can Looting not require clicking on corpses? or at least, have an option to change it?

Something along the lines of a Group Pool, that can be seen when opened. (what goes in it, will be mentioned after the kill.)
The items will remain in the pool based on rarity, and then, the timer only kicks off, after someone hits need/greed/dis.

Stopping to loot hurts my DpS, and ppl complain about it.
Doing so when there are 50 bodies, is annoying, AND it's just an unneeded step.
In a recently released MMORPG the developers implemented an AoE looting system. Are there currently any plans to implement such a system in WoW to make en masse looting less time consuming?
Will there ever be a way to change the color of armor (with color sliders or such)? It would be nice to make all armor match :)
The Auction House interface feels like it could still use some improvement, especially when searching prices for stackable items. Are there plans to change the AH UI so that the you can filter and search for an item by buyout cost per unit as opposed to buyout cost per the whole stack?
When are we going to see a UI for our Tabards?

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