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So what happens if I merge two accounts and it is a total of 20 toons on one server?

I have well over ten toons total on some servers from using more than one account and many are well over level 80 and even 85 so I do not want to delete them. Does this mean that my toons will be deleted randomly? Or do I need to spend several hundred dollars to xfer them? Merging accounts means that the toons will all be on one account and there is only 10 toons per account...I think. Unless the server cap is raised with a server merge.

I already have around 50 server changes, faction changes, race changes and account changes on my account so I would like to try and not go through that again. This toon here has been xfered 7 times and has been 4 different races along with having used 4 different names just to give an example along with 3 or 4 fatcion changes. Don't ask me why. I am just really indecisive. My pally has had about 18 changes to it. There should be free changes after a while so that I can merge accounts easier and not have to wait up to a day per toon.

Not to mention, it really really sucks when I xfer a toon just to get some boas to another server and then forget the boas....that is the worst. So. When merging accounts with more than 10 toons total is it free and instant to save some time? It takes too long to pay and wait.
Merging accounts does not effect this at all because you have 2 different WoW accounts.
When merging two World of Warcraft accounts into a single account you retain both of the original accounts, Rekttar. You are simply able to access them both under one account. You wouldn’t lose any characters, or items. You would, however, still be required to keep an active subscription on both accounts, if you would like to play them both.

If you want to condense your playing experience to one account it would require you to transfer characters over to one single World of Warcraft account. The ten character limit-per realm-would still apply if this was the approach you decided to take.
Sad thing is even though the service is automated you will still have to pay for all those transfers....... sad...
03/28/2011 1:00 PMPosted by Rekttar
Just need one answer. Will my toons get moved, deleted or what? Want to know before I even try to pay for it since I might end up losing a bunch of level 80+.

Its not possible to have more then 10 characters on a given realm on a single account.

You cannot currently "merge" two World of Warcraft accounts together.
I dont get it ... So if i merge an account to mine we would only be able to have 10 toons ?
04/24/2011 03:07 PMPosted by Poppcicle
I dont get it ... So if i merge an account to mine we would only be able to have 10 toons ?

You should probably start your own thread instead of necroing an old one. Your situation isn't necessarily the same as the original poster and you're more likely to get accurate assistance.

That said, you mention "we would only be able to have 10 toons". You might want to define "we" as only you and one minor child are allowed onto a wow account.

Merging does not actually put two accounts together. It merges the account to Where you end up with two separate accounts.
can you have two players playing at the same time if we merge our accounts?
i started a character on my boyfriends account then i fell in love w the game and started my own account but i want the character from my boyfriends that i had . how do i get her from my bf account?
Please don't necro threads.

And you can't merge WoW accounts. You can only merge WoW accounts under one account (as has been said on this thread multiple times).

So yes, if you have two WoW accounts on one account, you can play on those two accounts simultaneously.

Edited for new post: You don't. You aren't allowed to transfer characters from one account to another if they're managed by two different people. Your boyfriend wasn't even allowed to let you play on his account in the first place.
05/23/2011 06:45 PMPosted by Opalayla
can you have two players playing at the same time if we merge our accounts?

1. Create your own thread, do not necro threads, it is considered spamming

2. Only 2 people are allowed to access a account at all, which is one adult and one minor under the care of that adult.

3. You can only log into 1 WOW account at a time. You can have up to 8 wow accounts per account
a re-necro'd necro'd thread... Opalayla, next time you would be better to start your on thread if there is one this old.

If you merge two account into one WOW account.. they will NOT be playable at the same time... if they are merged onto one account, both can play at the same time.
Now to merge, either way, they would both have to be in the SAME name on the account.
Ok stop this bs about "necroing" threads, if you people spent the time actually helping people then you wouldn't have any of it.
To the original problem.. what everyone is trying to say is that you cant merge all the characters from 2 accounts in one process, and if you could blizzard would have you pick new servers for them anyway. You would have to tranfer each character from say acc2 to acc1 and a new realm then wait and do the same for every character you want from acc2. After there are no more toons u want on that account then you should be free to delete it.
Ok stop this <snip> about "necroing" threads, if you people spent the time actually helping people then you wouldn't have any of it.

People need to be told, since that is how they learn.

Just like you need to be reminded that even abbreviating profanity is against the forums CoC.
Double necro'd thread :(
Next time Cathelyn, create a new thread if one is this old.

As for your question.. the name on both accounts has to be EXACTLY the same for you to be able to do the other.

First, please don't necro three-month old threads.

Second, you cannot merge a WoW license that has already been placed on a by yourself. In order to get that WoW license merged with your other account, you will need to call billing:

Billing, Account Services & Technical Support
Hours: 7 AM to 8 PM Pacific Time

Phone: 1-800-592-5499
Australia: 1-800-041-378
New Zealand: 0-800-452-520
Chile: 1230-020-5554
Mexico: 001-888-578-762
Argentina: 0800-333-0778
Brazil: 0-800-892-1630

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