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03/22/2011 11:29 AMPosted by Omnus
That wasn't an was more of a politican's response. Address, but do not supply real solutions or answers.

Except that he said they could use another defensive cooldown, which is an answer, just maybe not as solid as you would've liked. Unfortunately, they may not be at that point in the development process to be able to give a definite answer. Calm down and go outside or something.

Oh..I'm fine, nothing to get worked up about. Just calling it what it is.
Kind of upset no AV answer...
Been waiting for that one for a lonnnnggg time.

It's very sad because one of the most consistent things through all the expansions thus far has been 'why is there no equal ground with new and old AV'. There is very little communication when it comes to AV and it wasvery hard to get Balinda buffed from her 303k health at the start of Wrath to the 521k she stayed with the entire expansion. It took an awful long time to see a half-arsed attempt at fixing the blitzes that were happening every game.

I agree it shouldn't last for hours or days at a time. I do not agree that each game should last for 10-30 minutes.

There's no reason we can't have a longer battleground now that there are no marks of honor and several other means of gaining honor. AV was (is? when played right!) the only thing that really resembles a 'war'. :/

03/22/2011 11:31 AMPosted by Ruind
How can you say that when only the devs can see the number of votes?

You can sort search results by popularity, which uses the rating scheme to organise them by.

I got my hopes up because outside of the Q&A's, there is absolutely no other way to get responses on battleground issues. Quests in AV have been broken for years. Vanndar Stormpike not having any viable AoE damage, something that can be fixed through a hotfix, has been an issue for years too.

The same can be said for Isle of Conquest - Alliance keep cannons. Has there ever been a response as to why they're so useless?
03/22/2011 11:38 AMPosted by Riein
So what youre pretty much saying is Spriests are going to be Warlocks without minions, dispell protection and less damage

1) they dont need minions when they can do all the same things themselves

2) SP at least have a hardcast that hurts

3) less dmg? lawl
I hope there are more coming because this feels very thin on answers.
IMO lockouts are the problem, not interrupts. All lockouts should be 1 second or something. The risk of casting vs the reward breaks things like destro/arcane/boomkin/ele in 3s. Lockouts, imo. Tone down.
Unfortunately I had really high hopes for this PvP question set and instead we get questions answered like "Can we remove the premade requirement for rated battlegrounds?" That was honestly one of the most voted for questions? :/

People asking and wasting a question for a death match style battleground? Have you heard of arena?

Those surprise you? There are multiple threads per day on both those topics on these forums. I'm thrilled they answered them and hope that will stop the threads about them for at least a while.
That frost mage answer is going to cause some... interesting replies.

lol @ summary btw

Which part -- where they're fine or when they say if we remove their control we'll give them dispel protection.
Very disappointed in this "Ask the Dev's" eries of questions. None of the good questions were answered and they half-assed the ones they did answer....
Q: Why do hunter traps continue to be resisted when the hunter is both spell pen capped, and specced 2/2 into Survival Tactics? – Zubzar (North America/ANZ)

A: It’s just a technical limitation. The way the code works, the traps are objects and not part of the player. We can calculate how much damage they should do based on player stats, but it is currently impossible for them to inherit things like spell pen. Spell Penetration does nothing for your traps. We don’t even have a way to make them always hit, because then they would always hit, even against a stealthed rogue for instance (which we’re sure is a solution hunters would be perfectly happy with). We know it’s not a very satisfying answer, but at the end of the day, World of Warcraft is a piece of software and given that we have some of the best programmers in the industry working on it, there aren’t any simple solutions that are going to fix this problem in the short term. It is absolutely a problem though and we do want to fix it.

All the more reason many Hunter abilities use outdated code and mechanics and need a complete overhaul. If you can't get it working right, then scrap it and come up with something that does.

In addition, I'm still disappointed by your Rated Battleground implementation and wish you would have more faith in regular Battlegrounds. With the many suggestions over the years to solve botting and abuse (none of which have been implemented) such as a vote-to-kick system, Rated Battlegrounds would never have been necessary but rather a nice alternative. My hope is one day you will listen to many of the great suggestions and punish those who abuse the system, finally making Battlegrounds great as they once were.
03/22/2011 11:39 AMPosted by Bodenra
On the bright side, I recently discovered LoL.
I've been hearing quite a lot about this game lately from people who are sick of WoW. Bargain price too, I think I may take the plunge. :)
Q: Casters can't hardcast in PvP.
A: Working on stuff, gonna take awhile

Man your overall post made my day, good for a laugh.

Q: Balance Druids in Arena?
A: Nah, do Battlegrounds

Q: Elemental Shaman suck?
A: Meh.

That's about right. However, I think the whole switch from insta casts to hard casting, across casting specs, mentioned in a different answer will go a long way in balancing casters in PvP, to the benefit of ele who are already more or less there -- though that sounds like it's not coming terribly soon. I don't like the sound of this:

03/22/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Bashiok
Elemental could probably benefit from another survivability cooldown.

While the idea is great, the commitment level's just lacking. Maybe, possibly, perhaps....well I guess we could.....

The problem is, a whole range of changes are needed, many of them mentioned in other answers (dispels, interrupts, emphasis across caster specs of hard casting...) and, meanwhile, ele sham just need to doubt that better future which could come, oh, whenever....
03/22/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Bashiok
We want Feral and Balance to be played in PvP and ideally in Arena. It is hard to make every spec equally viable in Arenas without giving everyone all the same set of tools, which was part of the entire genesis towards the emphasis on Rated Battlegrounds for Cataclysm.

Right now Balance is only good, as you yourself have stated, in BGs, and they struggle in Arenas. Nerfing them even further as has been the usual cycle is hardly helping them in Arenas.
03/22/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Bashiok
We know some players scratch their heads when we nerf Balance and Feral in PvP because they historically haven’t been as highly represented as some other specs. However, it’s not cool for a spec to be super annoying or frustrating to play against just because they aren’t common. But to answer your question for the record, yes we want them to be viable.

And Mages aren't super-annoying (CoC, FoF, FN, IL, rinse, repeat)??? Really? And more common that dirt? What's seriously uncool is how you cl;aim to be trying to balance PvP classes and have managed to completely break 2 specs that are very underrepresented. Dude, seriously, the shapeshifting nerf to Feral was killer in PvP and means that they are now, or soon will be, virtually unrepresented on Arena teams, and have been significantly devalued in BGs. This balance that you speak of is like cake.
03/22/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Bashiok
All that said, we are looking closely at healing in PvP right now. It can be really hard to kill say a flag carrier being assisted by multiple healers (especially once there is less burst damage from Balance druids and warriors).

Really the only interesting thing to come out of these answers. Probably won't read the next one, seems like a lot of long non-answers. Most could have been filled with just "no".
I'm kinda sad Blizz skipped over Fony's question about WoW and E-sports...but not surprised.
Q: Frost Mage and Blood Death Knight are almost unbeatable in PvP situations. Do you have any plan to adjust balance issues regarding the two Classes? – ????? (Korea)

A: The kit of the Frost mage is to have a lot of control and emergency buttons. This gives them a high skill cap, both in that it can be hard to stop a good Frost mage and it can be hard for less skilled PvP players to handle even a decent Frost mage. At the high end of PvP, we think Frost mages are balanced. It’s everything below that where they can be frustrating to handle. We need to figure out ways to affect the latter without affecting the former. One solution is to take some of their control away, but make some of the remaining abilities undispellable. Those spells are always dispelled in high-end games, but less often in lower-end games.

I was pretty shocked by this question...I guess mostly because it hits my beliefs spot-on. In 3s, I run Enh/Arms/Rdruid, and frankly every time I go up against RMP it feels like I'm going to claw my eyes out.

Psychic Scream into sap (especially when Tremor Totem is too far away), deep freezes into ring of frost, fears into polymorphs...these things that I have literally absolutely no control over dodging because they caught me in one, I get subjected to 20 seconds (if not more) worth of CC, meanwhile my partners are doing literally everything within their power to mitigate damage and only surivive. Then, I come out of the ridiculousness of the CC, or trinket, or pop tree form, to have the nearly-invisible-spell-effect of smoke bomb force me to either pop tranquility or charge head-long right into their dpsers...

That's not even getting into the aforementioned area of dispell STILL needing to be toned the hell down; they lace me with 20 seconds of CC, they strip off all my partners HOTs (dispell or spellsteal), and I'm sitting there just hoping my team hasn't /disbanded 3v3 before I'm actually in control of my character again.

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