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<Nsw 150-250 all the time
pfft you guys are pussies. I've played the game with 6k+ latency (just farming) and your ' I'm on 1K LATENCY O MA GAWD' is pathetic.

In my opinion anyway. I mean, you try play with 6k ms and you'll know what I'm saying. It's worse than death I swear. At least 1k is playable...

Anyway, my average is around 400-500. I blame my internet.
Playing in frostmourne from melbourne.

Average about 180-190ms at the moment.

Please be aware that your latency is A LOT higher if you're downloading game content whilst you're playing.
Aussie side - average is around 300 on good days, which works just fine for me with my piddly little Telstra bush 'wireless'.

7k gets up my left nostril, though...
This thread amazes me, I'm in the UK with between 120 - 170 on a pretty crappy ISP without any latency fixes. I thought that was high :/

Really feel for you guys.
lol Qrea. Yes, definitely appreciate what you've got and where you're at.

Oh don't let me get started! But just so others understand the situation in Aus:

We're llower than a third world nation when it comes to internet technology. Companies (are you listening, Telstra?) all prefer to bleed the small population dry with out-of-date technology first before moving onto the next level - which will always be some years behind more advanced countries, with ten times the expense passed onto users, all of whom are constantly told (when we get fed up and express our disgust) that we should "bear in mind that internet usage is a privilege and not a right".

Makes me want to snot them one, just for that pompous crap alone.

Greed (not good services) rules in Australia, and the day Telstra tried to screw Blizz over as well, was the day you knew it was time to pack your little duffel bag and move abroad.

End rant!
180-240ms without wowtunnel
150ms with 155kb/s speeds using WTFast
Sit at 200 ms hardly ever go higher or lower. I'm on Internode 8Mbit adsl2 from Brisbane and using ReduceTheLag.
Based in Perth and regularly get 220 to 250 without any software assist. I changed my D-Link to a Netgear and got an almost instant reduction of around 100 to 150 with same port forwards etc set up.

I'm comfortable with 220 to 250 as Perth is a long way from US.
< Alice Springs, it always seems to be between 270 -350 (if i am lucky it goes down to 200 on a good day) xD
Im in Hobart and lately i average 195-200 ms.
Lol I live in the US, but I'll post anyways. My latency is usually 40-80 ms most of the time. Somtimes 100-400. I got 6k once. It sucked XD
177ms Melbourne, HFC 100/8 without any stupid tunnel or network tricks
It all depends on what server you're on. For example i played on Agamaggan and i get 50 to 55ms never any higher or lower but on Kelthuzad i get 28 to 34 ms never more or less. Then i hopped on Kil'jaeden and got 90 to 110 ms never more or less. It depends on your internet as well. I have 88Mb download and 55 Upload and i never actually lag on anything. I could have got a higher internet connection which was 255mb down and i don't remember the upload but i don't think one person needs that much so it wasn't worth spending more money.
175 - 230ms Clubtelco ADSL1 8mb down, Brisbane. No tunneling services/addons.
I play on Illidan, generally 245ms during the night, maybe 250-270ms during the day.
A steady 160-180ms Playing from Sydney to WrA

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