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My DK partner in 3's has better uptime on Frost Mages than I do even without our healer spamming dispels on him. I don't think you realize how Ret plays in arena right now.

Also, lol @ the Divine Shield comment. Because I'm totally going to use a 5-minute CD for 8 seconds of half-damage on-target time. As for Freedom, I'm lucky to have active for even half its duration.

Don't read too much into my pun, living in a bubble was my not so clever way of telling you that not everyone gets to have your mobility against frost mages.

And of course a DK would, Deathgrip, AMS, Icebound Fort(this breaks deep freeze right?)

Yet MY class was nerfed due to having too much uptime and being "annoying" see the double-standard there?

You can't really count Death Grip, as that also affects my on-target time.

Anyway, my mobility has the potential to be good on Frost Mages, but I can only Cleanse spam so much in between Judgements. It's even worse if I don't want to Judge on CD to benefit my speed boost as much as possible.

Feral has higher pressure than Ret does outside of CDs. Ret's burst is very cooldown-reliant, whereas Ferals can put out strong pressure without the use of their DPS cooldowns. You lost mobility because of how high your pressure was, and your damage was overall buffed further to boot. You must also consider that your utility toolkit is more offensive-oriented than mine, which makes you that much stronger on teams (especially considering how strong dispels are against my utility).
Regarding premade groups for rated bgs...

You are still missing the point of the difference between bgs and arena. 10 man premades are nothing more than arena on steroids, with composition and gear being the primary factors at play. They are rarely being played, and would need a vast influx of players to make them even remotely what was promised as "rated bgs".

The only way to do this is to allow smaller groupings to queue for rated bgs. If you matched people based on their individual ratings, you could quickly get comparable groups. Moreover, you could play in larger bgs that are hard to get groups together for. That's why you removed 15 man weeks, because it's simply hard to get that many people together and keep them together. The fact that it's hard to do with 10 is still why there is such little participation.

You could even pre-define suggested roles such as 3 healers for 10 mans, 4 for 15, so that you get a roughly even mix of player roles. (ie, not 10 hunters and rogues in 10 man)

"At the high end of PvP, we think Frost mages are balanced"

Really? Just really?
The devs definitely avoided saying anything definitive about the future. What to expect, issues they will address are all ambiguous.

All they did was avoid answering question and just explained why things are the way they are. What are the point of these Q & A's if they don't answer anything. For example, the state of elemental shamans, or the survivability of warlocks. What I got from those two things were nothing.
"We want Feral and Balance to be played in PvP and ideally in Arena. It is hard to make every spec equally viable in Arenas without giving everyone all the same set of tools, which was part of the entire genesis towards the emphasis on Rated Battlegrounds for Cataclysm. We know some players scratch their heads when we nerf Balance and Feral in PvP because they historically haven’t been as highly represented as some other specs. However, it’s not cool for a spec to be super annoying or frustrating to play against just because they aren’t common. But to answer your question for the record, yes we want them to be viable."

So boomkins and ferals, already very underrepresented in high end arena, were nerfed because they were super annoying or frustrating to play against? Meanwhile, (sub) rogues, (frost) mages. /facedesk

You could make a case for the super annoying / frustrating for ferals with the all shifting breaking roots in play. Boomkins though?

Concerning druids: Why is it not on the table to give them back root break on shift and simply drastically increase the mana cost of shifting, the way it used to be?

Regardless, what are you going to do to make boomkins and ferals more arena viable?
03/22/2011 12:48 PMPosted by Yandrik
the more arbitrary the rewards will feel

#*#! the rewards, i just want to be able to smash peoples faces in with a bunch of other people next to me helping me.

If people want rewards then they can go to the regular bgs still.

If you make a TDM style bg, make it seperate from the regular bgs/random bg system.

This. All this. I take other peoples ideas and make them my own. Because he is right.
Yay for answering questions about balance druid and ele shaman. Boo for bringing up holy pally as an example, but not addressing the problems they are having in arena :(((
That's whining. There's a lot of it in this thread and that is what my generalization is aimed at. Hell, there's a lot of it on the DD forum.

I'm sticking by what I said when I said people are going to incessantly whine about things no matter what the outcome of this Q&A was.

No matter how you view that comment, it is the truth, frost is OP and the very reason behind a vast majority of this games woes. Most melee concerns about "casters" are really about frost mages. Every other caster gets nerfed but frost gets buffed because of these concerns but yet...frost is fine in the eyes of the devs, this alone should tell you that this Q&A is a farce, and the "outcome" will be more of the same, and this "Q&A" is just a panacea.

Saying "at high levels, frost is balanced" is BS, and can only mean that since frost mages are the #1 represented caster dps in 2's and 3's, that this is exactly what Blizz intends. People rationalize this by saying it is ok because frost can be dispelled...but so can dots and fear, so in the end it is just deflection of the actual issue at hand.
Frost mages have too many ccs/snares and that is why they are deemed OP by a lot of people.
03/22/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Bashiok
Warlocks self healing did get nerfed, but also remember that their resource mechanic is burning health to generate mana, so they need a way to replenish that health.

I always hate to respond to these, I can never seem to avoid a sound of indignation....

but, this part seems counterintuitive, especially when you look at the individual sections, all part of the same statement, in the opposite order you listed them

You say that we need a way to regen our mana, and our method of regenerating our mana is burning health, but you nerf our self-healing. I did have a huge math section here detailing the regen and what not.... but lets just keep it at this. with the high-cost of pvp preferred spells (fast or instant spells) and the low amount of damage due to a combination of resistance, dispels, and interrupts (although these are someone self balanced due to not costing mana on a cast, still costs ona channel though) that warlocks self-healing is not enough to account for the fact that we have to use our health as an ability resource, especially considering that the only way to regain health is to spend mana, which wouldn't be an issue if we weren't already out of mana and in need of lifetapping anyways,thus why we are trying to get that health back.
(tl:dr for the paragraph. if we are going to be using health as a resource, we need a 100% passive (read: not passive as in automatically happening when we deal damage, but as in happening when we are doing nothing) way to regenerate health.
As stated in the original Question post text, you’re unlikely to find major announcements in these Q&A's.

If we haven’t made an announcement on a topic yet, then chances are good we don’t yet think a change is necessary, or we’re not yet sure how we want to fix a problem. Therefore, it should not be surprising that many answers are going to say “we’re still considering it but have no announcements at this time.” If we have an upcoming change to announce, we’ll do that. We're not waiting for a player to ask just the right question.

The primary purpose of Ask the Devs is to help you understand the developer perspective and intent. If you want a list of upcoming changes, you’ll get more out of patch notes.
Wow talk about poor choices blizzard made on questions, majority of them seem to be specifically about classes (which you guys should have added a class q & a in each of the class forums.) The rest were random questions that the avg player already knew the answer to.

But given past q & a threads this comes to of no surprise, you pick the more easier questions to answer rather than the more important ones like healer cap in bg's, having a lfg pvp style thing would make it even where theirs team a vs team a instead of team a smashing team b due to team b lacking healers.

I feel another question or maybe 2 should have been devoted to the lower level brackets, although it seems to be lower on your pvp agenda it would have been nice to get a response. Another thing not covered is issues with certain bgs like av and sota again not addressed.

And finally bg bots at 85, you guys said you would have address this issue but due to statements saying that this problem will be taken care of in the past I really have no belief that it will be no different this time. 85 Botting has caused me to turned to lower level brackets to escape the bot frenzy.

Guess the bottom line is I like wow and all but its stuff like this that makes it harder and harder to actually wanna play wow or buy any of your future products.
i find it incredibly disappointing that all of the paladin questions were avoided and frustrating to say the least at their evaluations of frost mage pvp. it's frustrating because as a ret paladin, we were always claimed to be balanced at the high end of a spectrum (balanced at 85, not 80. balanced at high end arenas, not 1500) and in every case we have been hotfixed to near worthlessness.

so it seems to be that it's ok for a decent mage to wreck BGs, but when an awesome ret pally is able to do the same, he gets booted back to the end of the line?

this is wrong.

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