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That wasn't an was more of a politican's response. Address, but do not supply real solutions or answers.

They said they're looking into aanother survivability cooldown for elemental.

I expect to see one.

Unless they've edited the answer between when you read it and I read it - they did not say Elemental was getting a defensive cd. If they had, the people posting out of their minds right now would be a lot more calm.

They said "they probably should." Take it from a guy who spent $40k to study words - that is the same as saying "Japan should really get some help."

I don't expect that guy to paddle the Pacific to do it himself, he's just making an observation. And so is Blizzard. We're now playing World of Diablo. Your class options are:

DK, Mage, Priest, Warrior, Paladin.
Hey, how about this crazy idea. Instead of responding to players with sarcastic and irrelevant answers, how about you maybe explain why what they said makes no sense? If they don't make sense in the first place, and if they do make sense, respond with an answer that won't make people boggle at how much you ignored what they actually said.
A. If you are saying that stealthed rogues getting hit by traps makes making traps a 100% hit chance a non choice, why?
B. We already knew spell pen didn't affect traps. Maybe you could answer with something along the lines of why spell pen doesn't affect traps.

not sure why you're having so much trouble understanding why an ability that always hits is bad

i'll give you a hint: think of a certain defensive cooldown that hunters (yes, you) have
pretty underwhelming.

NOT A SINGLE MENTION OF H Pally changes yet even if they acknowledged that pallies are weak due to cc issues
I'd love to be a fly on the wall inside Blizzard's headquarters so I can hear their private conversations about these subjects...

Q: Are you going to add "Vote Kick" into Battlegrounds?
A: Nah, our programmers are too busy with other stuff to copy and paste the code from Dungeons into Battlegrounds. We're fine with players in Warsong Gulch staying in the middle of the field and farming HKs instead of trying to get the flag back. At least they're not AFK!

Q: Why is Ivus the Forest Lord (and his Horde counterpart, whatever his name is) still in Alterac Valley? Why do they still take 10 minutes to summon even though AV is so much quicker than it was five years ago?
A: Who's Ivus the Forest Lord? We haven't heard of him. A lot of our programmers who worked on the original Alterac Valley five years ago are now busy with our next MMO, which people in the press are calling "Titan" even though we haven't officially announced its codename. Could you tell us who Ivus is so we don't have to call them up to ask? We'd hate to interrupt them with a phone call while they're working on Titan... oops, we weren't supposed to acknowledge that's the name of our next MMO.

Q: Are you going to upgrade Wintergrasp to level 85? Siege tanks are still level 80. They can be three-shotted by a level 85 player? Any plans to update Wintergrasp?
A: Wintergrasp? What's Wintergrasp? Oh yeah, we forgot about that place as soon as Cataclysm came out. We want everybody to forget about Wintergrasp and move over to our shiny, new Tol Barad. We actually intended to remove Wintergrasp from the game, but because it takes some programming effort to do so, we decided to leave it in as it is now. We figure that by keeping the honor rewards low that nobody will do Wintergrasp anymore. And we were right.... every time there's a Wintergrasp battle, less than five people are on each side. Soon even those people will get tired.
03/22/2011 12:13 PMPosted by Wyzade
stop whining, complaining. Anybody can beat anybody as long as your good enough (assuming your in somewhat equal gear).

Yep. As long as you're good enough, and as long as you're in equal gear.

But don't give people who like to PvP casually access to that gear, no sir. The best gear should be reserved exclusively for players who apparently don't need it. Yep. Yeppers.
03/22/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Bashiok
All that said, we are looking closely at healing in PvP right now. It can be really hard to kill say a flag carrier being assisted by multiple healers (especially once there is less burst damage from Balance druids and warriors).

I hope this is handled on a bracket by bracket basis. In rated BGs, people like to bring 4 healers, 5 dps and a flag carrier. That typically means 4 healers vs 5 dps and the healers should be able to keep a tank spec'd person up through that. In this situation I like the +25% damage taken by the flag carrier since it does not cause problems in other forms of PvP.

When you look at say, 3v3 arena, it becomes quite hard for a healer to keep a target up when they have to also avoid lockouts, CC and be ready for swaps. Nerfing healing here would be a bad idea.

03/22/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Bashiok
Secondly, we need to tone down the role of interrupts and silences so that casters are actually casting their spells more often.

I Disagree with this. It is not just because I have a shaman (I have a geared druid and priest healer as well), it is because you can outskill interrupts in a PvP setting quite easily. I feel that overall at 2k-2.4k ratings, I can generally avoid 50-70% of the interrupts that people use on me through fake casting. If I got locked out, it is almost totally my fault. Nerfing interrupts just makes it that much harder to lock out good players so that bad players don't need to get better imo.

What I WOULD look at is +30% cast speed debuffs. These take a 1.5 second cast (easy to fake cast) and make them take 2.1 seconds to cast (almost impossible to fake cast). As a fairly high rated healer, I find these MUCH MUCH worse that interrupts alone since it makes interrupting stupidly easy (and fake casting impossible). I asked the a mage friend if he would rather have an enhance shaman going after him with an interrupt every 5 seconds or a lock using curse of tongues on him (he can remove tongues btw) and he said he would MUCH rather have the enhance since he can outskill them. You can't outskill mind numbing effects and they limit your ability to fake cast a ton.

Spell pushback is also something that should be looked at again imo. +70% resistance should prolly be baseline for everyone for all spells (or have some way to talent it for every spec).

In short, +30% cast speed is much worse than interrupts for casters and healers.

03/22/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Bashiok
But Balance druids cast hard spells a lot

No, they really don't. In the last 2 weeks or so, people have started to realize 2 things:

1. Boomkin/aff lock/Rshammy is a viable arena comp at any rating.

2. The boomkin does not need to cast any damage spells once they get a solar eclipse.

Once you get into solar eclipse, you can just spam dots on everything and only need to cast cyclone and roots. After a bit, the healer can't keep dispeling (since the lock has DoTs on everyone as well) and you just overwhelm them with damage.

Overall, while boomkins would LIKE to cast spells, they don't NEED to cast spells at all. This is a fairly new comp as well, so it is not super popular, but lots of people are trying it would with the few good+geared boomkins that are out there.

03/22/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Bashiok
With the exception of a few (kind of silly) dual Blood comps in the 2v2 bracket,

While these teams are annoying, there is also a blood DK that got 2k queueing solo. It is also impossible to get a kill vs a blood dk as any melee dps since they can outheal your damage quite easy.
Seems to me that Blizz is seriously out of touch with its playerbase.

Wargames offer more bang for the buck than skirmishes? Wargames require the coordination of two 10-player teams and only work on a same-server basis. They don't work at all for XP-Off players. People can barely sc%@!% together 10 players for rated BG's that actually offer rewards. If rated BG's aren't that popular (as Blizzard stated in the first Q&A), then I seriously doubt that Wargames, which require even more coordination to set up, are getting much use.

The question on skirmishes was the #2 most voted up in North America (and I think #1 or 2 in Europe). Clearly the community wants to see these come back. Blizz is in denial about skirmishes because they want their newest features to seem like the best. But innovation =/= improvement. Wargames can't really be taking up so much server space that there's no room for skirmishes...

Basically, this Q&A states, "PvP is pretty much fine." But PvP is not fine. I know your hands are a bit tied when it comes to class balance, due to PvE considerations, but the real meat of the PvP issue lies outside of class balance. They are more sweeping quality-of-life concerns. Just quickly peruse the BG forum to get a pulse on the issues.

The cost of entry is steep and grinding gear for more than one character can get tedious. Bots plague BG's. AV remains a preposterous PvE rush. The terrain in WSG still has LoS issues. The damage:health ratio in leveling brackets make BG's almost unplayable (<-- one of the most complained-about problems on the board). Queues are BROKEN, as in sometimes simply fail to work for one player even as others are getting into BG's much more quickly.

The only true advancement I see for PvP is the plan to give guild XP/rep for PvP activities outside rated BG's. Thank you for this.
Here's the thing: no matter what questions they answered and no matter what their answers were, you people would still be whining about everything under the sun as you are now.

Impossible to please anyone, it seems.
Q: Can I hear your thoughts of the survival abilities of the Warlock on PvP? – Mccoll (Korea)

A: Overall, we think they’re fine. Warlocks in PvP often compare themselves to Shadow priest, and to be fair, Shadow priests have some very potent emergency buttons, particularly Dispersion. Warlocks have good self-healing (which also to be fair, was nerfed recently), abilities like Demonic Circle and fears that are good for both offense and defense. Once Shadow priests lose their defensive dispel capabilities, we think they will be less versatile and their entire package will be more comparable to warlocks.

Forgive me for saying so but this is by far the worst thought out response I have ever heard. No one plays PvP to be nothing but a supporting role in a small area and to be the #i kill target in every other venue.

If you review the arena stats since patch you will see a decided falloff in not only rep but games played by high ranking locks as they are sitting on their ratings. Even if we "preform well in 3's", it is a token role at best and is in truth, more like scratching your nails on a chalkboard than actual PvP.

Locks are far from fine and if the devs really think they are despite the majority of glads and average players know they suck right now, then they are either not playing the same game or have NEVER played it. How could you think that lock self healing was too much yet propel some classes self healing over the's absolutely ludicrous.

"abilities like Demonic Circle and fears that are good for both offense and defense"
Every class has offensive and defensive abilities, this is a smoke screen of a comment that everyone uses, it does no good to port if every melee can just close the gap IF you didn't arrive dead or along with an entire army of ghouls...and fear, well you have seen to it that the only time this is a viable tool is with a team of heals and peels and as part of a CC chain.

Against poor players, locks seem OP, against competent ones, they are easy to shut down.

You have absolutely gutted the Warlock class, we are less evil and dark than a bar of chocolate.

To wit:

No one like to feel that there only contribution to a team is to put little annoying icons on the opposing team to distract the healer from the real damage coming in. The only strength we have in a team comp is fear, that fear annoys people, espescialy if it makes our team win, that annoyance is then vetted in BGs, other arena brackets and world PvP, as every single enemy I target that is not otherwise busy has me targeted for a free kill. Even if they are getting zerged, I have been pulled from my mount by a DK about to die so he could try to get a quick kill lmao.

We do no damage.
We are shut down to easily.
And the one area you give us is as a fear bot...fear is what nerfed us in the first place..GG!
03/22/2011 11:20 AMPosted by Sathrago
Warlock survivability for affliction and demo may be ok, but you did not address destruction. This spec has lack luster burst, no dispel protection, and no defensive cds or damage reducing abilities that could help them keep alive other than the netherward that absorbs 8k spell damage.

So learn a new spec dude... cant have all 3 talent trees viable in pvp u see little or no arcane mages these days compared to the few fire and massive amounts of frost mages.

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