State of Aman'Thul

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Don't bother Seasoning,

The fact that bads like Kristor are trolling these forums is because he knows how terrible he is, and wants to gloat on the fact that guild hopping through cataclysm he's managed to "achieve" more than the average guild on Aman'thul. He knows that when he's sidelined and benched for better players next patch there's only one place he will return to..or wait, there's still some realms he hasn't hopped on yet using mum's credit card.

Let him revel in the glory of momentary "superiority in a game". Don't worry Kris, I still remember what a terrible player you were last expansion.
Fact is PVE is not at all a test of personal skill. It's about TEAM skill, which is where AT is lacking. There are plenty of players on Aman'thul who can compete at the top level, without a doubt, it's just that they're all spread out, and too loyal/casual/cbf to actually put in the time and get !@#$ done. Most get frustrated and leave, as many of the above posters have. I agree with Seasoning that there's too many guilds carrying far too many poor raiders, which is affecting our realm progression.

Just because someone is a firelord and someone isn't doesn't mean that player is bad. It's just that one team is better adept at handling the challenges of HM's.

I mean, if Hrag has %^-*ed over so many guilds, and like top tier guilds like Tsu/adept have to merge to try and be competitive in the future, there's no reason why guilds on Aman'thul shouldn't do the same.

We need an Aman'thul superguild to take us forward. Take the best of the mediocre guilds on AT now, and form a good team for DS. Or not, it's just a game, enjoy playing it how you want to :)
@ Seasoning
Just let A'T go everyone misses what it used to be but just move on seriously.

If everyone had that attitude no one would get anywhere. I prefer the challenge of making something awesome out of something average.

I don't think I even remember a Kristor? The name sounds vaguely familiar. What guild were you in?
fair call.

Yeah pretty sure you were in NK for a whole 2 minutes.

He was/is a nobody Seasoning. Spent most of WOTLK pugging due to getting blacklisted by most guilds. Weren't you in Dedication? He's just spamming the forums now that he has his firelord title, he'll go away soon enough.
oh it's just Vuldin. Didn't you get kicked from Sentient?
For someone who comes to Aman'thul's forums to troll, you sure take bait easily.
what's it like being 3/7, rhyoliths legs are pretty hard
Pretty fun actually - we have alot to look forward to, what's it like having nothing left to do in the game because you got carried by Khazuals?

Strong reaction to baiting = you got butthurt, it's sad that you care so much.
I think you guys should just stop posting so that I don't have to keep bumping my recruitment thread to keep it on top. Thanks. =)
This thread is contributing nothing to the benefit of this forum or it's viewers.

I suggest any visitor's from our server report the thread derailed as it's become nothing but a slagging match.
This thread got good in the last day or two
This is what happens when you let Vuldin post on your account.

<3 FF
10/20/2011 04:06 PMPosted by Barajr
This thread got good in the last day or two

Looks like i missed out on all the fun.
Me too
10/20/2011 10:06 PMPosted by Bright
This thread got good in the last day or two

Looks like i missed out on all the fun.

I can always count on you to brighten my day

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