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For Druids are we going to see any moving around UI?. i dont like that bear is first on my UI
blizz when are you gonna make new warlock pets demonds are cool summon infernal seriously only 45 sconds i have a lock and i hate my pets common make a pit comander pet or kil jaedan pet that would be cool!
03/28/2011 01:59 PMPosted by Gerlock
If you are going to take the time to code this why not just remove this locked bag and make it a normal bag slot? Give new characters a 16 slot bag in their inventory on creation and let players upgrade as they go just like all the other slots.

On the Backpack issue:
It would be great if the backpack slot worked just like other bag slots.. except that there is a problem. Most people would never have this problem, but imagine someone wants to upgrade all of their bags. They go to the bank, unload everything in their bags, and then proceed to sell their old bags to a vendor (to make room for the new ones of course). Now they go to the AH and buy 5 shiney, new Netherweave bags. This person is so excited when they run back to the mailbox to retrieve their new bags.. Uh.. oh.. you have new bags waiting for you in the mailbox, but you don't have any bag space to get them out of the mail. Now your stuck with no bags, and no way to equip any bags.

an easy solution for that seems to just be have something there that forces you to always have at least one bag.

you could switch them all out but you would be forced to have at least one bag at all times and have to equip another before you could switch the last one out.

rather simple solution to that possible problem.. xD
really made me lol
Q: Are there any plans to implement further things into the standard UI that we currently rely on addons to provide? More specifically I mean things like Recount and Omen. - Bauertehpala (Europe [English]), Актинидия (Europe [Russian]), 柴德洛夫 (Taiwan), Terini (North America/ANZ)

A: We are experimenting with adding a threat meter to our new party and raid frames. Tracking DPS is a little trickier. We feel like it’s something we should offer but we’re still debating the right way to do it. It could be something that the combat log or the achievement statistics system (neither of which are anywhere as good as they could be) morphs into.

While you are debating the right way to track dps, can you also track heals and damage. In PVP in particular, I find that dps isn't necessarily the best stat to look at. I have been noticing (more in pugs than in arena or RBG's) that toons entering with PVE gear can have high dps but very low total damage done since they put out a short burst of dps before dying and spending most of their time in the graveyard due to having no resilience. I am concerned in PVP about too many using DPS as a measure of their success instead of staying alive and playing the objectives in a team situation.
Q: Some Addons are so powerful they simplified the game content to a degree (e.g., boss fights). Do you think that when the majority are using these Addons, the original reasoning behind the game design is violated? And isn’t it unfair for players who don’t use Addons? - 冷影幽光 (Taiwan)

stop ur crying!!!!

go dl the addons then...its not our fault you dont use them..

Q: Will there be changes related to the bank and bags system? E.g. for set pieces (wardrobe), quest items, tabards... will the 16-slot-standard-bag be extended? - Yenaeia (Europe [German])
[ul]A: We think bags are about as big as we can make them. Imagine if you got rid of all of the folders or directories on your computer and just stuffed everything into one big directory. That feels like the direction we’ll head if we keep down the path we’re on.

It WOULD be the direction you'd head if you left it at simply creating a bag and not a bag-system.

Pull out wardrobes and tabards, that's fine. However, I've always disliked having five separate bags and worse yet, I hate the way the bags fill up based on the first and often least desired spot and require constant maintenance. Having no say in where new items are placed is a pain.

The most elegant solution to my bag organization problem is the addon ArkInventory. It features just one bag divided into separate rules-based sections that intelligently segregate and sort everything that I drop into them. If a section is empty it simply doesn't appear. Smart, predictable, user friendly and uber-possible to incorporate.

I have a section for just about every category of item: Soulbound, Junk, Food, Potions, Outfits, Professions, Skills, Gems, Quest, etc. If it's in the quest area, it's a quest item. No more looking all over bag-hell and back for that new item I just picked up. It automatically goes into the area I expect it to be in. I instantly know what Soulbound items I have, and I automatically separate my Holy set from my Prot, PvP and Ret set. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to keep four sets of gear straight in the default bag system.

The same solution is applied to the bank and guild bank windows. Auto organization, my way.

Your comment that everything will be "stuffed everything into one big" bag is actually the most logical, desirable and helpful configuration, PROVIDING you emulate ArkInventory's intelligent and highly customizable organizational system. The thought of going back to five separately-opening and movable bags that auto-bury new inventory turns my stomach.

If you fear customer service traffic from the customization learning curve, at least do the minimum; one big bag with pre-made selectable organizational breakdowns.
Q: Are there any plans to expand on the current mail system? It's rather cumbersome to have to withdraw, one-by-one, my mail when I have pages of it. – Patrïck (Latin America)

A: This sounds like it is really an Auction House problem. The mail system is intended to be a little throttled and slow to discourage spam and junk mail

We're not talking outgoing mail. Spam comes from one person SENDING mass mails, not receiving tons of your own mail from the AH. I can appreciate not having a mass SEND feature to prevent on person from spamming many, though as a GM communicating to everyone in the guild at once is desirable, but I have never had an incoming spam problem, except for my own auction dumps.

The addon Postal makes checking your mail a breeze as it auto-opens your mail, including requerying the mail once you've exceeded your mailbox limit. The problem isn't sending, it's the repetitive open click open click open click that you can solve quite simply.
I dont how or where to make a suggestion as far as a new UI goes but here it is. Have yalls Dev Team considered adding new UI for Armor Sets (Old Tiers) and make it like a preview window? Make this UI as an option for players with old tiers in the bank. Players can feel in slots with old tiers to display on character instead on carrying it in the bags (same goes for cotumes). Basicaly like we have option to add pets and mounts that we can access from our spell book.

Q: Are there any plans to expand on the current mail system? It's rather cumbersome to have to withdraw, one-by-one, my mail when I have pages of it. – Patrïck (Latin America)

A: This sounds like it is really an Auction House problem. The mail system is intended to be a little throttled and slow to discourage spam and junk mail, and works just fine for “real” mail between friends, alts or guildies. The problem is the design choice we made to hitch the mail system to the Auction House. Players dealing with a high volume of commodities have no choice but to deal with tons and tons of mail (and this is particularly bad for diverse commodities with low margins, like glyphs). We are discussing different ways the Auction House can work, but we’re not convinced the right answer is just to make the mail system more automated.

One thought would be to require a player to return to the auction house to pick up un-sold items and payments. A fourth tab could be added to the Auction House UI easily enough.

That would operate similarly to some real-world setups where you drop your wares off at a vendor who attempts to sell them. You have to then return to the vendor to pick up your profit and/or goods.

I think the mail system tends to be used more for things that aren't really mail than it does for real in-game mail service. The AH is the biggest example, but in-game awards can be another factor.
yeah sure got that wish
First, as to the travelers pack problem, I have a very simple fix. Instead of replacing it, or changing it outright, make its current status interchangeable. I kno it is a hard linked-coded item at current, but with out changing it's characteristics you can make it dynamic and therefor interchangable. This would allow you to create a quest line to obtain a new pack to replace it, or just swap in a high lvl craftable if you wanna go that route. Now, as a raider, and a decently high lvl one at that, I can say the add-ons you need to pay attention to the most for possibility of adding some features of would be "deadly boss mods" "omen" and "recount". These are raiding requirements everywhere I have ever raided, and provide key features. You already just integrated "atlas loot" with 4.2, and I must say, you did so very well and made it a very simple to use interface. Kudos on that. It has some beginner bugs, but still, nice job. Also, to finalize, You mentioned in another blog about class spec differences and viable playability. For a "progression" style raider, who takes this game more seriously than a casual player or a "whenever i have time" type, 2% difference is enough to switch. It's about max performance, especially in hard modes, and that same 2% was the equality of the DK 4 piece teir btw. what's 2% of 25-30k dps? 600 dps. that times 10 oer even 25, means a big difference, and in 25's especialy, is the equivalent of adding or losing a whole player. Balance means balance, not close. I like keeping people on their toes and switching spec viability, it seperates the ok people from the great, and makes for an added challenge. But if you want overall balance, then balance them out and then change ability function, not overall effectiveness.

Q: Would you please implement a feature that allows players to change the order of their characters on the Character select screen? – 흑풍육손 (Korea), Fanahlia (North America/ANZ), Perle (Latin America)
    A: Sure. Does 4.2 work for you? :)

It's the little things that make WOW such an enjoyable gaming experience...this is one of them.


Thank You

I loved some of the upgrades. Especially rearranging the order of toons. I honestly have deleted toons lower than level 20 just cause they didn't fit into my "horde/alliance, expansion" order of toons. I love blizzard for taking good suggestions seriously.

I am greatly saddened about the near impossible upgrading of the travelers backpack. It is one of the things I really have looked forward to.

Professions In my opinion do need more TLC. As so much of items I wish had upgraded versions to fit the level capped character. I loved though how rocket boots were made into a "added on use" to any boot though. Which in some of the professions id like to see something similar. Id like to see more uses for older gems, enchanting materials, and engineer materials.

I look forward to the Tabbard manager, possible quest item fix, and gear storage page. As I did suggest so many times. Glad to see blizzard going through with the idea. Makes me feel that the game play will be more enjoyable for me and others who have a ton of tabbards, quest items, and such.

Thank you Blizzard Development team for listening to everyone's cries for the little things that make the game more fun :D
Really? You necro a 2 year old thread for this?

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