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I don't know what you are talking about, I'm beautiful as is. Us Orc females are lovely.
Is she pretty to you OP? I find her ugly.
03/26/2011 9:12 AMPosted by Titsika
bah we can be pretty without tanting our blood with spacegoat blood

Where -did- you get your armor, sister?
Does anyone know the Warcraft character that was half-Human, half-Orc? I thought that was Garona.
03/26/2011 9:25 AMPosted by Artirius
Does anyone know the Warcraft character that was half-Human, half-Orc? I thought that was Garona.
Drann and Chauch-eta are both half-Human and half-Orc.

Med'an is half-Human, quarter-Orc and quarter-Draenei.


As mentioned earlier, Garona was previously thought to be half-Human but later lore revealed she is actually half-Draenei.
I think orc women are hot anyway but then I think that troll women and goblin women are hot too.
Wow that's a crappy picture, she looks like a green human.
yep its garona. and regardless of any lore justifying her looks (i'm not sure why a half-orc/half-draeni would look like a green supermodel... also not sure why two totally unrelated humanoid species would be able to copulate, much less have a viable offspring, if you really want to try to dig into the lore), i think that the picture in question is just a piece of eye-candy intended to grab your attention. i think there were old sketches of her in like the Warcraft I & II manual in which she was much less attractive but probably a more realistic hybrid (which personally i liked better).

as for my opinion? NO i hope blizz NEVER tries to make female orcs pretty. i like my angry, snarly orcs! they aren't supposed to be dainty, cute, little elves; they're supposed to be tough, gritty, war-worn killers. i mean whats next? "oh noes i want 2 b undead but they r not cute enuf 4 me! plz make undead sexxy!!11!" "oh oh and can we have sexy tauren in skimpy bikinis?" "and make worgen look more cute! fluffy like a puppy, and with big bambi eyes!!!" IMO blizz has done enough to make the game in general and the horde in particular have pretty/anime/cute and otherwise harmless-looking options available to people.

people such as the OP already got the Blood Elves dumped on the horde - we don't need any more.
While I hate the use of the word "hot" to mean physical attractiveness, I feel it is appropriate here.

Garona's hot.

03/26/2011 8:37 AMPosted by Jarim
The picture you linked was from Blizzard. Apparently she was originally going to be a main character in WC3 but was cut.

Hmm, exactly what I was expecting, as the texture of the model does infer to some engine they used in creating Warcraft III.

I guess we can expect to see a Warcraft IV, then?
03/26/2011 9:51 AMPosted by Tulune
Wow that's a crappy picture, she looks like a green human.
She is quite pretty indeed, but please, let's not hit female orcs with the Barbie stick.
Female orcs on this game remind me of mileena from Mortal Kombat, meaning they look good from the neck down, but as soon as you get to the face OH GOD GET THE *(&^ AWAY!!! *Throws paper bag over the head

This. I had an orc rogue with the defias facemask named Mileena for awhile. No one got it :(
Don'cha wish your girlfriend was rough like me?
Garona in this picture is hot, and if the girl orcs in WoW have faces half this well-designed, I'm pretty sure they'll take the place of Blood Elves.

so yes, gotta be the face ruining the attractiveness of female Orcs.

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