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03/22/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Bashiok
This question was most likely written before the most recent 4.1 patch notes, but we think it was totally valid at the time it was written. We were in a tricky spot with warriors where we couldn’t nerf their burst damage without affecting their sustained PvE damage.

Do you have any plans to make this sustained PvE damage better, now that you can separate PvE and PvP?
A little disappointed they aren't commenting on WoG, but I am happy about their stance on rateds, which is much more important to me.

Stand on your ground on this one blizz! Rateds are fun if not perfect they are fun. Don't kill them by opening them up to solo queuers.
Absolutely nothing to address the incoming impact of 4.1 on Retribution in high-end arena. Thanks.
Again, people need to remember questions were voted on and answered due to popularity, if they didnt answer stuff you care about its because most the people dont care about it either or its just an absurd question.

(Though they couldve answered more questions /sadface)
All that and not a single mention about the future plans for rBGs? New maps, new gametypes, etc...? Nothing about how inconsistent and illogical BG rating is?

I loved the idea of rBGs coming into this expansion, but I'm not sure I'll ever do them again when season #2 starts and I'm back at zero rating just AOEing a broken Gilneas map for hours on end.

You mention that large scale death matches feel like you don't have control over what is going on, and the outcome isn't skill based (I agree completly, please, please don't have rBG deathmatches, it would be the worst thing ever), yet I would argue that capping a gilneas flag has very little to do with skill and way more to do with luck from the other team getting bored with fighting over one base and having an AOE fest.

I'm sorry, but I am pretty disapointed in these answers. For the most part it is the same answer for everything 'it is something on our minds and something we are thinking about.' Isn't that the exact same answer that PvP has always gotten?
So basically, if you have no friends, aren't in a guild, or have either/or, but your friends/guildmates don't pvp, you don't deserve the best rewards. Thanks Blizzard, it makes it a lot easier for me to feel like a loser.

On another note about a straight up death match style BG, I think Blizzard developers underestimate players motives for PvP, especially in battlegrounds. No one likes to sit at a flag an entire match just in case the opposing team chooses to attack it. It's boring, very boring. Because it is so boring, most players don't actually play for the objectives of the BG, thats why you'll see lots of road fighting away from nodes and such. Some people just want to kill and fight, not sit around with their thumbs up their butts hoping that someone will attack mines...
03/22/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Bashiok
However, it’s not cool for a spec to be super annoying or frustrating to play against just because they aren’t common.

I bet there's a few uncommon specs laughing at this.

Also, I feel bad for ele shammies...if there's any still out there.
Well, I'm glad some of my key questions got answered, but Im a bit skeptical about the skirmish thing. I would make a plea for the people at Blizz to maybe reconsider adding skirms and implementing solo queue rated bg's. Its hard enough to find 5 people for a match, but having to find 10/15?

People who want the organization could still form their own teams. People who want to just compete(for some kind of visible standing, mind you) could then participate.
srsly? u think locks are fine compared to priests?

lock representation has done nothing but drop since Cata release...

i guess its back to my DK. :(
Im confused as to why no talk about expanding pvp further? There were great questions about world pvp objectives all over the place. I know why my question was skipped (e-sports), I even abused power to get it rated up a billion times to make sure that a non-answer = dodge, but still.. world PVP Blizzard, throw us a bone here.

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