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How do you plan on normalizing Legendary weapon aquisition rate between 10 man and 25 man raids?

If the drop rate is the same for 'shards' in 10 and 25 man raids, this may 'force' 25 man guilds to run 2-3 10 mans in order to maximize shard/legendary aquisition. If the drop rate for 'shards' in 25 man raids was 2.5 times than that in 10 man, it could take a 10 man guild say, 2.5 months to gain a legendary whereas a 25 man guild would take 1 month. Where do you see this balancing out?
Would it be possible for city quartermasters to offer the same gear as their guards wear - possibly a reward for reaching Exalted with the faction? It could be statless, just something for roleplayers.
Gear rewards at the Argent Tournament last expansion showed off your faction. Some classes did it better than others, admittedly, but the differentiation was cool.

Could we see that sort of thing again - but for the PVP side of things this time around? Seems to make more sense for that end, as in PVE both groups are working toward the same goals.
Outside of tier and TotFW there is 1 spirit and 1 non spirit cloth item per slot, despite the fact that there are twice as many specs that can’t use spirit (accessories too but they have wider usage). This, plus the general lack of hit severally limits mage/warlock gearing and reforging options in relation to priests. Is an item exchange vendor ala sunwell something that is being considered as a possible means of increasing loot options without destroying the ability for 10-mans to gear?
I been wanting Warrior Might set for a while now. I know I can get it but I would like a level 85 set with exactly the same looks but level 85 stats. Will you bring back more Tier gear without recoloring it please? I want a black gray Might set please.
Are there any plans to change Powerful Enchanted Spellthread (95int 80stam) to better match Powerful Ghostly Spellthread (95int 55spirit). Currently hybrids gain 55 hit while Mages and Warlocks gain a useless 80 stamina.
Many people feel the current tier's gear was poorly itemized. Players are often choosing between offset pieces with much more effective itemization for their chosen role and a tier piece which on the whole is less effective yet has an attractive set bonus. As such, many players, while capable of having a full set of tier gear, are choosing to go without. Will the next tier of content have gear designed with what players would consider to be more effective and desirable stats?
Currently, a good deal of the tier sets, namely the plate DPS and mage/warlock sets, are just copy and pasted versions of each other. For some classes, this works fine, but for retribution paladins and DPS warriors, this results in most of the tier gear being pretty poorly itemized. Reforging helps ease this issue at least a little, but it's not very fun when 4/5 of our sets are filled with our worst stat (haste in this case). Is this just something we're seeing in the first tier where gear has never been historically that great and in future tiers the various sets will be more individually tailored to specific classes, or is this your general plan for designing gear, both offset and tier, in future tiers of content?
It seems as though there are quite a few recolors this expansion, even of the items you designed for it, I.E Berlos staff. Are any of those place holders that are going to be replaced?
Will Assasin's Chestplate ever get a socket?
Are there any plans to make raid items have models that are unique to the weapon/piece of armor? Lately, all weapons of all types seem based on the "theme" of the raid, and all non-tier armor pieces are complete copies of tier armor from other classes, which dimishes tier armor uniqueness a bit.
Will it be possible to look up weapons and armor by class and spec in the auction house sometime in the future?
Since Warriors are literally the only class to need a strength ranged weapon, will we ever see warriors able to use relics, or DK/Pally/Druid able to used ranged weapons?
Will the armor sets in the future ever be as visually stunning as the armor sets in the past?
Will there be a tanking legendary this expansion?
Why did you decide to take out all fast off hands for rogues with the exception of daggers?

It might not seem like it matters because you no longer have to specialize into a weapon set but for human rogues we no longer benefit from our racial expertise bonus. Having it only affect our main hand means we need to cap for our off hand anyway, so it's pretty useless. Since we need so much expertise (for combat at least) perhaps having the racial bonus affect both hands would be nice.

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