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So I was working on my shaman and decided to switch from enhancement to elemental to try it out... I had a bunch of honor points from doing BGs, decided to upgrade my gear. The arathi basin gear is well, messed up. You've got two sets of Mail items. Defiler's Mail and Defiler's Chain... The belt in the mail set gives intellect... But the boots in the mail set are exactly the same as the boots in the chain set, and both give agility. I sent a message to a mod in-game and apparently even though this seems to be an obvious flaw to me, the message said they can't accept any suggestions via in-game communication and that I should post on the forums. So here I am posting.

So long as we're on the subject... The BoA pvp items are obviously the most twinked items you can get for low level pvp... but why can't the honor gear be just as good as the BoA stuff? And why can't their be more, or some kind of set honor gear for lower level pvpers?

We have small sets, like a three piece defiler set available at level 60, but come on. Once you hit 60, the BC greens are the better pvp items... so what's the deal?

I know Blizz has a lot on their plate, but how long would it take to just add some new items into the game? It's not like you'd be fundamentally changing anything...
The message from Blizzard to PvPers finally got to you:


Blizzard doesn't have a lot on their plate. The only thing they have a lot of is incompetence.

Hire more developers, put them on projects = problem solved. But I guess it's more fun to buy another yacht or squander that money on chicks in Hawaii.

After the huge negative feedback over these months, I hoped they would change their "strategy" and do something. I was wrong. My accounts run out in May, and after that I'm gone.

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