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Hello i wish to compare latency with other people.

mine on a good day will range from 250-450ms however i will sometimes get lag which bring me to over 1K lat. i live on east coast of australia.

how about everyone else
I'm on an average 500 latency almost all the time, down to 250 when nobody else is online.
Most of the other Aussie WoW players i know have about the same.

Loving Australian internet :P
I used to sit at around 300-350ms, which is perfectly playable, although lately (last ~2-3 weeks) I have had the joy of 1k+ lat, which is completly disgraceful and unplayable in raids ( you cannot avoid abilities if they hit you before you see them).

That being said, I don't think its WoWs problem, but rather my isp's Optus. There is currently a great 44 page thread on whirlpool discussing it. ( if you are interested)

with adsl 2 and leatrix im on 250 when its good.
usually around 200 with lower ping but atm its bouncing around more than a hooker on a sat night. i think this has something to do with it though.

There has been some connectivity issues for Australia since the quake. As I understand it many lines were disrupted and they are rerouting traffic so the density is quite a bit higher than normal.

thats from a blue in the customer support forums
my ping goes up and down like a rocket good greef depending on the time really
the worst is in the instances where I turn everything down so I can play at a decent 300ms
to 490ms trying to intrupt is a huge strugle usually the bosses spell has already cast and you are on the ground dead and the group is wondering why cant we get this boss down as quickly. As The saying goes high ping Low Dps and usually dead group.

Here could be a suggestion which would benifit not just Australian NZ etc players and it wouldnt have to be server based localy, Like the event of companys like lowerping etc (which i do not use) cant a system of nodes be placed or companies who have nodes in place throughout the world so peoples ping rate would reduce to a level which would be quite good for everyone. this idea would not only increase gaming throughout south of the Equator but for business etc as well. I do know the old lines from the exchange etc is old and decrepid and needs to be replaced right now as noise from the old telephone lines is affecting all internet traffic, but at least the ping in the long run would be reduced.

Internode in australia has nodes all around australia couldnt blizzard and all these other companys combine to bridge between their players and Blizzard, there would be a win win situation one for the players and for the companys I have heard of many people leaving the game because of the ping and have heard from some raiders they only have to look at the raid stats to see where you are situated in the world because of the huge difference of ping.
hmmm is this a bit like "wowtunneling"?

"i dont think i give a *#%@ about the 10% of Americans who have 70 ms now getting 200 ms if the host is moved"

Sweetly and elequently phrased :P
I think we have to fall short of saying inflamitory remarks that make Northern hemisphere think we dont like them. But they would of course have the ability to transfer to a server where they get good ping again.
200-300 with wowtunnels
I average about 350-400. What cracks me up though is my friend plays on the same server as I do but he lives in Sweden and gets about the same latency as me. I know the servers are in California but that's pretty messed up.
180 to 300 without tunnels (25man raid). Melbourne, Optus cable.
Western Australia - My connection goes up and down dramatically from 300ish to 700ish in the space of 1-2 seconds. I wish I could isolate the problem =(
Singapore. Round 200-300 for home and world.

At my prime, I hit 9-10k latency for world, and 5k for home.
Perth, i sit around 250-300 using Lowerping.
Perth, 300-350ish as using any kind of US tunnel will disconnect me in raids.

Around 210 with a US tunnel.
There was a blue sticky a about a week ago where Blizzard were saying that a lot of Asian traffic has been routed through the Australian cable due to damage to cables in Japan.

Optus has been experiencing "difficulties" with overseas servers which they estimated a six week fix. Seems as if they were taking on a bit of extra traffic :P

Latency and drop out have been frequent in my neck of the woods.

hitting 65-120 everyday. NZ isp= slingshot adsl 2.

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