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Hey guys whats up? Im completely new to DK and unholy spec at that. I enjoy playing DK and wanna eventually be a gladiator on him. So if you guys wannna help me out with some basic pvp unholy rotations or straits, i would highy appericate it. Thnx for your time and Im looking forward to seeing some good posts. Pce
I just started unholy, but I'm a longtime casual PVP player. What seems to work for me right now is the following:

Outbreak > Death & Decay > Scourge Strike > Festering Strike > Death Coil, etc. to build up to Death Strike.

I try to stick to the above rotation but if something else comes up, you need to react accordingly and adjust in a dynamic PVP setting. Obviously this includes Mind Freeze, Strangulate, AMS, you know. It's important to have your pet stunning to as this gives you time to get a few more attacks in, preferably ones that hit for higher numbers.

What I find is very important is to have your pet under precise control. If you get stunned, it's critical you make use of your pet to stun back, and this means moving him away from you in anticipation of the stun. Don't have your pet on follow unless you're moving, in a fight it's important to keep him away from you so you both don't get stunned. And always use Dark Transformation when it comes up.

Death Coil is very important, as is Death Strike as it can heal you immensely.
you could always do it the easy way and download clcdk addon. Pretty much it just tells you what to do for maximum dps,other than your CD's
I've found that Outbreak (disease priority also) ->Festering->Scourge or Necrotic (I usually start with necrotic, then switch to SS, then change as needed)->FS for all death runes-> Blood Tap off CD. I'm not sure if you should use Blood Tap always when it's off CD and a blood is up, but I usually save it for Death Strike usage.
vs a healer this should be your rotation: outbreak (or chains of ice,plague strike,,,,,NEVER use icy touch) festering strike, then necrotic strike spam, after that spam deathcoil to get a dark transformation proc, festering strike, then necrotic spam again. pretty much same rotation over and over with a few strangulate/mindfreezes mixed up in there

vs a warrior try to deathgrip him before he can charge you, or if you have enough power use icebound fortiute so his charge stun debuff cant effect you, then chains of ice, plaguestrike, and while your ghoul is attacking him, try to kite him a bit until he charges you. once he charges you, use festering strike so the diseases you had put up on him refresh and for the extra deathrune, then spam scrourge strike, deathcoil,dark transformationand use icebound fortitude or deathgrip whenever you think hes about to charge you

vs hunters you should always keep your diseases up on him, especialy chains of ice, now all you have to do is the same rotation as any other melee class, but a bit different since they always kite. keep chains of ice up at all times so he cant kite as much, and you shouldnt have a problem. if he ever gets to far, make your ghoul jump on him and stun him, and that will get you some time to get back close to him.

vs pallys i usualy start off with dark simularcum for his wings or stun and unholy frenzy so once he stuns me i take damage and it takes the stun away (or you can just use icebound fortitute so he cant stun you) other then that, i just spam festering strike, and necro strike because that world of glory is a pain in the ass, deathcoil, darktransformation, and anti magic shell

now im to lazy to tell you what i do vs all classes, but i think you get it now. always keep up chains of ice and plaguestrike, use blood tap whenever its up, along with anti magic shell vs casters or rogues.

as for gems and enchants, and reforging, reforge some to hit, and haste. for gems, get strenght/haste for orange, strenght for red, and spell pen or hit for blue. enchants, go like this strenght>haste>hit>mastery>crit. i myself havnt gotten all the enchants/and gems yet because im waiting for the next pvp season and the epic gems to come out.
oh yeah, and as for spec and glyphs, copy mine. and also if your ever on low health spam deathstrike, then empower rune weapon or rune tap to get runes which means more death strikes and more death strikes equals /happy face and full health
I find that relying on a rotation can get a bit sticky in long fights especially. So a priority chain works best

Keep diseases up.

Use Deathcoil

Festering Strike your F runes and B runes into D runes.

Use your D runes and U runes on SS/NS as necessary.
First off their is no "Rotation" in PvP, it is more of a priority/situational system. The best place (I find) for information about Unholy Death Knight's in PvP is skillcapped.com.

Here are a few articles you might find helpful:

    "Rotation" and Maximizing your damage:


    Gear, Where to start and what stat priorities you need to learn:


    Abilities; When to use them and when not too:


    Learning about your ghoul; how to use it and some other helpful tips:



All these articles are written by an exceptional Death Knight and multi-glad player so you can be sure that the information is good.

Good luck with your Death Knight, I am sure you will enjoy the class!

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Don't forget to use Deathstrike when you are taking damage.

Make sure you are glyphed for it as well.

Deathstrike rocks.
Don't forget to use Deathstrike when you are taking damage.

Make sure you are glyphed for it as well.

Deathstrike rocks.

Arrrr, says the pirate.

Also, Scourge Strike should not even be on a cast bar for PvP. Diseases, Necrotic Strike, Festering Strike, DnD, DC to Dark Transformation on ghoul, Death Strike & the occasional Lichborne. (Obviously not in order; spam as runes allow.)
03/26/2011 11:09 AMPosted by Dinkydeath
Also, Scourge Strike should not even be on a cast bar for PvP.


Scourge strike is still used against targets that are not being targeted by a healer or targets that aren't a healer.

I only use necro strike on DPS classes that aren't being targeted by a healer if they have great self heals and/or are a ranged class (for the cast time increase).

For Dark Transformation try to time it so you have it and a gargoyle up at the same time as that is one of the few ways an UH DK can actually land a kill solo.

And Lichborne is only used for self heals and breaking fears (usually for heals, but only if you don't have a healer near you/healer is silenced). Never randomly pop it just to get in some extra heals.

Edited for clarification.

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