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And I really hope
We also are exploring some ways to let players store old set pieces and the like that they don’t use often.

means player housing is coming!

Not necessarily, it could just mean they are adding storage npc's like the ones in FFXI that allowed you to store full sets of armor that you rarely/never really needed but wanted to have as a collector.
There is an addon called postal that completely empties your mailbox with one click. In the options you can select what type of mail gets auto collected.
It also keeps track of the last 10 people you have sent mail to so if you accidently mail the wrong person (doesnt really happen now with the autofill name feature) you can check who it might of been.

So the option is already there with an addon, blizz should just make it part of the game already....

I use one of those add-ons, but there are times I want the old post office box the way it works too.

I'm really looking forward to clothes storage. Once I have that I suddenly don't need all the bank space ;)

Though I should add I would like to be able to re-arrange the various boxes on screen without using an add-on.

I'd like to use a microsoft gaming keyboard like my daughter does. Slap the keypad on the left, with ^/alt/shift keybinds and the action bars arranged so that the boxes map to the keybinds in a tight package in the left hand lower corner of the screen.

Then I'd have 40 instant keybinds ready and mapped to the pad and the pad mapped to a set of boxes on screen as visual reminders of which key is what.

I've tried to play with some ui mod sets, but haven't been happy with them.

But otherwise, this Q&A really met my questions and curiosity.

Thank you.
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I had an idea for a new type of targeting that would correspond to raid icons and would then cycle through the mobs based on what raid icon (if any) was on it. So if you're attacking skull, then hit tab it would go to red 'X', and so on.

It would be an optional setting available to each player while in the group. Each player would set their raid icon tab order, ideally, before

This is a form of automation that Blizz would never implement. Sounds like a great addon that they would be willing to tolerate though. If you are serious about coding it, I think Healbot works in a way you are describing. Id read up on that sourcecode and bone up your Lua and get started with my blessings.
03/28/2011 09:28 AMPosted by Bashiok

<a href=""></a>
Best quest ever. EVER.
Who cares about bag spaces and trading in chat???? wtf what about game play? Wtf i mean really?
hey guys i think yall should put dragon mounts up for sale on the web site itll be realy kool to have like a kool looking dragon mount that the game dosent have and a dif kinda flying horse to able to buy thatll be kool; also make the dragon mounts for salle for 35 dalalrs on the web because if yall did that i would pay 35 dalalrs for it im sure others would to
The bags would auto fill the bag slots.
This was in reply to buying bags with no bags in inventory.
How about instead of "player houses" every1 wants, what about guild houses? Make it like an "instance". Add a wardrobe that when you click on it you see your armor/clothes (kindve like the bank" Customizable by the guild leader (and/or officers) for gold. Just a thought.
03/28/2011 12:09 PMPosted by Vyers
A: We think bags are about as big as we can make them. Imagine if you got rid of all of the folders or directories on your computer and just stuffed everything into one big directory. That feels like the direction we’ll head if we keep down the path we’re on.

I'm extremely dissatisfied with this answer. Perhaps a better question is why hasn't the inventory system been revamped to get past the clunky bags? You use a file system analogy. Well there are bag mods that provide a virtual layer of a file system so you no longer have to deal with the raw bag storage. I personally use Baggins with its all-in-one preset. I can set up all the categories I need while it automatically sorts items into those categories and by rarity. If there's any one mod I can't stand WoW without, it's that one.

I couldn't agree more. While I use arkinventory, which sounds somewhat the same as your bagggins, it is the addon that must be working for me. I especially like that it tells me when I mouse over an item (whether a recipe requirement or something in my bag) if I have it in my bank, in my bag, on any of my other toons, or even if my guild vault has some and which tab or how much. I'd love to see blizz incorporate something like this into the bag system, but I can also see where they'd be hesitant. Arkinventory is the addon that takes up the most memory-something like 5x my next highest add on memory requirement.
I will go with this and furthermore, top it. All the buttons you mentioned and similar should just be on the top. Instead of clicking the item and THEN clicking relist. It should just be the first thing you click. There is plenty of space on each item row in the mailbox for this to just be thrown in there.
Pardon me if this is what you meant.

What each of you is missing, is you can relist an auction. But you have to pay an additional $3.00 per month to do so. And you dont even have to log into the game ...
Just' Sayin!
Q: Some Addons are so powerful they simplified the game content to a degree (e.g., boss fights). Do you think that when the majority are using these Addons, the original reasoning behind the game design is violated? And isn’t it unfair for players who don’t use Addons? -

I know of alot of instances where a player will not use an addon such as "HealBot" and such for just the reason that it makes it too easy. If people like these addons and want to use them then I see no harm, but to change the game to adapt to their ease will discourage healers who go about it the "old fashioned way", like myself, from healing. (Not that I think that Blizz would do that.)
With that being said, by healing the "hard" way, some mods become absolutely necessary becuase so much attention is given to players' frames or nameplates. Deadly Boss Mods can be one example. Overall I like the way addons can enhance a person's particular playstyle, and the players who don't use them probably like it that way. I don't think anything should be changed in this area.
"Q: Are there any plans to expand on the current mail system? It's rather cumbersome to have to withdraw, one-by-one, my mail when I have pages of it. – Patrïck (Latin America)
A: This sounds like it is really an Auction House problem. The mail system is intended to be a little throttled and slow to discourage spam and junk mail, and works just fine for “real” mail between friends, alts or guildies. The problem is the design choice we made to hitch the mail system to the Auction House. Players dealing with a high volume of commodities have no choice but to deal with tons and tons of mail (and this is particularly bad for diverse commodities with low margins, like glyphs). We are discussing different ways the Auction House can work, but we’re not convinced the right answer is just to make the mail system more automated."

why not have options like "send all to mail" "send to bags" or send to bank" , or send to me in 2 days or something ? rather than shift clicking on single mail items at once have it set up so you can either send piece by piece or if your doing in bulk "send in bulk" so you can have 10 different items sent to your place of choice?.

options are nice some can save time without being a UI bloating issue , and you are still able to control mail in a way its not spammed etc.
for bags the solution is simple , "tabbed organized bags" or "classic vanilla style bags"

right now i am using the one bag addon it can be customized in many ways however you like it to look. so clicking a single button to open all my bags into a smaller more compact window is win win with me , but others im sure like different ways to store and organize their items.
i've been playing this game for 3 yrs. with that said i just want to let you know your wireless wow headset from the blizz store is complete garbage. its too bulky, its sound quality is mediocre at best, and to top the entire experience off it just broke when i put it on thnx a ton biggest waste of 200 bucks ever last purchase u receive from me.
I would like to ask a question to the DEV: Would it be possible, if you cant make the bags bigger or the bagpack bigger, can we have the mats stacks to 200 or 100 each like you did with the Volatile Life, Earth, and so on?
Blizz should add more of a centrailized guild base system for guilds t all come hang out at, with like the guild flag flying outside or something. Make the bases customizable by the guild. It could be accessed by a spell (with no cd since it is guild home or very low cd like 5 mins) and not be inworld at all.
so the answer is to keep the game dumb?
if a clunky bad camera system prevented me from making the jump in super mario then its the game fault and to a bigger extent, to the devs fault for not doing a good job on the camera system.

failure.... if you died becuase of bad camara angel thats not devs fault its yours for either A)putting yourself there or B) for not rotating the camera also its not dumbing the game if you have to think about what you want to target and what to do to said target if you are constantly making sure what your doing to what is having something done to it(oddly worded but yes this is a working sentance) this adds challenge its no longer " ok i'm gunna press this button and its gunna hurt this guy and then push this button and its gunna heal this guy" without even having too look at the screen you'll focus on that top left corner(unmodded) of your screen and nothing else and what i got form alot of these answers is blizz wants us to actually have to play the game not have some little paper clip tells us what to do when to do and pick our targets for us. i'm all for actually have to play the game and as it was intended to be played (not slamming modders but i feel it is kinda piggybacking) and i feel alot of balancing problems might be solved by this yet I know this is a personal opinion and will be mocked and ignored so meh. also to close the who bear thing was just the dev finding the most bizzare gathering quest to get the point across about much it render most quests to killing sprees with a nice gold reward at the end

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