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so the answer is to keep the game dumb?
if a clunky bad camera system prevented me from making the jump in super mario then its the game fault and to a bigger extent, to the devs fault for not doing a good job on the camera system.
same thing with the whole targeting thing, its really annoying to target a friendly unit while trying to target an enemy unit.
and if u dont want to "adds more complexity to the UI" make it so that its an option u can turn on in the advance settings or something.

Mouseover macros? Being melee and occasionally throwing a heal on other raid member, mouseover macros allow me to cast the heal on the raid member without losing dps on the boss. Minus the maelstrom proc I just lost. There's plenty of things you can do within the current system to maximize performance. I don't understand the reason to "whine" about things on the forums; really it just takes away from the enjoyment of the game. If you see a problem, make some constructive criticism and work around it until it's fixed, because this obviously isn't a game breaking problem.
Well I'm glad the responses were a little more concrete this time. I appreciate it whenever Blizzard decides to try and answer questions, no matter how vague and empty the answers might be. I kinda wish there was a little more meat from this one, though. 13 questions? Out of 500?
Hope you are joking about not knowing how to handle milling prospecting. You can simply reuse the smelting UI. Except instead of the target materials, you'd have the source materials and you'd be able to pick which of them and how many of them to mill/prospect.
Q: What if there was a separated target system? For example, if I can set defensive and offensive target at same time then I don’t have to switch target to use heal or other emergency skills for our friend no matter what target I’m attacking. I think this feature is especially useful for some classes, such as Retribution Paladin and Shadow Priest. – Whitewnd (Korea)
A: We understand why that might be beneficial, and some games have gone that route, but we’re not huge fans of the idea for a couple of reasons. One, it just adds more complexity to the UI, which you can see from previous questions is something we’re trying to remain vigilant against. More importantly, we like players having to make the choice of who their target is. We don’t want to make the game so smart that harmful spells always seek out enemies and helpful spells always seek out allies. We do this in a few rare cases, like Discipline’s Atonement, but in general we want players to make the second-to-second choice about whether they are playing offensively or defensively.

Macros do this already so the functionality is already in the game, just a lot more complicated to start up. I really don't understand this response.
For the milling and prospecting thing, back in vanilla there used to be a "Mass Smelting" skill that instead of smelting one piece of ore, would smelt a stack instead.
Couldn't something like that be used for milling and prospecting? Have a spell just like milling and prospecting that instead of consuming 5 herbs/ore, consumes 20 and gives appropriate results. It wouldn't be as nice as if you could queue up milling/prospecting like other trade skill activities, but it would be a vast improvement and seems like it would be a lot easier to implement.

For the "Any plans to improve the Trade channel to allow buying and trading directly from chat?" issue, just put a cap on the fee.
Q: Would you please implement a feature that allows players to change the order of their characters on the Character select screen? – 흑풍육손 (Korea), Fanahlia (North America/ANZ), Perle (Latin America)
A: Sure. Does 4.2 work for you? :)

That must of got chosen because its a simple and easy fix. I'd rather see blizz allow us to change in game fonts than this.
BEST set of questions yet. I am thoroughly happy about the amount of intel I got from this.
Q: Would you please implement a feature that allows players to change the order of their characters on the Character select screen? – 흑풍육손 (Korea), Fanahlia (North America/ANZ), Perle (Latin America)

A: Sure. Does 4.2 work for you? :)

WHAA?! Nice way to drop in some very welcome news! hehe Looking forward to finally being able to sort my characters based on my own preference.

Now, to pester yall until you make an appearance tab.... ;)
Q: Would you please implement a feature that allows players to change the order of their characters on the Character select screen? – 흑풍육손 (Korea), Fanahlia (North America/ANZ), Perle (Latin America)

A: Sure. Does 4.2 work for you? :)



:D <3
03/28/2011 9:05 AMPosted by Bashiok
Why require you to collect bear asses instead of just incrementing the bear asses counter?

I vote for an inclusion of the "bear asses" counter in the base UI - it should be there in the character sheet right next to resilience.

HAHAHAHAHahha. That totally made my day, thank you for your humor!
A: This sounds like it is really an Auction House problem. The mail system is intended to be a little throttled and slow to discourage spam and junk mail, and works just fine for “real” mail between friends, alts or guildies. The problem is the design choice we made to hitch the mail system to the Auction House. Players dealing with a high volume of commodities have no choice but to deal with tons and tons of mail (and this is particularly bad for diverse commodities with low margins, like glyphs). We are discussing different ways the Auction House can work, but we’re not convinced the right answer is just to make the mail system more automated.

How about picking up auction house mail directly at the auction house? Adding another tab for your expired auctions and gold pick up, as you could also set it up for easier reposting directly from this tab. It would make using the auction house much more streamlined for a casual auctioneer like me if I could push one button to repost an item at the same price I had it at before, or at a different price.

I have a question that I'm dieing to get an answer for, and I believe it'd be best answered by someone who has a background or knowledge of programming: Why does blizzard always make it sound so difficult to integrate "templates" from 3rd party addons (which are developed by, im assuming, amateurs) into the existing game? Don't the addon developers use the same language that blizzard does (is it LUA?)?

Anyway, im dieing to hear why this is. Thank you!

03/28/2011 7:09 PMPosted by Vinings

Weird, that's exactly the way you reset the UI in Rift.

Yeah. Granted I don't know everything about UI coding, but it seems like a simple matter of assigning default coordinates to an anchor for each element and tying those into such a reset button.

All the values that each element of the native UI returns are inherently accessible via LUA anyway. That's why we have addons like MoveEverything. You're telling me that the people who code this game would have a hard time coming up with a first party version of a simple addon like that?

Of course, that assumes that the Blizzard UI was written with half a brain's worth of forethought in the first place. Which, based on this response, it doesn't look like it was.

Having some programming experience, I would have to say that it's easier to write the addons from the ground up than go into the individual files for each part of the UI, add "default coordinates", implement functions tied to those coordinates, have additional variables that can be modified by the players, and then update all of that and hope it doesn't break.

On that note, no, the people who wrote the third party addons aren't amateurs (more than likely). They just like the game enough to delve into programming (or use their experience), write something that would help them play, then decide "hey, this could help my guild". From there, word of mouth spreads and more people want it. Thus, birth of third party programs.
03/28/2011 9:05 AMPosted by Bashiok
and then provide an option to view cooldowns as numbers instead of the current ‘sonar wipe’

Please please please do this. Please.
While it is a small thing and doesn't effect game play, thank you for adding in the ability to change character order on the selection screen.
03/28/2011 1:11 PMPosted by Vyers
Can anyone clue me into why people get so excited about being able to re-order their toons on the character selection screen? Seriously, I'm not seeing why it is generating so much excitement. I spend maybe 3 seconds on it and it's not like it's hard to figure out where my toon is. Unless of course those who are acting excited are just trolling.

There are quite a number of us out there with varying levels of obsessive-compulsive tendencies where things being out of order is mentally irking.

03/28/2011 9:05 AMPosted by Bashiok
We understand that players may not want to waste the materials until they have a buyer. Nor do they want to pay the Auction House cut on a 20,000 gold item when the volume on these items moving through the market is always going to be low. We are exploring some ways to solve this problem.

What about adding an in-game way for buyers to post what kind of crafted gear they want, without constantly posting in trade chat? Such as someone being able to let crafters know they want X item made, and are willing to pay Y price, without spamming trade chat until they find someone. Or it could work the other way, a kind of message board where a crafter could say that they want to sell X crafted items for Y price and then buyers could then whisper them or send them an ingame mail to let them know they want to buy it. The crafter part sounds alot like the auction house, but it would allow them to say that they are willing to sell the item, without having to craft it until they have a buyer.
Thanks for the awesome answers! Enjoyed it thoroughly :)
Shoot. I missed the window to ask about a "Level Off" button. With all the flying and swimming, it's really annoying when you either lift off or hit a gradual hill and you're suddenly climbing into the stratosphere or diving into the pavement. A keybind to horizon would be nice.
03/29/2011 12:07 AMPosted by Snowp
BEST set of questions yet. I am thoroughly happy about the amount of intel I got from this.
Are you serious?

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