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Tell us how you win the Battle for Gilneas or Twin Peaks! World of Warcraft Official Magazine is looking for player tips and tricks for the newest Battlegrounds!

If chosen your name and text could appear in a future issue of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine.
second. ^ true
Considering you're doing widespread changes on both these maps next patch, don't you think its a bit premature to ask this question?

I only play regular BGs so its not rocket science. Horde hardly win battle for gilneas so can't comment on that. Twin peaks i think have a good flag carrier is win here.
Too true Emonster.

Hey Bashiok, how about a comment on the idea to blanket nerf all damage/healing in instanced battlegrounds sub 80 like you did with the 10% reduction to healing in Wrath?
the only way to win is not to play
There is a very simple but effective strategy for alliance to win and I've even got perfection with this strategy. (Check my achievements if you don't believe me)

Have 7 people rush mines and 3 stay back at lighthouse. Horde will overreact and come back to defend mines, but if you are quick you can take it before that happens. 2 of the lighthouse players then go and take waterworks.
About 75% of the time the horde will become unorganized and unsure what to do. Have 1-2 stay near flag while the rest kill the rezzing horde. 1-2 on each flag should be enough to hold the game.

This strategy completely relies on winning mines. If you lose mines, then it's pretty much gg since you will be hard pressed to attack. The defender definitely has the advantage in this bg so it is important to establish it as quickly as possible.

Edit; Don't fight on the road
Same way you win every other BG, bring healers
I kill alliance.
I'm a dominant, alpha-male Owlkin with a pocket Restoration Shaman. My enemies feel the wrath of my surging sunfires, thorny treants, and the heat of my solar beam, as they stand rooted in place. In Gilneas, I can most often be found prowling around the Waterworks, waiting to Starfall passersby into oblivion. In the Peaks, I am the bridge troll, found most commonly waiting underneath the bridge, mushrooms planted above.
My strategy for BfG is have a good aoe dps and a healer stay at mines and the rest of the team go water works. have 4 of the people that go water works be the "roamers" - people that will switch between waterworks and mines, whichever may need the help at the time. Area of effect is essential!
For Twin Peaks, we have whole group sprint middle. once we encounter the other team, our "tank"- a geared blood DK or protection warrior along with the healers break off and grab the flag. meanwhile, the Offense stops their flag carrier while our defense ( tank and healers) go back to base to camp. Hope these short guides help, and FOR THE HORDE!!!!
Top Tips:

BfG: Station 2-3 at each of 2 bases and have a floating group of 4-6 move between them as needed. Learn when to pressure the off-base, and learn to take alternative routes to nodes!

TP: Make ample use of Leap of Faith and Heroic Leap for flag carrying, and have a large defending team with 2-3 specialised runners (druid/rogue/priest, druid/mage/priest, etc) to chain sprints and Leaps across the field.
Pay for a Faction change to Horde.
If you're a druid in the Twin Peaks battleground, don't be afraid to use aquatic form when running the flag! But remember it breaks on damage.

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