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Hey All:

I am 14xxx / 21000 Revered with Gilneas and I am just wondering if you can do lower level quests to gain reputation (the same as you would for Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, Exodar) OR Do you have to wear the tabard and earn reputation via running instances?

Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Sunreaver <Insomniax> of Korgath
Alliance rep only works for major faction rep up to 5999/6000 friendly, after that you have to do faction specific quests or use the tabard. Since I don't know how many quests give Gilneas specific rep, using the tabard is probably your best/only option to further up that rep.
Tabard's your best bet. Not many Gilneas NPC's. But you can knock out the town in Felwood and camp in Duskwood.
Yeah, I can't wait to get exalted with Gilneas so I can buy the racial mou-- Oh.
There is a Gilnean town in Blasted Lands I believe. South west I'm pretty sure.

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