best mage name?

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I like mine, but I may be a bit biased.
not a cleaver pun just a decent rp mage name (not like I actually rp it sounded cool at the time)
It would seem everyone votes for themself. weird.
Behold, the greatest mage name in existence!
<Ominous Latin Noun that also describes my favorite spec. WIN
haha i defy you to get a better name than merllin.
Oooo pick me! Pick me! Lol
I r winzorz?
MINE IS BEST!!!!! :) lol
Nothing says a name is better than when it is very common. So that must mean lots of people find it amazing!

<--- 142 fools!
03/24/2011 10:09 AMPosted by Davidblainee
Behold, the greatest mage name in existence!

Davidblaine would probably be a better name than that.
Fizban or Jukenukeem
03/22/2011 8:56 AMPosted by Tihra
Never cared much for multiple word names... especially when they are spelled incorrectly. Makes you look like an idiot IMO.

Oh there is so much opportunity here but I'll just let it go.
I like mine. Its epic.
I had a friend who made a Gnome Mage named "Dropkick".

That has always been the top mage name in my book. Also top Gnome name for that matter.
thats awesome, roflmao!!!!

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