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For patterns that only drop off specific creatures - can our profession's trainers give hints as to where?

Something along the lines of 'you wouldn't have guessed by looking at them, but the Feralas ogre tribes have some excellent tailors'.
Would it be possible to make it so that while making macros, you could have the target set to tank or healer (would only work with the DF) to allow for less clunky mechanics, I used to have my Misdirect macroed to target my focus, but now i have found I frequently need my focus to be something other than the tank.
I'm not sure if this question would have anything to do with the UI directly, but it is in regards to the ID

Would we be able to invite others within the same Battlegroup on another server into a party so we can pug together or have the ability to que for a pug with a friend or someone we've met while pugging and wish to run more dungeons with them?
How much I love the standard UI floating combat text; Are there any plans on getting it some updated features and a new look?

My ideas would be to add an option to color the text damage done depending on the type of spell used, an option to add the spell icon next to the text, an option to increase or decrease the text size of it. The current one can sometimes get in the way of seeing other things and having this option can save some crucial UI space.

are you ever going to put map coordinates on the world map?
Blizzard has implemented several graphical UI renditions of popular mods. Such examples are Grid, Gearscore, movable character frames (XPerl, Pitbull), and shrinking maps (cartographer). What currently popular mod are you looking at that could be integrated into the basic UI?
Two OCD questions.

My inner OCD demands that I be able to arrange my characters at the character select screen, in order of importance to me. Are there any plans to implement this feature?

My inner OCD also demands that if I make a macro for an ability, that the icon be identical to the original ability. I've spent a lot of time looking for the exact icon in the macro window. Can we get a better icon selection window, or even just the ability to drag and drop the icon from our spellbook?
I like to collect all of the dungeon/raid sets just for fun, but it takes up a huge amount of space in my bank. It would be nice to have a special bank section just for the old raid sets. For example, a tab for tier 1 with a setup similar to the character paper doll that would only hold the tier 1 pieces for your class, tab for dungeon1/2/t2/t3/ZG/AQ and so on.

Another nice way to save space with a UI feature would be to change all the visual transform items(orb of deception, orb of the sindorei, iron boot flask, etc) into a learnable item like pets/mounts. You could have a tab in the spellbook for transforms with a window to show you what it does. The cooldowns/durations wouldn't have to change, they just wouldn't take up a ton of space, and for the ones that are trinkets/other equippable items they would be far more usable without sacrificing stats.
Are there any plans to rebuild the auction house controls? I would absolutely love it if you provided some way for us to filter our searches. For example, if I currently wanted to search for Iron Ore I couldn't do so without having all auctions for Fel Iron Ore also show in the results. It would also be extremely welcome to allow us to filter our specific sellers from our searches.
During Blizzcon the Dungeon's and Raid panel mentioned a feature that I would absolutely love. The feature is the ability to see information about the bosses if you scroll over their icon in the map. These include loot, history and abilities. Originally this was mentioned that this would be released in 4.1. However with Firelands being relegated to 4.2, is this feature still going to happen in 4.1. If not is there any timeline on this feature?
Pet Frames: Currently it is very difficult to monitor pet only buffs (like Dark Transformation). Are any changes planned that will make it easier to keep track of these buffs?
With AVR being the only addon to ever do this, do you ever plan on implementing a feature to directly correlate in-game distance in a visual way to raiders during raids.
For those of us who prefer to use the original WoW interface while playing with Hunters and Demo Warlocks: Is there anyway we can get our pet bars back over to the left hand side of the screen where it once originally was without having to resort to using complicated and complex Add-ons?
I tend to heal using the default party frames using mouseover macros to make life easier. One problem I run into is when mouseing over one character that characters buffs tend to cover up the health bars of the character under them.

What are the chances of getting a UI toggle to turn off seeing buffs on mouseover? Or perhaps only to show buffs I could (or have) cast?
Question: Will Archaeology have more utility incorporated into it à lá the add-ons Archy and Homing Digeon? The UI as it stands feels incomplete.
Currently, the default UI allows for 18 macros per character and 36 additional macros that are shared across the rest; however, such an amount can be rather low for classes/specs with a large number of abilities that are useful for a myriad of situations (such as Hunters and Warriors). Would it be possible to raise these limits in a future patch?

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