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Many raiders, particularly healers, still rely on external addon UI mods such as Grid. The reason for this, as I've heard, is because the Blizzard raid frames remain too clunky and uncustomizable for their liking. They prefer the sheer amount of things they can do with stuff like Grid. One healer in particular told me that Grid's customizable notifications for what was happening to each target was simply invaluable.

My question is: Does Blizzard plan to update and improve their raid frames based on such feedback?
Will the loot rolling system ever have an option to prevent players from rolling on gear they can't actually use for the role they are performing?
Well i'm not very good at making macros and most players are not. I use mods to help me with my ui will blizz be introducing a helpful ui tool for mouse over macros (like Clique) and better bar customability (like bartender)
What are your thoughts on adding easily switchable UI profiles to Wow? Lets say I'm farming herbs or ore I could switch UI profiles to just show my mini-map so I could see the world better. -or say I'm tanking and I want to easily show mods that only pertain to dungeon/raid?

I love hitting Alt-Z The world is so awesome. I just wish I could selectively show certain things.
any chance for the option to ignore entire levels of non-guilded characters to prevent gold spammers, maybe 1-20?
Are there any plans to make WoW have more uses for a Dual Monitor setup, currently the only thing the normal interface does with Dual monitor is let you change which one the game is on. Any plans to make it so the other screen can be used for addons or even open up raid frames, the map, character pane, etc on the second screen?
Are there any plans on improving the current cooldown tracking system?
I'd love to see true support for dual monitors, having the playing space on one screen and the majority of the UI on another. Maps, bags, chat channels etc on screen two and a clutter-free playing are would be so much better. At work I have my resource materials and references on one screen and my work area on another, why not have some of that in gaming as well.

Are there any plans to do this?
Are there any plans to add more customization to sound? The ability to increase the volume on certain useful effects (like the "your dungeon is ready" sound), without also turning up other not-so-useful sounds (like the flapping of dragon wings) would be extremely useful.
Will there be some sort of option in the future to allow players to customize the location/placement of various basic non-player spell/ability buttons such as the bags bar and the help/dungeon finder/pvp etc bars on the standard UI without needing additional addons in order to do so?
Trade chat is now troll chat where players aren't trading at all, but rather discussing politics and religion. Is this going to be improved in the future with a better User Interface chat channel?
How about being able to /target, /focus, /assist off the raid icons. /target skull or /assist diamond would go along way in making the raid targets more than just eye candy.

Are there any plans to integrate raid targets into macros?
Has adding more detailed stats at the end of arena matches been considered?

It'd be nice to see how many interrupts were successfully landed, damage absorbed (PW: Shield etc), healing absorbed (Necrotic Strike), total time CC'd, etc without having to use addons.
Are there any kind of plans to offer a different shape of the minimap? For now I need a addon to use a square mini map. I would like the option to use a different shape minimap instead of a circle.
Are there any plans to implement a spectator mode for raids so guild members who do not make it in the raid can still watch and learn, and not feel left out?
Will the archaeology UI get any updates to it? Allowing us to use vanity items directly from the UI instead of having it make a new item that we have to store in our bags/bank? Kinda like how our spellbook and mounts/companions pages work.

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