How to: Prot Warrior in Rated Battlegrounds

03/29/2011 1:58 PMPosted by Hellstorme
So you're saying Arms and Fury warriors got nerfed because of prot pvp? Its my $15 a month and you're telling me not to play which pvp i want to play for the fun of this game?

No, arms got nerfed because warriors were stunlocking mages and healers. No really, a warrior rogue combo was friggin insane. Then fury was buffed to compensate, and now that is too much, so they're going back to arms. Now they're removing shield bash and nerfing gag order. 'Oh but you get pummel in all stances' yay ok I see that and I know it replaces shield bash stfu about it. I'm talking about interrupts vs stuns vs silences. In many dungeons with healer mobs I was the only person (either as tank OR DPS) that would interrupt. Heck I had 4 ways to int/stun/silence if the mob could be stunned. Now that dropped to 3, and if it can't be stunned, 1 way to silence it, 1 way to interrupt. If it's immune to interrupt, well I'm screwed.

Paladins have the ability to use their extra holy power (cough rage cough) to heal themselves, soon to be ever 20 seconds. Their shield is on a what, 30 second cooldown? And heroic throw is still at 1 minute.

The gag order/shield bash nerf was because of prot warriors in PvP that could shut down a healer for 10-12 seconds. I had friends that told me not to 'bother' with fury or arms PvP and to go prot because then I could 'shut down the healers doooooooooooood'.

Well to me that's a cowardly way to play. You should use team work to beat the other team, not a class dynmaic that made trash tankin and heroics fun and easy as a warrior. Now they're taking away what made us truly unique thanks to prot warriors in PvP.

I encourage prot pvp, but this is not the guide for that. At top level rated battlegrounds it is required to have a defensive class (prot warrior or blood dk). This is what the guide is for, normal bgs and world pvp is going to be different spec and gear and is not what this guide is for.

I discourage you from encouraging prot in PvP. It isn't necessary for randoms or arena and only brings nerfs to one of the best tanking classes in the game atm. But we agree, a tank is necessary for rated BGs.... Just 1.

You use shattering throw when paladin have scared shield? Their word of glory doesn't heal as much as you think they would, around 20-30k heals for 3 holy powers? And what are the chance for them to generate that much holy power when crusader strike only generates 1 holy power every 4 seconds? Besides popping zealotry 2 min CD.
03/29/2011 2:06 PMPosted by Sidvicîous
Any advice for stat priority? I can't reforge nor do I have access to the gems mentioned in this guide (nor a majority of the enchants). As a general note, what stat is most important aside from Resil?

Resilience > Stamina > Strength > hit 5% > Critical strike rating. Typically, but in some cases depending on play style people will take strength over stamina.
Playing prot PvP in anything other than the PvE-biased ones is retarded. It's the entire reason they are nerfing prot's PvP utilities and are going to continue to do so. Blizzard has made it clear where they want protection/tank spec classes and that's at the end of PvE-biased BGs to tank a boss or two. They don't want us stunlocking healers. That is not our class design. Please stop encouraging people to do this or I will not be able to stunlock mobs in PvE.

Prot in 3s and 5s can be fun and interesting, but Blizzard has said time and time again they don't want to see more than at maybe 5% of warrior/paladin PvP.

This guide, while accurate, and good, should not be stickied. If you want to learn about prot PvP, don't. As soon as you start spamming them on healers and mages, they will rise up as one and demand the nerf stick, and that nerf will severely nerf PvE for prot as well as PvP.

Play PvP as arms or fury, don't screw over tanks.

Edit: I am not attacking the skill of the man, or the viability of prot in BGs. What I am cautioning is that that utility prot warriors love in PvP is based on PvE. If you exploit it in PvP, they will nerf it in PvP and PvE both.

This post makes me laugh.

Here is a tip for you as well as everyone else who thinks like you. Learn to play every spec.
At any given of time you should be playing whatever the best spec is for the situation.

If TG is better DPS you play TG. IF SMF is better DPS you play SMF.
If Arms or Fury is better for Arenas you play Arms of Fury.
If Prot is the best spec for BGs you play Prot.

Adobt, adjust and keep playing.

I play a warrior since beta. I have seen every single nerf and buff in this game. Neither of those have anything to do with amount of people playing some particular spec. It has to do with potential of that spec.

Example 1: In the beginning of last season ATC was the best arena composition. Did it get nerfed because of number of people playing Prot warriors? LOL NO. It got nerfed because 2-3 teams would get to #1 and would almost never lose. Nerf had abo@!%#ely nothing to do with bunch of prot warrior playing at 1800 rating.

Example 2: A long while ago Fury spec was nerfed because it became #1 DPS spec in game. Did it get nerfed because everyone was playing Fury? LOL NO. It go nerfed because at top gear level Fury warriors would dominate DPS charts so bad that no other class had a chance to catch up. Guess what 95% of warriors playing this game never had access to that level of gear.

Specs get nerfed because of a very small amount of individuals able to achieve amazing results in those specs and the potential of those specs. Nerfs has nothing to do with amount of mediocre people playing those specs.

So yeah stop posting stupid sh*t and post something constructive.


This guide is for playing Protection Warrior during 4.0.6 and will be updated for 4.1, if you have any comments and suggestions feel free. I will try to get up some videos to accompany the information as well so you do not have to read walls of text. If you find this information helpful please request sticky.


Question: I was told that most of Prot warriors play arms in BGs where they do not have to carry the flag. Meaning someone zones in first, says what BG it is and the warrior goes Prot or Arms depending on BG. What do you know/think about it??

This guide is for playing Protection Warrior during 4.0.6 and will be updated for 4.1, if you have any comments and suggestions feel free. I will try to get up some videos to accompany the information as well so you do not have to read walls of text. If you find this information helpful please request sticky.


Question: I was told that most of Prot warriors play arms in BGs where they do not have to carry the flag. Meaning someone zones in first, says what BG it is and the warrior goes Prot or Arms depending on BG. What do you know/think about it??


I tried this for a while. The problem is unless you have a frost mage or prot pally guarding, you will need two people to guard. As a protection warrior until 4.1 I prefer staying protection in gilneas and solo guard, what will change is spell reflect cooldown and a 3 second silence in 4.1 that will make protection warrior more susceptible to cc, and might not be as viable.
II. Reforging:
Reforge gear to be over 5% hit but as close to 5% as possible. Everything else should be reforged to critical strike rating

Perhaps you might be mistaken on that one. I strongly recommend instead to reforge to mastery...i heard block and critical block is pretty good? no?

A common misconception by a lot of protection warriors is "I carry flag, therefore everything into defensive statistics." One of the best ways to reduce damage taken is by killing an opposing player. What you are strongly recommending is to reforge to a statistic that gives you block and critical block. Block and critical block do not work while stunned, do not work for damage from behind, and only work for melee classes. Critical strike rating on the other hand is effective on every opposing player. When other teams are hard focusing a player a number of things will happen.
1. All stuns go out.
2. Melee attack from all sides (If the team is good).
3. They have casters.
All 3 of these things make the statistics you recommend 100% useless.
Enchant Cloak - Greater Critical Strike
Enchant Cloak - Critical Strike

Perhaps using enchant with +250 armor instead for dmg mitigation?

Armor damage mitigation is good and I'll put it on the list but again, it is only useful against specific classes and I like to stay away from enchants like that
Kill things "faster" argument does not really stick, most of the time all FC is all about proper mitigation and predicting incoming damages. A proper offensive team knows when to reset the fight. True that you will be stunned, however lower brackets tend to do that. However they are just putting their stuns on DR and not using it under the correct circumstances. You can mitigate alot dmg just buy putting your back against the wall, that is when mastery comes into play. Also mastery can help during the times that you are not stunned.

I agree that FC is about predicting incoming damage. To prevent this it is better by killing an opposing player then having damage mitigation, also why I do not like the enchant mending. It looks nice and pretty and over time builds up. Its like damage on the scoreboards. Doesn't mean anything.

The top teams will tell you the game is won in a 4 second window. This is when all cooldowns go out and all stuns out with silences and cc. Mastery will not help you, however killing players off will reduce the opportunities they have for this to happen. If you burn those cooldowns correctly and stay alive, good teams will not reset because they don't want the warrior to get his cooldowns back and for his healers to drink.

1. All stuns go out
Crit wont save you...your stunned

Crit will save you by having killed off the shadow priest.

2.Melee attack from all sides
Mitigate damage by putting your back against the wall, sword and board - mastery benefits

If you have your back against a wall you are losing a silence because their caster won't stand on you. You will not shockwave stun caster and melee this way, not to mention attacking from the side appropriately = behind.

I'll be back in about an hour if anyone has any questions or comments to add to make the guide better. Fury I like discussing as well and hope my posts don't come off elitist I'm just trying to explain the reasons the best I can.
Lets look at a real game scenario. The other team has the offence of a shadow priest, boomkin, mage, rogue, arms warrior and a resto druid. Sitting in the corner of an L shaped room = you dead for obvious reasons. Time warp as smoke bomb goes down (too early of a time warp = automatic warrior shield wall) with aoe druid silence, kidney shot, knockdown (After trinket) is rough. At the right time and you are dead in a global not even time to use trinket/last resort macro. Mastery will reduce your damage taken by the rogue and warrior when not stunned and when being hit from the front. Depending on your defensive combination, this team will be big trouble for a mastery specialized tank, his stats apply to less then half of the other team's offence. If you are in critical strike instead, you may have the ability to burst down a player that before you were not able to kill because of the resto druid on thieir team, and this takes away their chances of getting a quick burst and gives the offence more time to return the flag.

There are many things a tank can do. Shut down the melee with stuns and disarms, and kill off the offence. In most of my games the physical dps is going to be the lowest on the other team, even against some of the top US teams, I will out damage the rogue or warrior depending on who I am focusing the brunt of my reduction on. Mastery is just not needed and is a very small fraction of the damage you will take in a game at the important moments.
I'm putting the finishing touches on the tips and strategies portion after my classes around 2.

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