[Bug] 85 BoAs causes artificially low ilvl

Bug Report
Using a bind on account item lowers your overall item level making you unable to meet minimum item level dungeon caps. Even though BoA gear should be able to count for getting into dungeons. This was tested on a 81 shaman with Tattered Dreadmist Mask and Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak. As well I had no items that would artificially raise item level in my inventory.
Not a bug. To prevent over-stat exploits on low level characters, all BOA items are classified as iLevel 1. This is done to prevent a level 19 twink from using high level enchants.

The accepted work around is to acquire some high level greens or blues and simply keep them in your inventory, as the average level is determined from the highest iLevel piece you have.

The replacement pieces don't even have to have the correct stats, or even have the correct armor class. For example, a warrior with a BoA chest piece can keep a cloth chest piece in their inventory.
But they do have to be wearable. Warriors can use cloth, but warlocks can't use leather in their bags to bump their iLevel. :(

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