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That has to be the longest "Its fine, L2P" post ever written.

Can you at least make an effort to bring up one of the other tank classes up to the level of Blood DKs for Rated BG flag carrying?

Warriors can manage better than Paladins and Druids, but none hold a candle to DKs. It has gotten to the point where if you want to stay competitive, you have to have a Blood DK.
It is disappointing that the WoG change, and the ramifications, which have been a primary topic on the PTR and class forums since the announced 20sec CD change, were not addressed.

Specifically I would appreciate a response in regards to Arena viability, team cohesion and utility, and survivability, especially in higher end (1800+). Thanks

No one will want a ret on their team.
So basically with the acknowledged issues of hard casting in pvp being a problem for many specs (including healers!) and the solutions being scary, Balance Druids shouldn't expect any pvp improvements any time in the foreseeable future? This is rather disappointing, especially when you consider how well instant Entangling Roots was working for Balance and how simple it would be to bring it back to the spec if Blizzard desired.
QQ @ Balance in Arena.

I want to swear at you guys.
Really? No talk about dispel protection for especially Shadow and Warlocks to some extent...
-Just very aggravating that our dots cost so much but are dispelled for for so little sacrifice (that eventually becomes no sacrifice with DR.)

You mentioned in the warlock post about shadowpriest survivability but failed to mention that once interrupted we are a sitting duck since the issue with mind spike being locked out.

-- There were two posts that were highly related about dispel protection and the topic has flooded the priest and warlock forums since cata launch... and it is ignored again. Its not like either community is asking for a dmg inc. Just to fix/address a rather large issue.

Dev: Locks are fine L2Play

Locks: Locks are boring L2Dev
Warlocks are concerned about our damage and dispel protection, not our survival. Oh well, at least we got some form of attention for once.
03/22/2011 11:22 AMPosted by Vindicare
frost mages balanced well now we know who @!*%s blizzard is sucking

In higher level PvP they are. Blizz is spot on with this answer.

I've watched bad ones, decent, and good.
There is a high skill margin.
That frost mage answer is going to cause some... interesting replies.

lol @ summary btw
Didn't really give an answer or their thoughts on Elemental Shaman or Balance Druids. Just simply said that they're broken for arena and are more suited for battlegrounds. The problem with that is that everyone already knew that. The only thing to get my hopes up is the fact that maybe they'll shy away from all the interrupts and silences like they say they're looking into doing. Of course, we all know the "we're looking into it" reply. That's basically all any of these answers said. The only questions truly addressed was gaining guild rep from PvP and their "plans" for rated battlegrounds. Everything else was just regurgitated bullcrap we've already known. Oh well, shouldn't have expected anything more than that. Terrible roundabout way of saying "yeah we know there's issues, hopefully you do rated battlegrounds because we don't want to fail with that and have to actually address the fact that we fail at PvP balancing."
03/22/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Bashiok
Once Shadow priests lose their defensive dispel capabilities, we think they will be less versatile and their entire package will be more comparable to warlocks.

So what youre pretty much saying is Spriests are going to be Warlocks without minions, dispell protection and less damage
Unfortunately I had really high hopes for this PvP question set and instead we get questions answered like "Can we remove the premade requirement for rated battlegrounds?" That was honestly one of the most voted for questions? :/

People asking and wasting a question for a death match style battleground? Have you heard of arena?

I guess if your class specialization does fine in rated battlegrounds there is no need to discuss issues related to arena.
03/22/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Bashiok
It is hard to make every spec equally viable in Arenas without giving everyone all the same set of tools, which was part of the entire genesis towards the emphasis on Rated Battlegrounds for Cataclysm.

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree.

If something is performing too well in arena, nerf it.

If something is doing bad in arena, buff it.

Example? Reduce polymorph duration and ice lance damage, reduce cooldown of typhoon and give boomkins self dispels.

I'm sure it's not as simple as I'm making it out to be, but it's nowhere near as hard as what you're making it out to be.
I suck at pvp now
QQ @ Balance in Arena.

I want to swear at you guys.
Go play battlegrounds. Boomkins are not allowed to arena.

Oh, and have fun searching for a team every week. lololol
Eesh. Very dissatisfying. I was looking forward to different questions being answered. Or, in the case of the RBG questions, this shows my interest in what PvP should/could be in this game is very, very different than Blizzard's. I think at this point I can say irreconcilable.

It always has been, to a point, but I had once hoped RBGs would be casual-play friendly. Instead it's just Arena, but bigger teams. People aren't playing RBGs in droves. It's just another way to keep casual play unbalanced, and reward people who organize with the ability to outgear anyone who doesn't. If I put time into playing on the Honor level, I should be able to earn rewards that let me stay competitive. Arena and RBG should give players gear faster, but not overall better gear.

PvP should be a game of skill. WoW PvP does not reward skill. It rewards scheduled play time. It enables more scheduled players he opportunity to play with less skill.

I was hoping that maybe this Q&A would address this concern, but either the players don't care or Blizzard doesn't. So be it.

On the bright side, I recently discovered LoL.

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