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me and brother both have bout 220 - 450 latency and raid 25m's together.. we swapped to internode about a year ago.. and havent looked back.. :) :)
I'm usually around 500ms, but when I lag, I lag bad. I've hit like 9000ms+ before. I know it's my terrible internet though and not WoW.
Generally somewhere between 220-400ms, from adelaide. No tunneling service or anything.
20-40ms, I <3 the west coast.
Mine usually hovers around 200-400 and 400+ for world. its amazing how much latency i get on wow and other games all around australia i get 100 under ms i live in tasmania to
Constant 200-250ms Perth, Telstra ASDL2, Lower-ping
my average is around 500 ish which is bareable it's not like i'm skipping around the map or anything :) so i can deal with it i hope they release a server here would be good :)
200-300 with tunneling

300-400 without.. but it takes 0.5-2 sec for the instant spells to actually go off

lots of aoe damage and/or players around doing aoe? dc

I hate my ISP to death but its the only 'viable' and accessible ISP in my area.
I wish I could just move to US west coast, say LA or something.
between 20-70 depending on battlegroup
175 - 179 ms all the time. On an optic fibre connection. No tunnel.
400 - 600 ms in Singapore.

The worst is whenever I enter a BG, the lag becomes astronomical, which gets me dced every 30 seconds. Whyyyyyy? I don't understand.
From Thailand I get 220-230 with tunneling. Jumps to 240's occasionally. Doable.
ISP: Internode
using the internode tunnel
without the tunnel
18-122 ms generally down by 18
without a tunneling service in southen tassie I get 600ms +
370 - 600ms on world from Melbourne
WTB SEA servers!

try BGs with that :P

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